Katyusha News Reference – Thursday, February 11, 2021

I. The New Federal State of China News

1. U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to explain his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party facial recognition provider Dahua Biotechnology. Dahua Biotechnology recently developed biometrics technology specificallyfor CCP to identify Uighurs 

2. The United States has profound concerns over China’s “predatory” behavior when it comes to technology, the State Department spokesman Ned Price says on Thursday, adding that the Biden administration will engage with China when in the interest of the United States. Ned Price also says Washington has concerns about the Chinese Communist’s activities, including through the Confucius Institutes.

3. A senior U.S. government official said on Wednesday that the Biden administration will consider working with allies to add “new and targeted restrictions” on the export of certain sensitive technologies to Communist China.

4. Former NIA Director Ratcliffe said in an interview with Fox News Wednesday that the CCP military “ordered scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct coronavirus experiments,” some of which have 96.2% genetic similarities to the current CCP virus. And, some of the scientists who studied these coronaviruses had similar symptoms of CCP virus infection in the fall of 2019.

5. The Biden administration on February 11 asks a federal appeals court to suspend the case over Trump’s government’s attempt to ban the overseas version of WeChat. The move comes a day after Biden’s administration asks another court to adjourn the case over the overseas version of TikTok because it will take time to consider the Trump administration’s proposal to ban both applications.

6. Chinese Communist Party officials at a press conference on Wednesday again claim that all survivors who testified against the genocide in the Communist State’s concentration camp are hired actors, specifically blaming without evidence a woman who was forcibly sterilized, claiming she has been infertile.

7. President Joe Biden has launched a Pentagon review of China’s national strategy, potentially opening the way for the deployment of more troops and weapons as part of a “coherent” policy to deal with the Chinese Communist Party. Biden also announces plans to create a new task force to study U.S. policy toward China

8. On February 11, the State Administration of Radio and Television announced that the BBC World News Service did not meet the conditions for the landing of foreign channels and decided not to allow its World News Service to continue to land within the Communist Party of China. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “The decision by the Communist Party to ban the BBC World News in China is unacceptable to curtail media freedom. The Communist Party’s restrictions on media and internet freedom are among the most severe in the world, and the latest move will only damage its image in the eyes of the world”

9. The National Pulse reveals on Wednesday that Peter Daszak, a member of the World Health Organization’s virus investigation team, accepted research funding of the Communist Party  and ran a controversial organization in the United States that  works with the Wuhan Virology Institute. Daszak’s investigation team has just declared that the virus is “very unlikely” to come from the laboratory of Communist China. Their statement echoes those of the Communist party.

10. India and the Communist Party of China on Thursday began withdrawing troops and combat tanks from the disputed western Himalayan lakes region, a breakthrough after months of confrontation

11. The Hong Kong Civil Service Bureau submitted a document to the Legislative Council’s Public Affairs Committee on Wednesday detailing an interim university designed to enhance civil servants’ understanding of state affairs and Hong Kong’s constitutional order. This is a political purging process like the training system of the Communist Party of China.

12. According to people familiar with the matter, since the beginning of last year, Zhang Feng, Tencent’s vice president, has been under investigation by the anti-corruption agency of the Communist Party of China. He is suspected of providing unauthorized personal information gathered by the company’s social media app WeChat to Sun Lijun, the former vice minister of public security. Meanwhile, sources revealed that the company’s chairman and co-founder Ma Huateng, has not been investigated for the time being. The Communist all along has full access to Tencent’s data, and this time it is suspected of being related to intra-party struggle.

13. China’s Ministry of Finance has officially requested Deloitte to conduct an internal investigation after an anonymous tip-off by a Deloitte Beijing employee and exposed anaudit irregularity of the listed company in New York. Outsiders believe that the Communist Party of China may take the initiative to clean up some “high-risk” listed companies in the United States to avoid a bigger scandal after the United States stepping in to investigate.

14. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Communist Party of China said this week that it has asked for “great priority” and “increase capacity allocation” with automobile and chip manufacturers to help solve the “crisis” of global semiconductor shortages in the automotive industry. The chips are made in Taiwan, where the Chinese Communist Party is likely to hoard goods globally and seek windfall profits 

15. The media reported on Wednesday that Pakistan is asking   Communist China to reduce its debt for the construction of about 12 power plants under the Belt and Road Initiative. This is part of the strengthening of control over Pakistan.

16. Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite TV reported a major change in management personnel on the 10th. Liu Changle, a founder of the Communist Party’s military background, and his family have completely quit the management team. Succeeding him to the chairman of the board is Xu Wei, Party secretary of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. And Sun Yusheng, deputy director of China Central Television takes over as chief executive. Xu Wei is rumored to be in the camp of Wang Huning.

17. The Communist Party, led by Xi Jinping, has tightened its control over the press releases to facilitate its unified rhetoric of distorted propaganda. On February 9, The Information Office of the State Council releases a list of press spokespersons of central state organs and local authorities in 2021, which not only increased the total number of spokespersons, but also significantly increased the number of official positions of spokespersons and participating departments.

18. Hundreds of protesters opposed to Myanmar’s coup demonstrated at the Chinese embassy in Yangon on Thursday (Feb 11) accusing Beijing of supporting the military junta.

II. World News

1. The Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Sung Kim, met with Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan’s representative to the United States, on February 10. This is the first time that State Department officials of the Biden administration have met with Taiwan’s representatives in the United States.

2. The International Atomic Energy Agency officially notifies the United Nations that it has verified Iran’s 3.6 grams of uranium metal at Iran’s Fuel Plate Fabrication Plant (FPFP) in Esfahan on February 8, media reported on Wednesday. The report further emphasizes that “Iran’s threat to produce uranium metal shocked Western diplomats, because the concentration of this extracted uranium material exceeds that for the use in civilian activities and it is a core of an atomic bomb”. Moscow calls  for ‘restraint‘ after Iran produces uranium metal , which is rarely happened. 

3. Zambia and the International Monetary Fund begin discussing a loan program and debt relief for Africa’s first pandemic-era sovereign default on Thursday. The subjects of the talk pivoted on the controversial mining deal, election matters and debt to Communist China.The Communist party is likely to use the debt issue to strengthen its grip on Zambia.

4. On the morning of February 11, Mastercard said in a statement that the company plans tointegrate digital currency payments directly on its network

5. Twitter chief financial officer Ned Segal said Wednesday that former President Trump will not return to his company’s social media platform at any time in the future.

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