Katyusha News Reference – Saturday, February 6, 2021

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

I. The New Federal State of China News

1. Beijing time February 7 is the first anniversary of Dr. Li Wenliang’s death, and some people arrived at the hospital where he died on Saturday to commemorate the occasion with flowers. He is one of the first eight whistleblower to warn others about the outbreak of CCP virus. The Chinese Communist Party is trying to find ways to make the public forget him, including his family members who have refused to be interviewed for various reasons.

2. Senator Macro Rubio issues a statement on February 5 in response to the education directive announced by the Hong Kong government under the National Security Law, condemning the Communist Party ‘s education reform in Hong Kong and criticizing the Communist for continuing to suppress Hong Kong’s autonomy by implementing sweeping education reform.

3. After Guyana announces the termination of the agreement to establish an office with Taiwan on February 4, the American Association in Taiwan (AIT) says on February 6 that the United States encourages more countries to deepen their unofficial relations with Taiwan and looks forward to working closely with Taiwan in the region.

4. The Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China holds a video conference on the 7th, requiring locally incorporated banks to return to serve their local area and not open off-site deposits in various ways. This move will lower the rate of return for depositors and induce them to shift their deposits to the CCP’s recommended investment products.

II. World News

1. Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, supported by Communist China, is expected to become the Director-General of the World Trade Organization. She will become the first African-American and the first female leader in the WTO. Her South Korean rival has pulled out of the race, and Biden’s administration reverses President Trump’s previous opposition to the former Nigerian finance minister.

2. Iran’s supreme leader issues an ultimatum to the United States on Sunday, saying that the only way Washington can return to the 2015 nuclear agreement signed by the world powers is to lift all sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

3. The U.S. diplomatic mission in India announced on February 5 that the U.S. and Indian army personnel will hold this year’s “Yudh Abhyas – 20” joint training exercises from February 8 to 21 at Mahajan Field Firing Range in Suratgarh Rajasthan, India. The U.S. diplomatic mission in India said that the joint exercise mainly fosters a long-term partnership between the two armies in the Indo-Pacific region through the common defense objectives 

4. According to the latest projections of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, the cumulative death toll of CCP Covid-19 pandemic in the United States may reach 631,000 by June 1. In the worst case, the death toll may also rise to 703,000.

5. After being “blocked” by mainstream social platforms in the United States such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, former U.S. President Trump recently re-activateshis social media “Gab” account and uploads his lawyer’s response to his request to testify at the second impeachment hearing next week on Feb. 5, local time.

6. Starlink is expected to break the monopoly of telecommunications markets in various countries. A new SpaceX filing outlines plans for Starlink to offer phone service, emergency backup for voice calls, and cheaper plans for people with low incomes through the government’s Lifeline program

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