Lude Times Brief 2021.02.10 Morning: WHO’s performance at the CCP survey results press conference

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WHO consultant reveals the inside story of Wuhan investigation of covid-19

According to a Fox interview with WHO consultant Jamie Metzl, the WHO did not investigate at all, but listened directly to and used the official CCP report, and did not consider the possibility of a laboratory source for the virus, or even deny a laboratory source.The Fox TV interview was titled “W.H.O’s laughable covid origin story exposed” and the host mentioned the Wuhan lab conducting “functional enhancement research”.And Metzl is also a U.S. Democrat.It seems that all of Lude’s revelations and speculations are basically correct, and W.H.O is expected to behave in this way in the CCP.And the head of the W.H.O investigation and research team in Wuhan tweeted that the Biden administration should not rely too heavily on U.S. intelligence, or even deny all information on the source of the CCP virus during the Trump administration.

WHO’s performance at the CCP survey results press conference

According to the New Beijing News:”(Feb. 9) A press conference was held in the afternoon by the China-WHO Joint Expert Group on the Traceability of covid-19.A reporter asked what animals were found within the South China Seafood Market. Have animals been found that may be intermediate hosts?The foreign expert introduced the animal samples tested in the South China Seafood Market and found no positives.Some of the large number of animals found in the market may be susceptible to the covid-19, such as bamboo rats, rabbits, and ferrets.Traceability also includes related suppliers, farms, and regions where bat-related viruses exist in some places.”The release of the above findings can be seen that there is no investigation and research on the source of the virus in the laboratory at all, but instead various falsified propaganda to put the blame on the so-called seafood markets, various animals and other parties, which means that the WHO is operating exactly according to the information and processes provided by the CCP.

An in-depth reading of the official CCP publication from five years ago《The Unnatural Origin of SARS and the genetic weapon with man-made new species of human virus》

Published and distributed by the Military Medical Press in 2015, 《The Unnatural Origin of SARS and the genetic weapon with man-made new species of human virus》 is presented, with the introduction and analysis of new terms for viruses and new infectious diseases in humans, and research directions on the transmission of viruses between animals through genetic modification to enhance  function tests for application to mutual transmission between humans.That is, indirectly, it shows that the CCP is working on a new type of virus animal-to-animal transmission biological weapon.It is evident that the CCP has done a series of research and tests on the covid for a long time. And then it spread through the Wuhan laboratory, causing a worldwide human disaster. And now the CCP is still disguising its crimes with various excuses, justifications, interests, etc.

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