[Commentary] Biden Defines Genocide as a Cultural Norm

Author: Magnum 44    Reviewer: Rica Machioni

On 2/17/2021, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper held a Townhall meeting with President Biden. In one of the recorded clips, titled: “Biden reveals conversation with Chinese president on human rights”, Joe Biden spells out the reason why he would not bother giving pressure to Chairman Xi Jinping on anything he did to the Uyghurs:

Below is the dialog between Anderson Cooper and President Biden:

Anderson Cooper: You had a conversation with Chinese president,

Joe Biden: Yes, for two hours.

Anderson Copper: What about the Uyghurs? What about the human right abusive (issues) in China?

Joe Biden: We must speak for human rights. It’s who we are…

Then President Biden went on saying:

You know, Chinese leaders…if you know anything about the Chinese history, it has always been…the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been united at home. So, the central…the facts are overstated. The Central principal of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that. I pointed out (to) him no American presidents can be sustained as a president if he doesn’t reflect the values of the United States. And so, the idea I am not going to speak out against what he is doing in Hong Kong, what he is doing with the Uyghurs in Western mountains of…of China, and Taiwan…China…and the One China policy by making it forceful. I…I said…but he said he…he gets it. Culturally, there are different norms in each country, and they…their leaders are expected to follow.

This is not the first time that Joe Biden made “politically incorrect” statements or remarks in the public. However, the above statement is not just a matter of political correctness. As of February 19, 2021, the 1065 comments posted below the clip of his statement are very telling! Americans are not to be treated as fools, Mr. President! Biden can get away with anything he says. And will he get away forever? How about releasing the transcript of his two-hour telephone call with Xi Jinping on the eve of the Chinese New Year? Wouldn’t it be the right thing for the democrat witch hunters to do? They would certainly demand it from President Trump if the two of them were swopped now. Back in 2019, as soon as they heard about President Trump’s phone conversation with Ukrainian President regarding investigating the Bidens’ business dealings in Ukraine, they asked for a transcript. At that time, President Trump placed a phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky, asking him to “look into” former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter on their business dealings with Ukrainian companies. The Democrats immediately saw another impeachment opportunity coming. President Trump, who had nothing to hide, had his transcriber transcribe word for word what was said during that phone conversation. Thus, the whole world learned what the United States President said to a foreign leader on a private phone conversation. The result was that nothing expressed by President Trump was inappropriate.

How about GOP leaders demanding a transcript of President Biden’s two-hour phone conversation with Xi Jinping? Wouldn’t it be the right thing to do, since Biden openly admitted that he would not interfere with anything happening in Hong Kong where tens of thousands young demonstrators have perished, and in Xinjian Province, where 1 million Muslim Uyghurs are kept in concentration camps? The 73 million Americans who voted for Trump know that the GOP would not even bother. That page, even though barely two days fresh, seemed to have been turned already by Google. The mainstream media coverage of Biden’s “controversial” statement was short lived and is deeply buried on Google search.

We have to admit that Biden’s speech is quite coherent. He cited “history” and gave reasons why he would not interfere: 1). China needed to be united and tightly controlled by its central government in order to defend “outer world”, and 2). human right abuse issues in China are the cultural norms there. Here, the “Chinese history lessons” Biden gave to big-name Anderson Cooper seems to suggest that the Uyghur region is the “outer world”. Well, it used to be thousands of years ago, Mr. President, but everyone knows that it has been under the Communist rule. In fact, his statement will be handy as Biden is only two months into his presidency, because there will be numerous occasions when the Foreign Ministry spokesperson in China reminds the world that whatever Xi Jinping did in China as an “internal affair”, which no foreign government is even entitled to cast doubt on. By stating that Chairman Xi “gets it”, Biden suggests to the world that the US President had promised to Xi that his eyes would remain closed when it comes to China issues.

Well, perhaps it is the Chinese’s turn to demand an apology from an American president. The Chinese feel that their soul had been insulted by Biden’s characterization that the human right abusees to the Uyghurs are a cultural norm in China. By extension, that characterization refers to a norm deeply rooted throughout the Chinese history and has become part of the Chinese blood, and, therefore, it is “normal” for them to abuse the Uyghurs. So the genocide, the sterilization, and the raping that are still happening to the Uyghurs are not crimes, let alone international crimes.

Finally, with his own interpretation of Xi Jinping’s principal that “that there must be a united, tightly controlled China”, Biden is suggesting to the world that Communist system works in China. This must have been good news to the communist organization Antifa, but bad for the 1.4 billion Chinese who have been the Communist slaves for 70 years. Peace and freedom loving Chinese shall never forget how an American President smears and misrepresents them to the whole world on February 17, 2021! For Biden, crime is normal. It all depends on which country the crime was committed. To the BLM and Antifa supporters: Uyghur lives matter! To President Biden, collude with Chairman Xi anyway you wish, but we the Chinese people demand an apology from you!

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