In-depth: The CCP Is Afraid Of Being Convicted Of Genocide And Furiously Countering BBC Reports On Xinjiang

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The Biden administration of the United States took another important step and restarted worship diplomacy with Xi Jinping, “Since February 6, 2021, the U.S. President Joe Biden’s team officially announced the removal of the Yemen’s Houthis from the list of international terrorist organizations.” It was less than a month after the former Secretary of State Pompeo listed the Houthis as a terrorist organization and was overthrown. Is the U.S. the change of government, policy flip-flop can do? What is the intention? On February 8, Lude Media’s “Lude Times” (Lu An Mo Talk) explained this in detail. They clearly pointed out that “this is to prepare for the release of the CCP for genocide”. It can be said that CCP’s genocide is a stumbling block in the cooperation with the Biden’s administration.

On February 9, Beijing time, China News Service wrote an article entitled “Investigation: How outrageous is the BBC’s flawed Xinjiang report? ” to rebute and respond to the BBC’s report: “Their goal is to destroy everyone: Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape”. They claimed that BBC’s report on “Women in China’s “re-education” camps for Uighurs have been systematically raped, sexually abused, and tortured” once again broke the bottom line of Western smears against China with a startling “conclusion”. It can be said that this detailed report by the BBC investigative journalist caused a high degree of panic among the CCP. The reason for the panic is simple: while the Biden administration is trying to lift restrictions on the CCP, the BBC and other Western mainstream media have contributed a lot to the genocide committed by the CCP in Xinjiang and pointed out that “policy against Uighurs come directly from Chairman Xi Jinping. In 2014, Xi Jinping visited Xinjiang. Since then, Xi Jinping instructed local officials to take “absolutely no mercy” response to Xinjiang people and created a modern and civilized Auschwitz concentration camp. This actually makes the Biden administration feel embarrassed. You must know that these Western left-wing mainstream media have helped a lot by smearing President Trump during presidential campaign. Today, these left-wing media have turned their backs after January 20. It can be said that any move by President Biden on his policy towards CCP will trigger an offensive of public opinion. If the CCP-related issues are not properly resolved, it may even push Biden to a trial for treason.

CCP’s leader Xi Jinping’s panic has become real. Let us see how the China News Service reporters denied it. The report was led by a reporter named Lingzhi Fan, whose Twitter account is @lingzhi_van, where it is full of content to wantonly frame western society. He was followed by three beauties who denied the fact that based on another so-called American blog is actually homemade in Communist China, and said that Tursunay made in an interview with American media BuzzFeed in February last year, clearly said: “I have not been beaten and abused”. But the BBC report described the tragic facts in detail, one after another. The Global Times publicly denied criminal inertia in full view and indirectly admitted a terrible fact. Even more tragic is the official Twitter account of Human Rights Watch reposted a paragraph on the Faguang website @hrw_chinese, declaring that “there are also many children in Xinjiang who cannot live with their parents. These parents were either detained in concentration camps or fled abroad. Most of these children are placed in government-run shelters, and they are not allowed to visit their relatives, regardless of their consent.” The author does not know how the people of Xinjiang live a difficult life? It can only be imagined by what happened when the Hong Kong Revolution broke out in 2019. Since Xinjiang concentration camps are highly classified, no one has disclosed any pictures or video information so far. Their tears must have dried up. What kind of abuse innocent children have to suffer is not yet known. As a Chinese, I feel deeply humiliated.

Xi Jinping’s persecution of Xinjiang people is comprehensive, forcing detainees to eat pork, and intuitively destroying Islamic teachings. The same is true of the religious persecution of the Han Chinese. The elementary school music textbooks arbitrarily tampered with the famous Christian hymn “Silent Night”, for example, its lyrics read, “Christmas Eve, holy and good night, the bright moon, looking at you. It shines on the cradle and on the child, sweet smiles, innocent faces”. However, the original lyrics read, “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child. Holy Infant so tender and mild”. All lyrics have been tampered with, even worse than this is tampering with Christian doctrines. There are countless examples, so I will not go into details here.

