Steve Bannon Suggests Trump Run for Congress in 2022

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Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Feb 15, 2021:

• Mr. Steve Bannon told a group of Boston Republicans that former President Donald Trump would come back in 2024, suggesting he may first be elected to Congress in 2022, displace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and launch impeachment proceedings against President Biden.

o The U.S. Congress is actually quite dictatorial. From what the current Speaker has done, it seems that she has more power than the President.

o One of the reasons President Trump lost the election was that he didn’t have enough supporters in Congress.

• The Epoch Time: The GOP is planning to take back the House and Senate by pushing harder policies against Communist China.

o Republicans won’t allow Biden to get close to China and lean too far left.

• Dr. Peter Navarro said on Steve Bannon’s War Room that President Trump was indeed going to issue an executive order to establish a presidential commission on the cause of the origin of the CCP virus, however, it was held up by AG Barr’s DOJ.

o This confirms what Mr. Lu De said on his show on January 21, that President Trump is considering including Dr. Yan Limeng in the Presidential Commission.

• Dr. Steven Quay, M.D., PhD., CEO of Atossa Therapeutics, Inc, responded Dr. Yan Limeng on Twitter: “Dr. Yan I appreciate your support and commend you for your honesty and courage…… it is remarkable that your findings from a year ago only now being confirmed …… 2+ million death later.”

o It takes great courage to tell the truth when everyone’s knowledge is not yet at a certain level.

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