Highlights of Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 12

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The red uniform I wore yesterday is the latest release from G-fashion, (a similar one) first was worn by Elvis Presley and a modified version was once worn by Michael Jackson. Its design is derived from the costume worn by King William of England when he ascended to the throne. The buttons and embroidery on the sleeves are handmade and produced in India, and partly in China. The “design inspiration” for this dress comes from the continuity and legacy of time and history. The Chinese (traditional dress) “Zhongshan suit”, the uniforms of the Soviet Communist era, the Stalinist era, and the Hitler era were all derived from this idea, we can say the suit (represents) both good and evil. Ours is distinctive because it is embroidered with the “Star of Faith” (a seven-pointed star – the symbol of the New Federal State of China). Also, it is made of some kind of heavier fabric, and it looks really fabulous. It would be suitable to wear as a military uniform, or as a fashion or art dress. Most importantly, G-club members can have it at a very good price, and for our members it is almost only charged at cost. I think it might be a good idea to have it as part of your collection.

2. 00:56:00

Our fellow fighters took a plane from Los Angeles to New York, holding G-Fashion merchandise and handing it to Mr. Guo. The silver G-club jewelry is so beautiful and textured that even my family is wearing them. The official box is gorgeous and cost at least 5 million dollars. Later, the adjusted (style) of the G-Fashion website will be more like Hermes. Women’s clothes make up 70% of the collection and are the ones (designers) put the most thought into. I should like to put forward a suggestion to our female fellows: when you are planning to make some purchases of clothes, there are two things you should consider, one is the occasion, that is, you need to know exactly what occasion the dress is intended for. Another is the color. Chinese females are not suited to wear multi-colored clothes, either darker or solid pastel colors are better. The designers of G-fashion are all well-known, “big brand” designers, and you would never known the real quality of G-fashion clothes unless you wear them yourself. Fashion is a culture of expressing oneself, and here, it is full of such freedom and space, while in Communist China, everything has to be managed, and there is no right to sing or wear clothes at your desire, everything is a lie.

3. 01:18:00

When Buddhism mentions “Amitabha” it means the highest wisdom and awakening. I hope that all of our fellow fighters can attain this wisdom and awakening, and achieve the stage of “rejoicing and perfection”. (I am) not saying that we should completely let go of our life-or-death thinking, but that we should challenge ourselves in the mortal world. The first things we should resolve are the five poisons of “Greed, Hatred,Delusion, Pirde, and Doubt”. It is not that we obtain “rejoicing and perfection” after entirely letting go of life-or-death thinking, but that we also achieve our “rejoicing and perfection” in the present moment. My “rejoicing and perfection” is to help others achieve and awaken.

4. 01:20:40 

Communism came from the most evil and worst part of a certain religion. It deceives others to give and even sacrifice until they die. Multi-level marketing in the West also promises a big pie (unachievable) and makes (very rarely fulfilled) promises. This is also the dregs of a certain religion. In Tibet and some countries, Tantra is definitely used to rule people. The most important sign of the end of the Dharma era is that religion has become politicized, totemized, centralized, and advocates dedication. Zen advocates enlightenment, letting go, and awakening, telling people that everything is an illusion under relative conditions. Zen Buddhism is “decentralized” so that everyone could be a “Buddha”, and everyone is a “center”. The “Whistleblower Movement” represents the “decentralization” and justice of the human world. The most remarkable thing about Zen is that it talks about the future under the conditions of decentralization and removal of dross. Encouraging self-consciousness in the present, and then awaken, and then seeing the truth of the world and the essence of life. Everything is illusory. This is what I admire most.

5. 01:25:30  

The history of filial piety has existed for about 3,000 years. It is a rule that everyone follows after the reincarnation of humanity (circle of life) and the law of the jungle that is dependent on it, and after being called a spiritual animal. I believe that the essence of filial piety is the continuation of the highest mode of behavior in the spiritual world, which is reward, reincarnation, and the highest behavior between people, which I praise highly. But I cannot agree with the view of the various Zen Buddhists who put the practice of “filial piety” as being above-all else. The tragedy is that everyone is misinterpreting the Buddhist scriptures. The majority of Buddhist doctrine “teachings” are overwhelmingly a product of the time of the Dharma’s Demise (the Buddhadharma is about to disappear because there are no real cultivators to keep the Dharma alive).  At the same time, it is communism that wants to rule the world. The fight between capitalism and communism and misinterpreting the Buddhist scriptures are both “smoke-and-mirrors” fights to confuse everyone. There are two problems that must be solved, otherwise they cannot be justified: First, human civilization today is no better than it was 2,000 years ago, and all religions tell people to put aside sexual desire, devotion, and do things altruistically. In the real world however, human beings are becoming more and more selfish, greedy, and are killing each other more than they did 2,000 years ago. Secondly, all religions tell people to look down on the “life-or-death” imperative, but we have never let go of the fear of “killing” and ” life-or-death “. All religions have been trying to make up stories about the “life-or-death ” imperative, but so far, none of them can truly make it clear what exactly is meant by “the cycle of life and death”, and what is the meaning behind it? What they have said always seems delusional to the livings.

6. 01:35:00

Do you have any idea why India was the birthplace of Buddhism, but at the same time was so poor? Why did India wipe out Buddhism? Why did Buddhism attract killing and plundering everywhere it appeared? Tang Sanzang (the famous monk) came back from his sutra trip to (India) and slept with both the princess of the Tang Dynasty and the emperor’s concubine, which led to the result of the eradication of Buddhism. In Japan, Buddhism has been diluted to the extent that it exists in name only. (Monks) can get married and eat meat. When Tantric Buddhism arrived in Tibet, it was indeed the highest level, but Tibet also suffered the most killing and plundering and was the most backward region. All this made me think there might be two possibilities: first, the scriptures we read were “fake”. Secondly, the scriptures were “wrong”. Nonetheless, I think some of the Zen realms are useful to us, but when Buddhism says “not to seek, not to cling to, and to attain the pleasure that ‘Buddhism favors'” it is (a disguise). Let me ask you a question: if you are not attached to precious objects, why did you build such luxurious temples? Isn’t this a contradiction? Some of the theories of Zen Buddhism convinced me and sounded reasonable. For example, does a substance like water exist under relative conditions? It is a phenomenon that makes sense. Although (I am) against luxurious monk temples, in a way,it still requires a Buddha with real cultivation to make you enlightened.

Whenever you go to Tibet, and after you talk to the senior monks, you will have a deeper understanding of real Buddhism. When the right opportunity arises, I will recommend a Zen Buddhist monk to you. This great monk is now in Japan and is 108 years old. He has very simple methods of giving us an understanding of the sutras. For example: “tracing the history and development of the Sutras “. The Qing Dynasty was the era when most of the Buddhist scriptures were changed.

7. 01:46:30

The Whistleblower Movement has made a big difference to our fellow fighters’ lives, a very rare experience that each of us risked our lives for.

What we are fighting is to take down the evil CCP. The CCP set up a “double rules (when to call & what to talk about)” phone call (with Xi Jinping) for Biden. Therefore, we fellow fighters should love ourselves and never get a “big-head (arrogant)” syndrome. We had better do the things that we can,what we are willing to do,and that which make us happy. The important thing is who we are (fighting) with. Biden’s phone call with (Xi Jinping) has made the Americans angry, so he has no choice but to fight back. The most beautiful part of the Whistleblower Movement is that we offer sincerity, mutual respect, love, and equality to each other. And we (must) love and accommodate all of our fellow fighters from the depth of our hearts.

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