On Top of 50m’s Crane a Contractor Asks CCP Regime for Salary

On top of 50m’s crane a contractor asks CCP regime for salary. Police: maliciously ask for salary, detained for ten days

Communist china likes to cross-sector paint a ‘prosperous image’ of china by having business people filming and issuing song records and celebrities act like politicians and show their faithfulness to the CCP.

Just before spring festival, a contractor in the construction field was forced to ‘cross-sector’ and act like an acrobat. He went onto a 50-meter high tower crane with his hands and no protective gear, and shout out for the person in charge of construction for worker’s salary. 

Sadly, he didn’t win applause, but was arrested by the police in the name of ‘maliciously asking for salary’, and was detained for 10 days.

The CCP is very skillful attwisting the definition of words to accuse people. What is ‘maliciously’ about asking for salary? People exchange income for their hard work, this is the way since day one. But under the CCP’s illegitimate regime, Chinese people are not guaranteed their lawful income, their hard work doesn’t get payback.

Conventional method to ask for salary are not eye-catching , so people had to take the so called ‘malicious ask for salary’ actions. This is the CCP’s communism with Chinese characteristics. The person in debt is not ‘maliciously not paying back’, but the person asking for payback is ‘maliciously asking for salary’.

If the contractor was not desperate, he wouldn’t risk his life for the money, and climb up  a 50-meter high tower crane bare-handed without protection.

If unfortunately he falls down, his life is ended, the person who owe him salary will send the money to his family?

The police can spend 4 hours to persuade the contractor to succumb and let things go, but they will not persuade the person in charge to sign a cheque to pay him back the money? Eventually, the indebt is still at large, the contractor is detained.

If Chinese people don’t get out of their hometown and work they will starve to death, but the salary from your work is not guaranteed to be paid. The Chinese people don’t have basic life support, and no place to resort to.

CCP, how do you want your people to live? How long can you cover up and paint this ‘prosperous image’ of fraud?

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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