A Spread Of Assault A Poem

A Poem By Jin Wang

Truth is vanishing
Firmly commanding
The banishment
Of all the good that once was
Witnessing how a lawless order
Forcibly takes hold
In the dark of night
Without resistance
Without a fight
While no one else
Hears or knows
A black hood
Of sackcloth
Pulled overhead and tightly fastened
Around the throat
Of those who freely speak
Struggling to breathe
How a decree
Of autarchic condemnation
In their godless land
Deplorably deploys
An uncontrolled and irrefutable
S    P    R     E    A    D
Of their poisonous and merciless assault 
Throughout every
Imprisoned gaze of the living
Through the vast
Lorded hordes
Upon their lauded thrones
Of the miserable masked dread
Their thirst to divide
To weaken
To destroy
To control
All for power and greed 

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