Mr. Miles Guo Joined Himalaya Sakura Farm’s Spring Festival Gala on Feburary 13th, 2021, Highlights

Translators: RD16, Cosmo, Lisa, Stay, Grace, GTD (MOS Himalaya)

Proofreaders: Rica Machioni, WMSky (MOS Himalaya)

Chinese Transcription: GForever (MOS Himalaya)

Summarized by: 359 Wenju (MOS Himalaya)

1. [01:46:50] A hearty Happy Lunar New Year to our fellow fighters from the Tokyo Sakura Farm, and all the best for the Year of the Ox.  May everything go well for you all! At this juncture, as Japan is the most important country in Asia, especially it is the world’s second largest economy and the world’s third largest technology reserve, our NFSC particularly is in need of the strength and development of our Japanese Farms.

2. [01:52:22] In World War II, Japan was crazy and committed many crimes; but post WWII, it demonstrated profound self-reflection through improving itself.

Japan’s characteristics can be both hot and controlled. My first visit to Japan in 1983 was very impressive. It was already highly industrialized. But decades later Japan went back to darkness again.

The evil of the CCP has brought the virus to the entire world. In the face of CCP’s tyrannical power, Japan is practically in a state of rape victim without the ability of making any sound.

Japan’s Oshima is a politician all right, but even he no longer dares to speak any truth. But the next prime-minister-elect could very well come from our friends.

3. [02:03:10] Japan’s economy, as bad as it is, won’t be as rotten as CCP’s, but it won’t be that much stronger either. It might be hit by a much larger economic disaster than that to the CCP, because of Japan’s real estate bubble and monetary QE bubble, which will lead to a huge disaster at the end; and time may already be ticking. 

Two core issues: first, it is all CPP’s doing that Japan has degenerated to this sorry state. It is unnerving to think about the future of Japan concerning its politics and national security. Second, there is absolutely nothing to write home about Japan’s economy. 

4. [02:07:00] Abe is very likely to make a come-back. The rules of the game in Japan are completely different; and many things are really beyond the reach of ordinary people.  There are two or three senior advisors behind Suga Yoshihide. He himself is a moderate and is quite capable. But by the time he gets to take office, the Japanese economy will be rather anemic already, coupled with the CCP’s aggressive pursuit and his lacking in political savviness, nothing could help him turn things around. So, he likely will be forced to resign.

Japan’s politics, economy, and the culture sector are completely independent. Those who engage in politics should not run businesses, and those who engage in the culture sector should not expect to make a big fortune. Hence, many Japanese merchants and manufacturers are century-old businesses.

There is an unspoken rule on the succession of Japan’s political power – it is not merit based, rather, seniority based. 

Abe’s economy was focused on two things: First, signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) with then President Trump. Had this CPTPP been inked, Japan might be looking at another 100 year’s prosperity. Because if the markets are opened up to Japan in agriculture and technology, Japan sure will take over the high-end markets in America and Europe in no time. Unfortunately, after President Trump took office, he did not keep his promise; he played Abe, and Abe was ruined. The second, printing money and raising consumption tax.

Therefore, Japan’s politics and economy will be meeting double turbulence ahead. The brothers-in-arms (BIAs) of Japan will have to count on our G-Series solely in order to ride it out safely (“without losing your underpants” [kidding]).  

5. [02:18:00] My arrogance and fearlessness of life and death have long surpassed the Japanese samurai spirit. I have lived in my enemy’s camp [the Chinese Communist Party System] for 30 years, taking their “heads” and their money. The spirit of Bushido and chivalry is to fear no death and without one’s self, but the key is what are these for? Japanese Bushido is for the Emperor of Japan and Chivalries fight for the British Empire putting white people as the priority. But these spirits are not as comparable to the Whistleblower Movement (WM), because our movement is for everyone. We are challenging the evilest political party of all mankind for a doctrine of righteousness, truth not falsehood, and good not evil. Japan deserves the consequences happening today because it made deals with the CCP under the table, allowing the evil [CCP] to survive for 70 years. 

