[February 3, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[February 3, 2021] Video translation

Oh my gosh, my brothers and sisters-in-arms, I just arrived at my office. I have been busy since this morning but haven’t finished yet. You can see that my face is getting sensitive from wearing masks. I can’t reply to all my friends from the business circle, the financial circle and other sectors in China who have been contacting me. A lot of my friends are mortgaging their overseas assets at a 50% discount rate, and their Hong Kong stocks at a 70% discount rate (for a loan of 30% of the market value). They all know that I have the ability to find cash. From yesterday morning till now, I’ve helped with at least fifty transactions involving the best Hong Kong stocks, such as HSBC, right? No Chinese stocks are acceptable though. [And other best stocks] include Bank of East Asia, Hong Kong Power and Cheung Kong Holdings. These stocks were mortgaged to funds which I know or have worked with in the past. It was still a 70% discount rate (i.e., 30% of the market value) yesterday morning, but it is 85% discount (15% of the market value) as of now. 

What happened to China’s domestic economy? I really don’t know. And you [the CCP] are still saying that you want to start a war with Taiwan? Forget it! You said you are going to do so. This is not something that you can fool people about by having a few drinks and playing the finger-guessing games with them. You can’t bamboozle people [about the economy] because it requires money. Just a couple of hours ago, I heard something even more ridiculous and shocking to me, and that is about the gold trading in China. You know, we can’t do anything about state-owned gold as it is controlled by the CCP, but people who store gold privately, physical gold, suddenly contacted me from China and wanted to sell their gold at half price for RMB or USD.

Wow! Brothers and sisters, you can take what I said as nonsense. Don’t believe what I say or make any judgement based on this. I am only telling my experience to those brothers and sisters-in-arms in China. This can only happen if the real estate and banks crash in China. Whether the stock market collapses or not, it is supported by “dildo” (false data) and doesn’t have much money. There is no money in the stock market, brothers-in-arms, but this is real money – money that has been transferred overseas or to Hong Kong, quality shares, and gold in China. And then, what does this imply? What has happened, brothers and sisters-in-arms? You need to answer me, Miles. This is crazy. I have no idea what’s happening. 

My outfit looks really good. Look, although it’s winter and I’m wearing what seems to be white, it’s made from wool and it’s not the kind of white worn in summer. This is wool, so it’s great. The tie is brand new and made from wool, and the shirt is brand new as well. It looks really nice. It’s so pleasant to always see a handsome self in the video. That’s why we say: People who are shameless are invincible.

Therefore, brothers and sisters-in-arms, when I look at the entrepreneurs in China, Wu Xiaohui who is in prison now is probably the happiest. Lai Xiaoming can’t be happy because he was already executed. Those who are still in prison are the happy ones. How many enterprises will crash? And now, the inflation rate is so high. Yesterday, an old friend from China said to me, “Miles, I’m only asking you for help. Let’s not talk about politics. My family has encountered a huge issue. Could you help us from overseas?” So, I contacted a fund and they contacted him immediately and applied for discounting for him overseas.

What surprised me was that he wanted some of his discounted money to be transferred to China for repayments by the Chinese New Year. He said that the banks would take all his shares if he does not repay the money. There are still people as silly as him who transfer money back to China. After these mortgages were processed, people from the fund said to me, “Mr. Guo, he mortgaged at 30% of the full market price, and transferred half of that, which is 15% of the cash, to China. Can you believe that?” What trick is the CCP playing? This is not BGY, rather this is from the greatest Guo’s Seven Principles: the CCP is ruling the country the mafia-style, the police-state-style, with corruptions and fraud. My goodness, this is exactly ruling the country in a mafia-style, killing whoever needs to be killed, arresting whoever needs to be arrested, and to those who are still alive, the CCP recklessly drains their blood out of their bodies. Thanks to the heavens that we are still alive. So, we are lucky compared to those who are dead. You see, we are still alive here; we still have our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. 

This morning I told our brothers and sisters-in-arms that eliminating the CCP is a need of justice, quoting brother Hao Haidong and Ms. Ye Zhaoying. We punish the CCP’s spies abroad and speak for the overseas Chinese. It is our instinctive need to protect the reputation and interest of Chinese overseas. At present, cracking down on fakes, such as the “nine-finger devil” [Sara], is a priority, and it is definitely a necessity for the Whistleblower Movement and for the elimination of the CCP. Look at the “dildos” economy in China, look at the propaganda inside China. How many people who used to have a normal brain and great wisdom have been played like this? It’s really sad. Brothers and sisters, I need to run to a meeting. Let’s stop here for now.

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