New Dilemma in CCP China: The Breadwinners without Home

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This Chinese lunar new year sees a new dilemma to many Chinese in CCP China: people cannot go back to their home town to celebrate the important festival with their family any more because of the pandemic. This puts billions of Chinese into a new dilemma; and this could bring a huge social problem in near future.

As you may know, CCP china claims its has a fast developing economy; therefore, this leads to a strong drive to human labour mobility from the towns to the cities. But, with working force immigration, there is a popular reality: where there is a job, there is no home; and where there is a home, there is no job, because people often have to go faraway from villages and towns to get better work chances in big cities.  Much more that, in CCP china this trend goes to its extreme. The dividing style is popular in CCP China. How ridiculous you could think! 

However, CCP China shows its image as a very rich and powerful country. The world neglects Chinese people living in a miserable survival situation. More precisely, Chinese under CCP regime is maintain its life with losing its basic human rights. This already becomes a serious and profound social problem. Furthermore, the second wave pandemic makes it much more worse.

With new lockdown policy and local pandemic-curbing measures, Chinese are required and encouraged to stay in where they are. Though this is a huge challenge, Chinese choose to sacrifices their desire to go back to their home towns to reunite with their family members yearly. 

This will put many into a distorted mental issues because home and family is very crucial for any Chinese.

In Chinese tradition, family tie is the key to maintain by generations. In their mind, with that, they can get support to be developed and enriched. In other words, home is a key for a person; vice versa, anyone has to care about his/her family by face-to-face contact and living under a same roof. This is a basic human right for everyone. But in CCP China, people are living in a absurd fantasy world. In other words, people get used to a life style to work far from their home and they only have one time to reunite with their family yearly. This is a truth existing wildly.

It is well known that this definitely will bring the whole society a incurable potential harm in a long run. Meanwhile, the CCP virus brings to more damages on this. To solve this profound problem, only one thing we could do: to take down CCP.

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