Lude Times Brief 2021.02.14 Evening:Saudi Arabia disregards US decision to lift the designation of Houthis as terrorists

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Internet cut off while military deployed in Myanmar, first-hand info from our comrade there

Myanmar protesters demand Suu Kyi’s return. Myanmar military reportedly cut off the internet again and deployed the army nationwide. According to a comrade of the Whistleblower Movement in Myanmar, Myanmar people threatened to explode an oil and gas pipeline which is vital connecting Myanmar and south west China once the internet was cut off, because the coup was a result of the cooperation of Myanmar military and China. Myanmar military released around 20 thousand criminals to cause social disorder and assault protesters, and meanwhile commanded police to crack down the protesters illegally. All these despicable means are no different from the ones CCP used to crack down Hong Kongers.

Our comrade has been estranged by many Chinese in Myanmar, even including his long-term business partners, just because he is anti-CCP and spread the truth. CCP has been purposefully kidnapping overseas Chinese by interest and installing them all over the world to spread CCP’s ideology.

Sen. Graham talked with Trump about rebuilding GOP

Graham, as republican establishment, called Trump as feelers, and will meet with him in Florida. After the phone talk Graham intentionally expressed that Trump seemed interested in rebuilding the GOP. He praised Trump and followers of the MAGA movement as irreplaceable for the GOP just to neutralize the buzz that Trump would found the MAGA party, for fear that the GOP would be divided and weakened. But will republican establishment allow Trump to rebuild the GOP as he pleases? Dr. Guan thinks it is again the old trick to utilize Trump and then abandon Trump.

It was just because Trump was betrayed by the republican establishment that he lost the 2020 election, whether it was Mitch McConnell or Mike Pence. Even Graham himself met with Trump before the election to show his support, who, however, voted against Trump on 6th Jan. And many plans ended up not carried out before 20th Jan. because of betrayal.

The establishment sent Graham instead of McConnell because they knew Trump would 100% surely refuse him. If they agree that Trump can do whatever he pleases, the rebuilding is worthwhile. If they just want to take advantage of the MAGA movement with them still in power, President Trump definitely won’t agree.

Saudi Arabia disregards US decision to lift the designation of Houthis as terrorists

Saudi Arabia will continue to treat Houthis as terrorists despite a US decision to lift the designation, says Saudi U.N. representative, which is a huge disagreement happening between allies for the first time. Biden’s decision put Saudi Arabia into a dangerous situation.

Issue of Jerusalem is the key for peace in the Middle East region. The designation is a vital move of Trump, which not only made it possible for Israel to establish diplomatic relations with Arab League countries, the United Arab Emirates and others, but also allowed the US to concentrate on dealing with the CCP. The golden era when CCP developed rapidly was a result of Middle East upheavals, because it got huge fund and connections from the US as a partner in fighting against terrorism.

Israel is more than enough to handle Iran without being distracted by surrounding Muslim countries, so Trump must stablize Middle East before he could destroy the CCP. With the designation lifted by Biden, it will be legal for Iran to fund Houthis and make it more destructive, so Israel will be unable to concentrate on fighting with the CCP in the Indo-Pacific. Biden is actually igniting the powder keg in the Middle East in favor of the CCP and Iran.

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