The Emperor’s New Clothes – Propaganda of the CCP and Its Delegates

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  1. 任正非拒裁员1万人,投10亿再培养:不裁员,是一家公司最大的底气!
  2. 宁赔10亿,也要裁掉7000人!任正非:别想在“功劳簿”上躺一辈子!

“Ren Zhengfei refused to lay off 10,000 employees and invested $ 1 billion into training programs – to never lay off employees is the greatest display of confidence a company can have!” – Sohu, 24 Apr 2020.

“We will undoubtedly lay off 7000 employees, even if the company loses $ 1 billion for it! Ren Zhengfei: these people cannot live off their previous credits their whole life.” – NetEase, 26 Jan 2021.

You cannot make this up…

During Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK in 2015, Ren Zhengfei accompanied him on a tour of Huawei’s offices in London.

We have long known that the CCP-controlled media outlets would not hesitate to insert a propaganda-fitting narrative on the articles they publish. We also know that the ‘facts’ that they claim need to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, it is not until some of the stories are put side by side that the self-contradicting and hypocritical lies told by the CCP and its delegates really start to show.

The two articles above were published less than a year apart, by two Chinese media giants – Sohu and NetEase. They both praise Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, for his decisive managerial actions regarding a difficult tradeoff between the company’s finance and human resources and encourage the readers to learn from his stellar leadership. However, for the keen audiences who read both articles, the task must prove to be rather tricky – what does Mr. Ren really think? Since I personally failed (miserably) to construct a coherent narrative that would align with the points conveyed in both articles, I encourage you, the reader, to give it a try.

Here are some excerpts from the stories.

Sohu, Apr 2020

During an interview hosted by Wall Street Journal on Ren Zhengfei, Mr. Ren revealed an important detail regarding Huawei’s human resources management recently. Due to Huawei’s organizational adjustments and resulting productivity improvements, a stuff redundancy issue has arisen. Instead of laying off the 10,000 employees whose jobs became redundant, Mr. Ren decided to put them in a ‘strategic reserve team’ and invest $ 1 billion into skill development programs, which will prepare these employees for new potential projects after they pass the relevant exams.

Therefore, the rumors from last year (2019) that ‘Huawei has to lay off 7000 people or lose $ 1 billion’ are fake news.

As we all know, recently Huawei is facing its biggest challenges in 30 years. Mr. Ren did not expect that the company would be targeted by the biggest national machine in the world (America). Nevertheless, in these moments of life and death, Huawei, led by Mr. Ren, is still growing at an impressive pace. Furthermore, Mr. Ren has the confidence not to lay off anyone to let them rest and regroup.

Sohu Author: I hope Huawei’s story (below) can give you (reader) some inspirations in life.

A civil engineering technical expert was recommended to the ‘strategic reserve team’ thanks to his outstanding records previously. He successfully became an IT expert through the program in merely 10 months, despite having no background in IT. He then said, ‘we have to keep adapting to catch up with the company’s rapid development!’

Mr. Ren then teaches the employees, ‘I want success, not dignity! Dignity is dog food. The only way for people to improve is to become shameless!’

Net Ease, Jan 2021

The most challenging issue in corporates is often not research and development, but human resources management. The efficiency of talent management directly decides the future of the company.

A stellar example is Huawei making 7000 employees redundant. These long term employees have to learn that they cannot live off their old credits their whole life; whoever lags will be consumed by the unstoppable wave that is life.

An overcrowded company inevitably leads to inefficiency, which slows down its development. In these situations, the management has to get rid of those who do not contribute.

Huawei’s success is a direct result of Ren Zhengfei’s decisive actions to make these employees redundant. Many of them started to become complacent about their positions in the company and do not seek to improve. Therefore, a large scale laying off is a necessity! Mr. Ren is doing these people a favor by reminding them that no companies will ‘feed’ them forever; they have to earn their places.

Mr. Ren is not laying these people off to cut costs. In fact, he went the extra mile to spend $ 1 billion as compensation, which any company never does on the planet.

The large-scale staff redundancy is a textbook example of Mr. Ren’s leadership, and will be studied by many in the corporate world. As a result, Huawei avoided more significant potential losses and is entirely reborn.

Assuming that the stories in both articles were real, Huawei went through these changes in the last year under Ren Zhengfei’s leadership: 10,000 employees were put into 10-month training programs in summer, 2020, instead of being laid off, costing the company $ 1 billion; at the end of the program, Mr. Ren then decided that 7,000 of them were unworthy, therefore laying them off and spending another $ 1 billion in compensation. Nevertheless, both articles arrived at the conclusion that Mr. Ren’s (seemingly contradicting decisions) directly led to Huawei’s success and continuous growth.

图片来源:Stephan Schmitz,瑞士

This is a glaring example of how the CCP-controlled media operates – an article’s primary objective is to fit the propaganda; in this case, Huawei is the nation’s pride and Ren Zhengfei is everyone’s role model, facts, logic or common sense are all quite irrelevant.

Despite the overwhelming amounts of similar examples, most Chinese citizens still do not realize that the propaganda is broadcasted on every media outlet. The Great Firewall plays a crucial role in brainwashing the citizens into supporting the dictatorship that is CCP. The Chinese people desperately need free media, such as GNews, that respects truth, democracy, and fairness. Western mainstream media also has to stop accommodating the CCP’s tyranny and provide objective and impartial journalism both within and outside China.

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