Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 16th, 2021

Translators: James Zoebel, Bowen (MOS Himalaya)

Proofreader: Rica Machioni (MOS Himalaya)

Chinese Transcription: Dan Dan, Shuizhuyu (Rome DaVinci Himalaya)

Chinese Proofreader: GForever (MOS Himalaya)

1、[00:06:45] Friends from various fields sent me messages and said that the movie, the White Tiger, was very good. Yet, it was so terrible when what I felt, saw, and heard become true: for example, the Communist Party has not only engineered the virus but also developed the vaccine; further, CCP’s vaccine is being sold in large quantities all over the world, earning tens of billions of profits. This vaccine is a real poison and will harm many people eventually! This is the CCP’s plan to terminate westerners with the virus and robbing their wealth by selling vaccines. This is beyond our imagination.

2、[00:10:30] The Whistleblower Movement (WM) conformed to gods’ will. There are 7.5 billion people in the world, but only we dare to tell the truth. Think about the waves of attacking Guo. Have you seen anyone’s life got better after attacking the WM or Guo? The people who attacked Guo are now disasters. Everything they did was fake, while our whistles on the CCP and the pseudo-pro-democracy dissents were 100% true. 

When asked the “Nine-Finger Goblin” for money [the money she deceived], she always says: “My money can’t be transferred, my money has been given to Guo Wengui.” Finally, we knew that she still has 60 to 80 million US dollars. This matter is simple, either give money or have an IOU. A few days ago, she said: “My money is supervised by the SEC and cannot be transferred.” Then she released a document that stated the SEC’s request to let her cooperate with the investigation in August, which has nothing to do with the money seizure.

Some BIAs received a refund in the past two days, which proved that she was scamming and lying since the beginning. She can now give the money back to our BIAs selectively, which indicates that her account is not blocked. Therefore, I call on all my BIAs to ask her for your money back, otherwise, the consequences will be serious. The best is that you get the refund before she goes to jail, that is the safest. The Himalaya Alliances have initiated legal procedures. She will go to jail. But this does not mean that your money will be taken back, you must have actions.

3、[00:23:40] Soon, Russia and China are going to be at odds. The economy within the Communist Party is collapsing. Tycoons are fleeing Hong Kong. There is a heated debate within CCP regarding whether to strike Taiwan or not. Further, threats no longer work between China and the US. CCP’s economy and people’s livelihood are in a mess. A year ago, I mentioned that do not dismiss Europe for its slow action, but we need to set our eyes on Europe’s concrete action. Europe and NATO are now taking impactful measures. Japan has no other choice but to terminate CCP in the end. Efforts to take down CCP by revealing the truth of Covid-19 and draining its financial resources are gradually taking increasing effect. CCP, you are done!

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