A Man Bought Cherries and Visited His Father-in-Law, Then the Whole Family (Was) Quarantined

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In ancient China, the punishment of implicating the whole clan in a crime was used.

If one person committed a crime, not only did the whole family suffer, but all related people of distant relatives and clans, as well. The Chinese Communist Party has now further expanded the scope of this punishment, involving not only people but also goods.

Headline News: on February 15, 2021, Mr. Cai’s family, who lives in Ji’an, Jiangxi province,  was quarantined because he bought a box of cherries and went to visit his father-in-law. But the cherries “may” be involved in the pandemic. Therefore, the whole family was quarantined.

After the Weibo video was uploaded, I watched it several times, but I didn’t understand why the quarantine was necessary when both the cherries and the people were tested negative. They were quarantined, and even the elderly who had chronic diseases and needed medication was forcibly taken away and sent to the quarantine site. Not to mention that the elderly couldn’t receive effective treatment. The separation of 80 or 90-year-olds from their families would be a huge blow to the psychology of the elderly and brought extremely high quarantine and treatment costs to their families. The Spring Festival Gala just ended and the song of “I compare the party to my mother”is still lingering in the air. However, “the mother” has already turned her back on her children without a word. What kind of “mother” in the world would treat her children like this?

Any strange things can happen in Communist China. Positive infected and suspected infected people are required to be quarantined. Those who are tested negative are also required to be quarantined. When the same batch of food is tested positive, other food and people are implicated and are quarantined regardless of the negative or positive results. So, let’s suppose: to start with the Customs first, up to the Customs chief, and then quarantine personnel, the packing personnel who load and unload the goods, the transportation personnel, including the gatekeepers, etc., all might be exposed to virus and all quarantined. After goods are transported to provinces, cities, and counties, the quarantine is done as the higher-level departments do, and people do the same at all levels. A bat flapped its wings and the whole world was quarantined. The quarantine effect caused by this box of cherries could involve less than half of China, which is  certainly not a problem.

The quarantine in Communist China is not based on test results, but based on needs.

If it was really for the purpose of pandemic prevention, wouldn’t it be safer to destroy all food in one place? It would save medical resources. I am afraid that the quarantine is an excuse. It is true that the medical and pandemic prevention system wants money badly for the Chinese New Year. Under the pretext of cherries, in the name of pandemic prevention and testing, they openly robbed money in a high-sounding manner. It is terrible that there are hooligans everywhere in Communist China. What’s more terrible is that after robbing you, the hooligans put the blame on you, so that you could not buy peace.(you could not avoid misfortune or calamity even if you suffered financial losses.)

As long as the Chinese Communist Party exists, no one will have peace. Let’s take Down the CCP in the year of Ox.

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