2/19/2021 Financial News: Real Estate Prices Are Turbulent, Nuohui Health Goes Public

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1.Real Estate: Greenland Group and Communist China Fortune Land Development are in debt crisis

The CCP’s Media Xinhua News Agency published an article claiming that the Greenland Group violated the “Yangtze River Protection Law.” Prior to this, the subsidiary company of Greenland Holdings was publicly called for a debt of 4 million yuan.
Communist China Fortune Land Development, a real estate company with annual revenue of more than 100 billion yuan, and its subsidiaries have overdue debts, involving more than 230 financial institutions, with a total of 5.255 billion yuan in principal and interest. The Shijiazhuang property market cooled down and fell back to 2018.

Comment: The CCP’s real estate market is a big casino, controlled by the CCP’s big family, and ordinary people can only be defrauded of their hard-earned money by the housing market.


2.Nuohui Health officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Market

On February 18, Nuohui Health (New Horizon Health Limited) officially landed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The issue price of Nuohui Health was HK$26.66 per share and the opening price was HK$76 per share. At the opening of the market, its stock price rose by 185.07%, and its market value reached HK$31.764 billion.

Comment: Chinese pharmaceutical companies, viruses and vaccines are ultimately a tool of the CCP to make profits.


3.Oil Price: Communist China’s domestic gasoline and diesel prices increase

Starting at 24:00 on February 18, 2021, the prices of domestic gasoline and diesel in Communist China will increase by 275 yuan and 265 yuan per ton respectively. The CCP claims that this price adjustment is accord with the current refined oil price formation mechanism, and the continuous rise in oil prices is the result of multiple factors, such as the reduction of “OPEC+” production and the so-called recovery of confidence in the US economy.


4.Air transportation: The passenger turnover rate of the three major Chinese airlines has dropped significantly

Eastern Airlines’ passenger turnover in January fell by 60.59% year-on-year, and the passenger load factor was 59.46%. Communist China Southern Airlines’ January passenger turnover decreased by 59.16% year-on-year, passenger load factor was 63.95%, and cargo and mail turnover increased by 21.84% year-on-year. Juneyao Airlines’ January passenger capacity input dropped by 13.83% year-on-year, passenger turnover dropped by 23.47% year-on-year, and passenger load factor was 67.27%.


5.The CCP promotes the importance of ESG in the post-epidemic era

According to Communist China Securities Network, MSCI’s “2021 Global Institutional Investor Survey” shows that under the influence of the CCP virus epidemic, 79% of investors in the Asia-Pacific region have “significantly” or “moderately” increased ESG ( Environmental, Social and Governance) investment.


6.Communist China’s Twitter-Like Weibo Plans Hong Kong Second Listing

Weibo Corp., Communist China’s largest micro-blogging service, is planning a second listing in Hong Kong as soon as this year. Weibo’s American depositary receipts closed 0.2% lower on Thursday after declining as much as 2.3%. They have still climbed about 37% in the past year, giving the company a market value of $13.3 billion. Deliberations are at an early stage and details of the share sale including size and timing could still change.


7.Brexit Britain Finally Moving to Scrap EU State Aid Rules to Help Struggling Businesses

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is, according to a Times report, putting together a plan to lift a cap on grants to businesses shuttered by lockdown imposed by the European Commission during the Brexit-in-name-only “transition” period, which the Boris Johnson government has continued to apply since the transition ended at the start of 2021.


By 【Financial Team – 雪梨Cheli】

News Collection: Kate、Totoro、Sharon G

Proofreading: Tracy

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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