[In-depth Report] Renowned Medical Expert on Podcast Becomes Vaccine Salesman

Author: Zhi Shi

Translator: Mengtian

Proofread: Zhi Shi /Janyvo

Image source: https://www.nzdoctor.co.nz/

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Australia’s leading national broadcaster, has a popular daily podcast called “Coronacast” hosted by medical expert Dr. Norman Swan.  In a recent episode[1], basic biology and medical common sense were somewhat distorted in an effort to promote the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccines.  Yet interesting enough, such “hard sell” lines only revealed the fundamental flaws associated with the CCP virus vaccines.

In the episode  “Why Does Australia Order So Many Vaccines?”, Dr. Norman Swan said: “the people who don’t get immunised are protected by the people who do”.  He illustrated the measles as an example, and claimed the reason why Australia is measles-free is simply because of the widespread vaccination against measles.  The few people who were not vaccinated against measles were the ones who “hitch a ride” from those who were vaccinated and so were spared from the measles virus.  He went on to say, “it’s one of the reasons I’m so angry about anti-vaxxers.”  The approach adopted by Dr. Swan here was of a typical sophistry.   Below I will explain why the measles vaccine is precisely a vivid example of why a vaccine for the CCP virus is unreliable.

CCP virus vaccine is nothing compared to measles vaccine

Dr. Swan is equipped with advanced medical training no doubt.  Although there is no measles case in Australia, he must possess some basic knowledge about measles, that is, patients recovering from measles will be immune for life, and also most importantly, after measles vaccination, the recipients will be immune for life.  Based on this,  two issues have been put in a better perspective:

  • First, the antigenicity of the measles virus is so stable that the measles vaccine does not need to be adjusted/altered for decades and remains effective.  Both measles vaccine recipients and patients receive lifelong immunity.  Mutations of the measles virus have not been able to break through this immune protection.  In contrast, for the CCP virus, not long after the vaccine was first launched in the market, more than one variant of the CCP virus strain has already broken through the protection of the vaccine.
  • Second, the protective antibody titres induced by the measles vaccine diminish very slowly in the body and are sufficient to provide lifelong protection. In contrast, antibodies produced by CCP virus infection last merely 3-4 months.[2]  According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),[3] there is a “lack of sufficient data” on the duration of protection provided by the CCP virus vaccine.

Measles infection provides lifelong immunity, so the measles epidemic can be completely controlled with the measles vaccine, while in contrast to the CCP virus, secondary infections are by no means new.  The Lancet once published a case of a 25-year-old[4] with two infections in 2 months and more severe symptoms suffered in the second infection.  There were countless similar cases reported.   Furthermore, Dr. Swan himself has once mentioned the studies he conducted in Brazilian cities have proven that herd immunization could not prevent secondary outbreaks.

Since infection with a live virus does not induce sufficient immune protection against the next infection, will a vaccine work?  There has been a consensus in the medical community that the natural course of infection almost always induces stronger immunity than vaccines.  For example, pertussis infection can induce lifelong immune protection, whereas the vaccine cannot and therefore requires multiple boosters.  Despite this well-established medical doctrine, manufacturers of the CCP virus vaccines actually claimed that their vaccines stimulate stronger and longer-lasting immunity than viral infection.  Such a position clearly defies the past medical common perception, no wonder the public remains skeptical about such CCP virus vaccines.

In the prior episode[5]You thought herd immunity would save us? Maybe not, Dr. Swan explained that the effectiveness of vaccines against the disease is not a sure thing.  He said that it appears as if the vaccine can induce stronger and longer-lasting immunity than a true viral infection, but based on the Brazilian study, we still need to closely monitor the vaccine for diminished protection or possible ineffectiveness against mutated strains of the virus.  “It’s a mystery. Could be wrong. But it’s a real warning sign.”  Yet, unexpectedly in this episode Dr. Swan has quickly built a very strong faith in the vaccine to the extent that he even compared it to the measles vaccine that provides lifelong protection for people.  And all of the sudden, he also became “so angry about anti-vaxxers”. 