Global Times reporters actually claimed that they found a strange phenomenon in their Internet searches: “In the six months since August last year, from the hype of ‘forced labor’ to the latest ‘systematic rape,’ the BBC has published at least 41 Xinjiang-related articles, 30 of them were lack of bylines.” The frequent lack of BBC bylines may be the strangest incident Global Times reporters have ever seen, because in their eyes, forced labor and systematic rape have become commonplace. The only thing that confuses reporters is the lack of bylines, and even nightmares at night, they feel deeply bizarre. Because they have no way to know who wrote it, they also have no way to make the journalist disappear. This is the biggest headache for the CCP.

The author has to quote some of the conversations of BBC journalists:

Ziawudun said, “Some of the women who were taken from the cell at night never returned. Those who were brought back were threatened not to tell others in the cell what had happened”

“You can’t tell anyone what’s going on, you just have to lie down quietly,” she said. “It is designed to break everyone’s spirit.”

… …

“The woman took me to the room where another girl was taken. They had an electric stick, I don’t know what it was, but it was pushed inside my vagina and tortured me by the electric shocks. “

Ziawudun said, “After that, this girl became completely different; she wouldn’t talk to anyone, she stared silently.” “There were a lot of people in those cells who lost their minds.”

A BBC reporter interviewed Seddique, a Chinese teacher who escaped from a concentration camp in Xinjiang. She told the BBC that the women’s camp was “strictly controlled.” She said, “Yes, rape has become a culture. This was a gang rape, and the Chinese police not only raped them, but also electrocuted and tortured them.” Seddique continued to say that there were “four types of electric shocks,” namely “chairs, gloves, helmets and anal rape with a stick. She said, “Screams echoed throughout the building.” “I can hear them at lunchtime or even in class.” These facts may make reporters of China News Service and Global Times feel “outrageous”, “weird”, “shocked” and “horrible”? Since you refute this fact, then you have deviated from the justice and compassion that humans should have. I can’t describe how bad these CCP reporters are, but they may become guests in the Wuhan Nuremberg Trial in the future.

Chinese News Agency relayed the Global Times report, pretentiously mentioned the name of an interviewee, Jiang Yong, claiming that the Global Times reporter interviewed “Jiang Yong, the BBC called him a “propaganda official,” and learned that he is just the head of the logistics and security department of the pomegranate seed company. ” But in fact, Jiang Yong is actually the legal person and executive of Xinjiang Dechuan Engineering Co., Ltd., which was established on March 19, 2019, with the unified social credit code 91659009MA789U7F5L. Apparently, this is a communist enterprise, and there is no problem with the BBC calling him a “propaganda official”. His testimony basically has no legal effect. Therefore, the full range of attacks on the BBC by the Global Times and other major propagators is a spectacle. They claimed that “BBC’s actions reflect the decline of the once professional media.” They also quoted Professor Dong Guanpeng, Dean of the School of Government and Public Affairs at Communication University of China, who said “As a media that prides itself on being objective, true, and accurate, it is shocking that it has repeatedly fabricated false news.”

An article by AFP (Agence France-Presse) titled “China took their parents: the Uighur refugee children of Turkey”, the number of Uighurs killed in Xinjiang exceeds one million. “Exiled Uighur activists released evidence of nearly 500 camps and prisons being used against their ethnic group in China, saying the overall number of inmates could be “far greater” than the one million usually cited.” The human purgatory under Xi Jinping’s ruling is far more shocking than the world imagined. Hitler was also inferior to it.

It can be seen that the CCP is extremely shocked by the large-scale coverage of the CCP’s crimes against humanity in the Western media.

This is a panic that ordinary people cannot imagine. This is when “Xi Jinping hosts China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Summit”, although the invited politicians were taken by CCP’s BGY (known as Blue-Gold-Yellow strategy), what is terrifying is how the US Biden’s administration will despise the world and cancel CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity after this issue continues to ferment. It’s been a big problem because President Biden couldn’t say those media which helped him a lot during the election are fake, while the CCP’s media are true and objective. The author is very happy if President Biden thinks in this way, because in front of President Biden is Xi Jinping’s “seduction” through dollars. 

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