[COVID Origin] The Unnatural Origin of SARS Confirmed by the Chinese Military

Co-authors: Magnum 44; Cosmo            Reviewer: Rica Machioni

Page 140 of the CCP military textbook, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon” published in 2015, states once again that the SARS virus did not come from nature. Today in 2021, with SARS-CoV-2 pandemic showing no signs of mitigation, more and more people are beginning to doubt that it had come from nature or bat, as claimed by the people who fully support the Chinese regime.

Below is an excerpt from page 140:

Top half of page 140, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS & Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon”

Translation of the above excerpt:

While (compared with MERS and other viruses) SARS-CoV caused different severe acute respiratory syndrome — it spread rapidly among humans and around the world. The first case occurred in Guangdong, China in November 2002, but nine months later, by the end of July 2003, there were 8098 confirmed cases and 774 deaths (9.6%) worldwide, causing serious damage to human health, especially to our country. The damage was so immense that no words can describe it.

The natural or reservoir hosts of SARS-CoV are mentioned on many pages in this book. Based on evidence from many disciplines, such as epidemiology, clinical and molecular virology, and phylogeny, we conclude that SARS-CoV has an unnatural origin. Therefore, there is no reservoir in nature as a host for it. Even though Bt-SLCoV, such as strain Rp3 (D0071615), is the common ancestor for SARS-CoV, it is not the direct ancestor. While the direct ancestors (parental generation 1, parental generation 2, …) are in a laboratory or laboratories somewhere.

Since SARS-CoV’s origina is unnatural, it is subject to the “reverse evolution” pressure upon entering into humans and their close relatives, causing drastic decrease in its infectivity and transmission. Eventually, it disappeared from humans and their relatives. In addition, because there are no reservoir hosts in nature for SARS-CoV, it cannot survive and cannot carry itself from generation to generation, and its only destiny is to disappear from the face of the earth (except for SARS-CoV specimens and materials containing its direct ancestors that are preserved in the laboratories). Therefore, it is not difficult to conclude that SARS coronavirus is no longer present in nature or the human population!

It is apparent that, the evolution, origin, forming, and disappearance of SARS-CoV and the emergence, spread, and disappearance of SARS’s are drastically different than all the previously mentioned viruses in terms of the diseases they caused. Because of this, we cannot compare SARS with them on the same footing.

 Authors’ Comment:

The textbook seems to admit that the outbreak of SARS in Guangdong China had not come from nature. Scientists give viruses special names for a reason. In 2003, SARS originated in China, and by the end of 2019 or early 2020, Covid-19, a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2, also originated in China, causing thirteen thousand times more cases of infection than SARS. It would only make sense that Covid-19 is a more advanced version of SARS and developed from the laboratories as well.

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