6. [02:22:00] Everything in Japanese culture originated from China; however, there is a world difference in art and uniqueness compared to China. The national flower of Japan, sakura, came from the Tang Dynasty [Imperial dynasty in China that ruled from 618 to 907] because people from Tang Dynasty very loved the cherry blossoms as their pursuit was instant perfection. And this also represents the beauty of Japanese women. The Japanese Bonsai pursue the natural eternity, which represents the pursuit of Japanese men. The root cause of these pursuits is sexuality. The whiteness of the snow of Mt. Fuji represents everything in Japan, whereas the dark and powerless grey and black represent the sakura, which is female. One of the best things about the Japanese is their loyalty. But according to the history of Japan, the moments of dishonesty were too many. They [the Japanese] are the most realistic ethnic group, but at the same time, they are hypocritical.

7. [02:37:00] The “Nine-Finger Goblin” released fake audio this morning about me apologizing and asking for pardon from her, which made me laugh like crazy. The CCP’s way of doing things is to fabricate.  I’ve never begged for mercy from the CCP, and there’s no way that would beg from you. Lady Magic [魔女] will always be the founder of the Sakura Himalaya Farm.  Her peaceful and well-meaning departure is in stark contrast to the “Nine-Finger Goblin,” absolutely not the same.  A Hearty Happy Chinese New Year to Lady Magic and her family. I thank her for doing everything for the Sakura Himalaya Farm. (I) Will never forget that. BIAs from the Sakura Himalaya Farm should always respect her as well. 

8. [02:50:00] The highest state of dressing is to put on the clothes without browsing.  The best outfit would be the ones that you feel comfortable and natural at the most. 

9. [02:51:00]  A person should never believe in crooked paths, count on anyone, or have a fluke mind. It’s just liked my leg pains, which got better because of my sweat, dedication, and action. I can’t solely rely on medicines; I need to rely on my willpower and physical science [kinesiology]. 

10. [02:53:00] The “Nine-Finger Goblin” said she handed all the money to the Himalaya Alliance, but it turned out she withheld $40 million. Her bank accounts have $5 million and $0.8 million, respectively. The “Nine-Finger Goblin” is completely done. Everything will end if a person fabricates. Those who always run their mouths about gods or Buddhas without true beliefs are either psycho or swindlers. It’s just like those pseudo-pro-democracy dissents who talk about democracy, freedom, and the rule of law the most. “Brother-Seven” [Miles] is so sorry about bringing harm to fellow fighters because of my endorsement. 

11. [03:01:00]  A month ago, we tried to acquire the largest virtual currency exchange company in Japan with 25 billion Yen. But because some Japanese disclosed our intention, or maybe we were tapped, the deal was completed for 45 billion Yen with the CCP’s backup. If we complete this deal, the Tokyo Sakura Farm will be totally different.  Japan will have lots of room to provide help for G-Fashion and physical clubs for G-Club. G-Coin, G-Dollar, and banks will benefit as well. 

12. [03:05:10]  Our BIAs in Tokyo Sakura Farm must fit in the Japanese society, obey their rules and have your own resources. Hope that the next year when our BIAs really get rich, wearing the most fashionable clothes for the shows.  Our BIAs should learn to get results through wisdom.

 13. [03:09:00] Japanese currency swaps have increased almost ten times in the past year, and its trade economic activities in China do not shrink, the private trade activities do. This means that the so-called “nationalization of private enterprises” is happening fast in China, plundering all opportunities for small businesses to survive. And this will continue to happen.  In this epoch of viruses, the CCP will vigorously develop the “face-mask” economy, vaccine economy, and vaccine trades in Japan. There is no possibility of a significant decrease in trade between China and Japan. Once CCP lifts the travel ban, the place where Chinese people travel the most must be Japan. Therefore, G-Series in Japan is important in the future. Besides, the Chinese media in Japan is a disaster.  It would be very promising if online social networks and Chinese media can be developed in Japan.

