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GTV: Secret Translation Group:

Bill Barr started processing all executive orders from Biden with urgency already under the presidency of Trump.

Comment: Navarro mentioned in a Fox interview that, Barr had already started urgently processing all executive orders from Biden when Trump was still the President. The CCP has infiltrated the U.S to such a high level officer. Even a simple slogan of “taking down the CCP”, the majority of mainstream media dare to say it out loud  now.

Mr. Miles Guo’s Getter:

February 6th: The irreversible impact of the CCP virus on the economy, lifestyle, politics, and many more aspects has launched a restarting mode within the humanity. What Mr. Miles Guo has been reporting to our fellow warriors in the live video from Central Park about happening in the world?


1. Recently, the world’s economies and politics are in turmoil: Trump facing impeachment, military insurrection in Myanmar, the effect of fears of the CCP and the CCP virus. Facing various uncertainties in economy and finance, the market is even more horrible than before January 20th. The CCP wants to “export“ its CCP-style economy and will announce its economic measures and policies towards the U.S. and Europe next week. This will bring along huge uncertainties. Opportunists and oligarchs will make massive profits from this.

2. All the new financial tools in Manhattan are based around digital currencies. The birth of any new form of wealth is surely accompanied by large numbers of frauds and scams. This is the era of wealth redistribution. Libra and Swift will both announce their key policies soon.

3. Lots of Trump and Biden supporters reached consensus in some topics: turning digital virtual economy, especially large-scale debt into the new financial mode in the next two or three years. Once that is reached, the U.S. financial market will be like riding a roller coaster.

4. If the Biden administration alleviates the tension with the CCP, the world will favor CCP-style economy. In that case, the frauds of CCP, overissue currency, and its bribery and scandals in financial industry will be a disastrous hit on the economy of mankind.

5. In these few days, the viral infection rate reduced, but the death rate raised around the world, so many people believe that the virus is ending. The idea that the CCP has antidote to the virus spread among elites around the world. How can the world get it, the antidote, through either business or war? Business transaction will reveal its true nature of the virus as a biochemical weapon; hence the war will be still unavoidable. There will be massive fights in politics, diplomacy, and finance between the CCP and the rest of the world and this will eventually end in war.

The Global Times: COVID-19 is very unlikely to have passed into the population through laboratories in China

Bildergebnis für 环球时报:【#新冠在中国极不可能通过实验室引入人群#】

Comment: this is the so-called scientific evaluation of “viral transmission to human from natural hosts” by the CCP and WHO. Despite Dr. Yan’s public challenge for more than half a year, the CCP is still coming up with thousands of new excuses for the origin of the virus. The CCP and the WHO, please do not stay hiding anymore, but join the direct debate on any scientific level.

Observer Net (Guancha.net): Ren Zhengfei: Warm welcome to the new U.S President Biden to call Huawei

Bildergebnis für 观察者网:任正非:欢迎美国新任总统拜登致电华为
Bildergebnis für 观察者网:任正非:欢迎美国新任总统拜登致电华为

Comment: Combining this with what Mr. Miles Guo exposed yesterday, all key departments under the CCP have received orders from Xi Jinping to carry out diplomatic measures during Chinese New Year. So they attempted to again collude with the U.S.

Weibo’s Beijing Tieba (online club):

We all know that the virus originated from Fort Detrick, but no one dares to talk about it. This is the charm of the super nation (United States).

Comment: Beijing Tieba publicly shifted the blame to the U.S., and made up lies that nobody dares to speak up against it.

Xi Jinping: China intends to import more merchandise from middle Eastern European countries. Chairman Xi Jinping recently hosted the Summit between China and the middle Eastern European countries through a video format in Beijing and made a keynote speech

Comment: if China is self-sustainable, why does it need so much more food and produce?

Foolish Man on a Wrecked Boat on Twitter:

“People within the firewall please note that the door is closing and there is not much time left for you to decide. Before the CCP crashes, billions of the Chinese population is the CCP’s last trump card against the world. We refuse to be kidnapped. You can express your will by walking out of China, and think of the future for your . Escaping from Comminist China for a few years is for the better future. Otherwise, you might not be able to escap soon!

Comment: The top post today says, Xiaogang village which used to separate farmlands for individually owned is now returning to the old time, the village as a collective unit again. This declared the utter failure of decades of reform and reopening! Xi Jinping still has no real trick under his sleeve. The suffering land of China is again going back to the time of hell!

Sina: The tag of “debt of 12.2 billions”has gone viral: Le.com made fun of itself easily but it will be difficult for it to save itself.

Bildergebnis für 新浪:“欠122亿”标签刷屏:乐视自嗨容易自救难

Comments: according to financial times, Le.com has debts of 15.3 billions by September 30th 2020. Who else doesn’t play the game of moving money to another country while leaving debts back in China? Who pays the debt in the end? Is it not every Chinese?

Xinhua Net: Liu He made a phone call with Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

Bildergebnis für 新华网:刘鹤与国际货币基金组织总裁格奥尔基耶娃通话

Comment: This person, Liu He, is the one that stole pens when negotiating in trades with Trump? Now he is trying to fool the International Monetary Fund,. What does he want to steal this time?

The Epoch Times: Clubhouse App is banned in China. Experts suspected that the CCP might be fishing for something.

Clubhouse被禁  专家:或是中共在“钓鱼”

Comments The article mentioned that “Clubhouse App suddenly gained popularity in China and then was banned in the firewall. The app was exposed to use instant voice chat technology provided by a Shanghai technology company Agora.” The CCP is notorious for its various evil measures. Under its control, even companies that want to run normally within the firewall would not have normal credibility. GNews, GTV and the New Federal State of China is the hopeful future of the Chinese people.


Xi JinPing made a phone call with the Prime Minister and Chief Chairman of the Communist Party Nguyen Xuan Phuc

Comment: Dr. Guan  in his analysis: In 2020, The Association of South East Asia (ASEAN) started becoming  CCP’s biggest trading partner, and Vietnam and Myanmar are the only two countries that do not accept RMB fully. Now after the CCP has done to Myanmar, it started calling Vietnam, with keywords like medical treatment, health and digital economies. To be blunt, it is threatening ASEAN with the virus while controlling it completely by its vaccine economy and the digitalization of RMB. This is a key strategic step to control Asia. Messing with Vietnam after Myanmar means that Biden doesn’t dare to do anything to the CCP, and Vietnam will become the next Myanmar if it doesn’t follow the CCP’s lead.

Key US officials’ [email protected]

Senator Ted Cruz warns Biden Admin has rushed to ‘Embrace’ Chinese Communist Government in New Video (attached is a video showing the close relationship between Biden and the CCP).

Comment: The Biden team is under the spotlight. If it dares to collude with the CCP, it will be under the inspection of all American people and even the whole world.

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