In my opinion, Dr. Swan was deliberately using the sound appearance of the measle vaccine to confuse and misguide the audience.  In that regard, he sounded less like a doctor, but more like an unscrupulous salesman.  Misrepresenting a dubious product with no warranty, unknown functionality, or even the potential for personal injury as a first-class product, a reputable brand, with a lifetime warranty and decades of goodwill to the general public.  In an effort to push the CCP virus vaccine, he even went so far as to attack individuals who refused to use or purchase this dubious product by accusing them of “hitch a ride”.

I must say that I have been a loyal audience to Dr. Swan’s Health Report for many years.  This program features experts and authors from various fields presenting the latest researches on relevant common health issues of concern.  In these programs, Dr. Swan appeared to be sensible, knowledgeable and responsive in a sense that he was able to switch between clinical and research topics seamlessly in a practical and interesting fashion.  For that, I have always admired Dr. Swan, and have been proud of having such a great doctor in Australia who can bring cutting-edge medical research topics to the public spectrum.  However, since this pandemic, watching him busy spreading false and misleading information on both the hydroxychloroquine and vaccine issues,  Dr. Swan has truly disappointed me.  And in this particular instance, he even confused the CCP virus vaccine with the measles vaccine.  Considering his medical education and profound professional background, that mistake certainly could not possibly be a neglect or an oversight, but rather a deliberate choice of his in using misinformation to promote the CCP virus vaccines.

It is important to note here that I am not a person who is totally against vaccines.  I am only against unsafe and ineffective vaccines.  My family and I have all received vaccines according to the child Immunisation Schedule.  These vaccines have their importance and benefits in terms of protecting ourselves and for those around us.  The common denominator on all these scheduled vaccines is the ability of natural infections to induce effective immune protection in the body for a significant period, which is the basis for the effectiveness of the vaccine.  However, such is not the case with the CCP virus, where natural infection-induced immunity is ineffective in protecting individuals, and herd immunity is ineffective in preventing secondary outbreaks according to recent research.  In the face of a virus that cannot induce effective protection by natural infection, there is no precedent in the history of medicine for a vaccine that can control an outbreak by inducing a more effective immune protection than a natural infection . As I am writing this, two new cases have just been reported in the news[6].  A man in California, USA, who was infected even after receiving two standardized vaccinations against the CCP virus.[6]  Dr. Tirso del Junco,  Chief Medical Officer for seven southern California hospitals, including OC Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, said, “I’ve heard of half a dozen similar cases in the last three weeks, and I think we’re going to see more and more of them next.”  Besides, following the previous case of a 56-year-old American gynecologist who died of acute immune thrombocytopenia after vaccination[7], another case of a 36-year-old American orthopedic surgeon died after vaccination due to a severe delayed immune response[8].   These recent incidents further proved that the CCP virus vaccine not only is not effective, but it has a real safety concern.  Dr. Swan’s analogy to the very effective and extremely safe measles vaccine was completely misleading to his widespread audience.  And his public outcry towards the anti-vacciners of the CCP virus was utterly unfair and baseless.

Image source: HUO LAI (The CCP virus E protein in 2020 is 100% identical to that of the Zhoushan bat discovered by the PLA lab in 2018, disclosed by Dr. Li-meng Yan on January 19, 2020)


In summary, it is an illusion that vaccines can control the epidemic, and after vaccines, our lives can resume to normal and we can again gather, and travel internationally as we desire.  All these are merely wishful thinking, and what many medical experts wanted you to believe.  What we really must do now is to face reality because we have no choice, and not much time left.  The only viable path to overcome the epidemic is by walking through the true origin of the epidemic – the Chinese Communist military labs. 

Since this virus comes from the military’s “function enhancement” experiments of the Zhoushan bat virus, one may ask what other enhanced functions are there besides the extensive damage to human tissues and organs that has been found?  With politicians, royalties, and celebrities all over the world infected with the CCP virus, how did top CCP officials manage to get zero infections?  Is there an antidote in the hands of the CCP?  What other virulent strains are in the hands of the CCP waiting to be unleashed? and Is it possible that there is a conspiracy of binary biological agents hidden in the virus or even the vaccine?

Clearly, none of the above questions could be answered by any of the vaccine companies, nor by our governments.  Therefore, only by compelling the CCP to deliver the true answers, can people worldwide finally return to the normal life of the past and, more importantly, likely to avoid even more catastrophical biological-weapon attacks in the future.

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