Lost In The Darkness

Author: Jin Wang

History will look back and see this time as the beginning of a dramatic shift from the beauty, freedom, peace and joy that once was part of simple everyday life that now is sadly in decline in human life both in population and in quality. There will never be normal in our lives again.

We have violated the Earth and each other. Division is the new Rule, not Love, nor compassion or sympathy. Civilization will be brought to its knees and atheists will cry for God in their godless existence.

Spirit has had enough.

The time has come for the Earth to purge itself of the wretchedness that has found its way into the hearts and homes of those consumed with false ideologies. A darkness has fallen upon these times, upon this sacred Earth. A darkness that swallows all, that stretches ahead far and wide. A world that worships and adheres to the twisted words of twisted minds…addicted to their devices wrapped up in the chaos of disconnected and disruptive noise, blinded by so many lies. 

Trapped. Always falling back into the same dark and negative patterns over and over and over again…only to find themselves right back where they began…lost. Lost within the deepest cuts and the deepest lies of a bittersweet life, disguised in the false illusions of being true to yourself and those in your presence yet bound by the chains of your past filled with sorrow, resentment, anger, fear, and pain.

Fear is just another excuse for the weak, the lifeless, mindless and scared. Fear is a wall made of nothing…we power our energies into it, through thought we make the wall taller and impervious to all outsiders, to everything…to ourselves.

There is no one enemy or two. Ignorance is the primary enemy and her children of hate, envy, greed, lust, prejudice, laziness and self-absorption are in need of eradication. The time has come to cleanse this Earth of the vile exploitation that lays havoc to all life…a life without truth, understanding, patience, kindness, harmony and Love.

Prepare your soul…Spirit has had enough.

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1 year ago

A good picture is worth thousand words…it matches greatly with the illustrated darkness. Great Awakening is needed, not the Great Reset!!

1 year ago

Thank you Jin wang ! Your words are very powerful and sharp !👏👏👏🙏❤️

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