Lude News Brief: 20210203TV Tokyo on the WuHan exhibition

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The following video shows the details:

Main contents:

1.A big picture of Xi is in the front of the entry

2. It emphasizes every strategy was made by Xi

3.Strange thing is, in the news, Xi gave his 1st order on Jan.20.2020, but the timeline on the wall shows he made it on JAN.7

4.The CCP now memorizes the whistleblower Doctor Li Wenliang as Sheri, but still tries to cover up the punishment it put on the whistleblower

5. Compliments are overwhelming in the exhibition with slogans, dummy models, 3D images

6. The ICU room is reappeared there

7.Also the people, vehicles which built the 2 temporary hospitals in WuHan are exhibited too

8. The exhibition also shows the all-out war: from the food supply by the people to the medical supply by the PLA( fact: so many people paid 2-3times price to buy those food)

9. This exhibition is like a theme park: you can get free souvenir you can photo like a medical worker

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