[Covid Origin] Through the Looking Glass of PLA’s “Contemporary Genetic Weapons”

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On February 09, 2021, Lude Media first revealed a textbook published by the CCP’s PLA (military) in 2015, titled “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon.” Chapter 4 of the book describes the “contemporary genetic weapons”, a new terminology defined by the PLA bio-experts as “manmade human novel species pathogens or and disease-causing genes” and their deliveries. At the end of Chapter 4, the authors discuss strategies for the prevention and control of contemporary genetic weapons. Below is the translation of the last paragraph of Section IV of Chapter 4 on page 124 and the beginning of Chapter 5 on page 125.

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Like everything in the world, both the terrorists and the righteous have two sides. For the righteous, “if the devil’s standard is set at one foot, the righteous’ morale standard will be set at ten feet”; the old saying goes with terrorists as well: “if the righteous’ standard is set at one foot, the devil’s standard will be set at ten feet”. On a different note, Chairman Mao often used the “paper tiger” metaphor to describe the global giant: i.e., it is strategically a “paper tiger” but tactically an “iron tiger”. Our task is to figure out how to treat it as a “paper tiger” within the “iron tiger” in an appropriate manner!

Section V. Prevention and Control Strategies of Contemporary Genetic Weapons

A. Obstacles to Deciphering Contemporary Genetic Weapons and the Strategy in place

1. Obstacles to deciphering contemporary genetic weapons

(1) In academia, deciphering the contemporary genetic weapons will inevitably face limitations since such weapons are built on high technology and are categorized as “super warfare” (see below).  There are three major reasons for the limitations:Since genetic weapons were related to global security and were built with strategic intent, the research methods, plans, progress, and results are highly confidential and difficult to acquire. For this reason, some books or online materials are old, fragmented, incomplete, disorganized, without clear references, and thus unreliable, with the exception of official papers and declassified documents.

(2) Today, with the rapid development of biotechnology, contemporary genetic weapons are becoming more advanced and secretive, more deadly and dominant. The variants of warfare agents are constantly changing, and their delivery methods are becoming simpler and easy to conceal.

(3) Contemporary genetic weapons are no longer limited to military purposes. They have become important options when it comes to terrorism and political strategy. Many military experts and politicians defined war as a continuation of politics, that is, war is an important, or rather, the ultimate means of resolving political and economic conflicts or disputes between terrorists and righteous people, nations, races, and geopolitical regions. However, since the beginning of history, it has been very rare that a single weapon has been used to resolve such disputes. Therefore, I call such kind of single weapon a “super-war” weapon. Here, “super-war” has another meaning, that is, contemporary genetic weapons can be used secretly during peacetime

Therefore, facing the development and delivery of such new, sophisticated, and unpredictable super-warfare weapons, and the pandemic consequences that they bring, scholars, especially medical and health workers, who work in the area of disease epidemic prevention and control, will have more complicated situations to deal with. Consequently, we need to gain confidence, be self-reliant, be united, be adaptable to changes, break through stereotypes, and think creatively to develop strategies and measures.


This section first discusses the obstacle in deciphering contemporary genetic weapons and the response strategies. While the rest of world has incomplete, unconstructed, and limited knowledge of SARS-CoV, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army seems to have full knowledge and has done a thorough study of the virus. It is time for the rest of the world to ask why the Chinese regime intentionally associates virus, such as SARS-CoV, with contemporary genetic weapons. The section also emphasizes on the significance of contemporary genetic weapons since they were manufactured in the laboratories and their lethality can be terrifying. The PLA invented a new terminology, the “super war”, for that reason. Furthermore, the authors suggest that contemporary genetic weapons are no longer limited to military purposes but can be implemented secretly in peacetime. Based on the authors’ admission and underlined messages throughout this book, the COVID-19 virus released during time of peace ought to be considered as a biological weapon that has already caused 2.4 million casualties around the world.

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