U.S. Experts Call on U.S.-Japan-Taiwan Joint Command To Resist Mainland Attacks

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Stephen Bryan, former Senior Chief of Staff of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senior Fellow of Defense Studies, U.S. Foreign Policy Council, reiterated the importance of establishing a joint defense command between the United States, Japan and Taiwan in a webinar at the Security Policy Center of the US Think Tank on February 17.

“The biggest problem is that compared with the CCP, Taiwan is like a peanut. The strength of the two sides is very different. Taiwan’s own defense capabilities are very weak, but this will not last long. In addition, the military intimidation and threats Taiwan receives from the mainland of the CCP will affect Japan’s interests and its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. The United States must establish a joint defense command with Japan and Taiwan to respond to the growing threat from mainland China. Once military relations are established, China will face three times or more military resistance.”

Grant Newsom, a former US diplomat and senior researcher at the Japan Strategic Research Forum, said that Taiwan, as a key link in the first island chain, is a battleground for military experts. Once Taiwan returns to the CCP, it will greatly enhance the CCP’s military projection in the Indo-Pacific region. Therefore, strengthening military cooperation with Taiwan and helping Taiwan resist the CCP’s invasion is crucial for Japan and the United States to respond to China’s military expansion and stabilize the regional situation. At the same time, he believes that Australia is also aware of China’s threat from the increasingly tense relations between Australia and China in the past four years.

In the past year, the CCP has stepped up its military power projection in the South China Sea, not only intimidating Taiwan with force, but also bullying its neighbors in Southeast Asia, triggering dissatisfaction among governments in many countries. According to statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, the CCP’s Air Force conducted frequent activities around Taiwan last year, harassing Taiwan’s military aircraft for more than 380 sorties. President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan emphasized at the high-level national security meeting on February 9 that China’s military intimidation and threats on Taiwan will not help cross-strait relations.

Source: Radio Free Asia

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