Katyusha News Reference – Thursday, February 4, 2021

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I. The New Federal State of China News

1. In an interview with “Morning with Maria,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged President Biden and his administration to focus on getting their policy toward China right. Pompeo argued that if Biden goes in the wrong direction, the world will be “very different” and the United States will see “prosperity gone forever.

2. The US State Department is “deeply disturbed” by the BBC’s report on Wednesday on the Communist party’s systematic rape and sexual abuse of Muslim women in detention camps. The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign ministry on Thursday accuses the BBC of reporting on the party’s Coronavirus late last month as “fake news with ideological bias” and demanded an apology.The British Media Regulatory Authority has revoked the broadcasting license of China Global Television Network (CGTN), a major Chinese Communist Party propaganda agency, in a statement issued on Thursday. Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph reports on Thursday that Britain expels three Communist state spies with press visas and working in the country last year.

3. US lawmakers have nominated Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement for the Nobel peace prize on Wednesday.  The bipartisan lawmakers cited the actions of the campaigners as a global inspiration in the face of a crackdown by Beijing. On June 16, 2019, 2 million people took to the streets to participate in the democracy movement. Given Hong Kong has a population of 7.5 million, it amounts to “one of the largest mass protests in history

4. Late at night on February 4th, Beijing time, the Ministry of National Defense of the Communist Party of China suddenly announced that it has successfully demonstrated a land-based intermediate-range ballistic missile interception technology test. In the context of uncertainty in Sino-US relations, the move is intended to serve as a warning message.

5. The construction of the “Digital Silk Road” overseas is regarded as an integral part of Communist China’s efforts to become a global technological power. Recently, China-Pakistan cooperation has entered the final stage of the Optical Fiber Cable project in Pakistan, which shows that the focus of the Belt and Road Initiative is “going from traditional infrastructure of high-tech cooperation and digital services”.

6. Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry says earlier on Thursday that it has signed an agreement with Guyana on January 11 to open a Taiwan office in the country, which is in effect Taiwan’s embassy. The Chinese Communist Party immediately presses Guyana to assert that Taiwan is its sovereign territory and has no right to establish diplomatic relations. It calls on Guyana to “take concrete measures to correct mistakes”. Guyana announced the termination hours later. The Chinese Communist Party’s involvement in the military coup in Myanmar, showing control over Asian countries, should serve as a wake-up call for the US in Latin America.

7. Canada says on Thursday that Hong Kong graduates of Canadian universities can apply for a new three-year work permits next week, and expresses concerns about the crackdown by the Communist Party in Hong Kong.

8. Lin Yang, a former University of Florida professor and researcher, fraudulently received $1.8 million in federal grant money while concealing the support he received from the Chinese government, according to an indictment issued by prosecutors in the Northern District of Florida on Wednesday. Yang Lin traveled to China in August 2019 and has not returned to the United States.

9.The Hong Kong government announces that it will implement a “pilot program” in phases starting from the 4th, requiring citizens entering government buildings and sports venues to scan the “Safe Travel” app to record the date and time of entering the building. Commentators say the authority is paving the way for apps that force citizens to install tracking capabilities.

10. Carrie Lam pointed out during a question-and-answer session at the Legislative Council on Thursday that she would promote five pieces of legislation for the remainder of her term, most of which are highly controversial. These include legislation requiring District Council members to take an oath, the introduction of more non-locally trained doctors, combating “fake” information, infringing on personal privacy and disrupting social order, among themthe proposal to make misused of “human flesh search engine” a criminal offense.

11.Many places in Taizhou, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, are now experiencing drought in 50 years. On the afternoon of February 4, Ningbo Flood Control and drought Control Command issued the “notice on the implementation of temporary restrictions on water supply in Ningbo city”,decided on February 5, 23: 00 to February 20, 24: 00, the implementation of temporary restrictions on water supply in Ningbo city.

II. World News

1. President Biden on Wednesday renewed his pledge to issue checks to large numbers of American adults for $1,400 to stimulate the economy hit by the CCP virus.

2. GM on Wednesday ordered the closure of three plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico and halved the capacity of one of its South Korean plants, affecting its 2021 production targets, as a result of a shortage of automotive chips. Taiwan as the main provider of global chip production capacity, has attracted attention from all over the world,which is one of the reasons why the CCP never forgets about the occupation of Taiwan.

3. After the Myanmar police files charges against Aung San Suu Kyi on the 3rd, the United Nations and the United States have come forward to condemn the Myanmar military, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations also promised to unite countries to put pressure on Myanmar. However, due to the obstruction of Communist China and Russia, it is still difficult for the United Nations Security Council to produce a joint statement on the coup.

4. Recently, researchers from the United Kingdom found that at least 15 cases of B.1.1.7 variants of the CCP virus carry another mutation E484K, which may render the current vaccine ineffective in preventing infection.

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