G|TV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon (17th Feb, 2021)

Summary: Dr. Ming | Editor: Shibukedang

Over the past week, we have seen new events unfolding domestically, regionally, and globally as well as new policies involving bilateral and multilateral players. How do these events and policies affect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime and its relations with other countries? We invite Mr. Stephen K. Bannon to continue to inspire us with his answers.

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1. Daniel: Days after his telephone conversation with Xi on the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year, Biden excused the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang as a ‘cultural norm’. How do you feel?

2. Castle: US Republican Congressman Michael Waltz introduced a bill to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics due to the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang. What is your attitude?

3. Dr. Ming: Boris Johnson said he would be keen to agree a global treaty on pandemics to ensure proper transparency amid the UK and US concern over the WHO’s probe in Wuhan. What does such a move mean to you?

4. Dr. Stella: On the 11th Feb, the amendment to the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill of the UK took effect. Accordingly, organs and tissues that have been taken forcibly from people are barred from entering the UK. What signal does this send?

5. Mike: The Global Times, the CCP propaganda, accused a 58-nation initiative to stop arbitrary detentions of foreign nationals or ‘hostage diplomacy’ as ‘an aggressive and ill-considered attack designed to provoke China’. If necessary, how would you respond?

6. Castle: The CCP is rolling out sovereign cryptocurrency. How will this move affect the world US dollar-based currency system?

7. Dr. Ming: Do you think that the new WTO chief who is endorsed by Biden will be able to restore trust in the rule-based global trade regime?

8. Castle: Luckin Coffee filed bankruptcy in the US. What action should the Biden Administration take for financial decoupling?

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