Highlights of Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast with Himalaya Athena Farm in Australia and G-Translators on February 12

Translated by: GNEWS Editorial Team Isaiah4031
Proofread by: Anonymous

  1. 02:16:00  The Himalaya Athena Farm in Australia and G-Translators have contributed the most, made the most effort, and yet are misunderstood the most. Nevertheless they have never said no or caused any trouble to others. So, on the first day of the 2021 Chinese New Year, I devoted my very first broadcast to the Himalaya Athena Farm in Australia and G-Translators to thank them for their contributions and hard work.
  1. 02:44:30 The real meaning of the Chinese New Year is to reunite with people, make new rules, and separate the new year from the old one. The CCP virus is like the Year beast, and celebrating the new year is like exorcising the evil. We must exorcise the CCP, this old bastard and communism. Otherwise, even if we can survive this year, we probably won’t survive the next. 
  1. 02:47:00 We must learn how to tell the real from the fake and the good from the evil. We need to focus on the basic logic. The VOG is a mini version of the CCP. If you can’t forget the devil just because you have worked with the devil for four years, then you are a part of the devil, and you are an impostor yourself as well. The fellow fighters’ money is not Sara’s to adjudicate. Who gave her this right? Our Whistleblower Movement is to eliminate these bad things. I gave whistles to you because I hope that you will become a real whistleblower.
  1. 02:55:40 Thanks to the G-Translators for their contribution. Your work in the simultaneous translation and your effort in disseminating the news of the Whistleblower Movement to the world are all extraordinary. The number of views of your siultaneous translation of my broadcast yesterday is around 6 millions, and 80 to 90% of the views were from Europe and North America, which has great significance. The future G-Series will give more benefits to the G-Translator and I Am Sing-Ro.
  1. The awards of the G-Clubs’ lottery drawing on Valentine’s Day on the 14th include immigration visas for 10 families, 5 BMW cars, and 750 G-Fashion gifts. The amount of the awards will overwhelm anybody. If you haven’t already registered to participate in the event, please hurry up. The G-Series is to give everybody hope, accomplishment, and wealth, legally. It will also give unparalleled rewards to hardworking people. Anyone who gives should get rewarded and respected, and this is all about our Whistleblower Movement and the G-Series.

URL of the GTV livecast: https://gtv.org/video/id=60279e33be64150df8548213 

Posted by: GNEWS Editorial Team Isaiah4031

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