14. [03:14:00] After the Lunar New Year, I would like to meet with the respective Himalaya Farms through GTV’s private system. This year’s rule for the Farms is: we will not keep and tolerate anyone who is provocative, please remember. Therefore, after Brother-Grassroots [草根小哥] arrives in Tokyo, you must work together peacefully, while being independent and cooperative with each other.  At the same time, having more BIAs to Tokyo Sakura Farm is your first task of this year.  The most important thing is to promote connections with the mainland to spread the truth and try to be the transit station for the Whistleblower Movement BIAs in Asia to provide convenience and help to the BIAs who left the mainland. [Tokyo Sakura Farm] Should have the ability to assist BIAs who left the mainland to leave for other countries from Japan, therefore Japan needs to obtain structural and standardized management rapidly. G-Coin and G-Dollar must open up the market in Japan, sign up more authorized G-Club agents, and build up GMall to put Japanese products on our platform. They should also advocate the Whistleblower Movement (WM) through various Japanese media to allow more Japanese to recognize the WM and the NFSC. We must refuse “verbal cannon” [talking without actions] and take action and look at the agreement. 

15. [03:22:00] The only way for G-Fashion to grow bigger and stronger is through acquisition. The CCP’s strategies are replication and material substitution processing. What we want to do later is you have no choice but to buy (because they will have many great designers to cover different types of fashion).  That means you have an attraction to customers. Only by making it socialized, the biggest platform that can accommodate any brands and designers, can the brand become strong. The G-Series has a huge market in Japan, and it’s a place that would raise the value from zero to billions. Therefore, you must have actions, unite with each other and have outcomes.

16. [03:28:50]  The global economy will have a big up and a down. The network economy, because of the pandemic, developed dramatically, and that included virtual currencies. Our G-Series seized all opportunities in advance, becoming the biggest beneficiary. But during the fluctuations, most of the realms will be hit hard as the CCP virus will definitely come back. Southeast Asia is the most productive region, but its financial status is not strong. It will confront the “rogue economy” of the CCP. There is a high possibility that Taiwan will go to war. The economies of Japan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand will do well once the war starts. Only the economies of the CCP, Taiwan, and Hong Kong will worsen. Our Himalaya Japanese Farms will have countless opportunities, which is the “war economy.” You need to get ready.

17. [03:32:40] At the time when Beijing refused entrance claiming that it was because of the virus, it was for covering up the internal “political riots.” Therefore, the uncertainties of Beijing’s political infights and whether it will initiate wars on Taiwan will be one of entry points to take down the CCP. From May Fourth Movement, June Fourth [Tiananmen Massacre], to the Hong Kong Movement [Anti-Extradition law], there were always people being exploited and sacrificed behind these political rivalries. The Chinese people should learn to look for the truths overseas. Do not be exploited politically and cheated financially.The contest between the CCP and the United States there will face a big watershed by the end of this year. Do not be the victims. Japan, India, and Vietnam will definitely get better, whereas Malaysia and Thailand remain uncertain due to their political instability.  

18. [03:36:30] G-Coin will be ready for purchase by the end of February and be on the market by March.  Japan will definitely hold the Olympic Games because it was influenced by the CCP’s “Olympic Economy.” No matter what they do, it will be a flash in the pan and end with poignant. 

19. [03:42:28] Today’s Hainan has been developed totally according to my words and the report I wrote in 2001. Connecting the Hainan Island’s lockdown with Japan, there would be a fresh start for the Chinese. Like Hong Kong back then.  Do not always want to invade others but cooperate with others. Currently, the CCP virus has spread widely in Japan, so Japan will not cooperate with the CCP.  The turning point will very likely be Japan. When Japan cannot take it anymore, it will unite with the United States and India to make big moves and turn against the CCP. If the CCP starts a war with Taiwan, Japan will definitely stand up for its own safety.  The battle between China and the U.S. brings victory to the U.S. and hurts the CCP; but there will be a lose-lose if China and the U.S. reconcile.  However, there will be a win-win between China and Japan when they cooperate and lose-lose if they against each other. As of now, all CCP has given to Japan are harms. There will be no chance that Japan will keep cooperating with the CCP. Japan is so important that any of the technologies in biology, material, space, and medical care can change mankind. A China without the CCP will match the best interests of Japan. The newly elected leader is anti-CCP. If the Koizumi family returns, they will be in the frontline exterminating the CCP. If Japan changes its Prime Minister, I will definitely fly to Japan. 

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