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First revealed by Lude Media on February 09, 2021, there is this textbook published by the CCP’s PLA (military) in 2015, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon.” 

2003 SARS epidemic in Asia, Encyclopædia Britannica

In Page 195 (the Appendix section), is a letter written by Xu Dezhong, main author of the book, to one certain international organization chief, dated 4/30/2013, which was 10 years after the SARS outbreak. The key points of the letter were, “SARS-CoV has undergone unnatural evolution, and by now SARS-CoV does not exist in nature and human population, except in laboratories”, and in order to make it disappear from human population, SARS-CoV has to be put through “reverse evolution.”

Excerpt from the Letter by Xu to An International Organization chief.

Below is the translation of the above excerpt from the letter:

Hard work finally pays off – there is now a lot of reliable research evidence in terms of epidemiology, studies in clinical characteristics, molecular virology and molecular evolution; and all of these are pointing to one direction: SARS-CoV has undergone unnatural evolution, and by now SARS-CoV does not exist in nature and humans anymore, except in laboratories. [SARS-Cov in layman’s term refers to SARS, which was spread in mainland China, Hong Kong and the world in 2002]

It is interesting to note that although the evidence from these studies all come from published authoritative journals, due to the reasons that the authors either failed at examining from a macroscopic perspective or just were limited to examining in one direction only, they somehow came to the conclusion of SARS being “not easy to explain” or “further in-depth studies needed.

In contrast, I have analyzed the results of all scholars from the opposite direction and a new perspective, and finally, I can draw at least the following conclusions in an academic capacity.

The conclusions are:

SARS-CoV no longer exists in the world, including nature and humans, except in laboratories.

SARS-CoV has undergone unnatural evolution, most likely due to the unnatural evolution of a particular bat’s SARS-like coronavirus, especially BESL-CoV Rp3, which has likely undergone many times (generations) of unnatural evolutionary steps.

SARS-CoV has entered small mammals and populations close to humans by unnatural means.

When SARS-CoV goes endemic in animals and human populations, due to its unnatural nature, it cannot adapt to the sudden introduction of the new host environment (In the case of natural evolution, it may take ten’s, decades or even longer. But from BL SL-CoV Rp3 to SARS-CoV, the evolution only took 4.5 years, which is almost like “instantly” when compared to the time needed for the natural evolution of the virus).

Therefore, in order to reduce its virulence and power of transmission so to make it finally leave the human population and disappear, SARS-CoV has to be put through “reverse evolution” to achieve that goal.

Short introduction of Xu Dezhong’s bio, which was retweeted by Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

In short, Xu is one of the PLA authoritative SARS researchers who reported to the CCP’s high-ranking officials:

Born in 1941 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Xu Dezhong joined the PLA in 1965 and the Chinese Communist Party in 1987. He received his undergraduate degree from Beijing Medical University and his postgraduate degree in epidemiology from the Fourth Military Medical University.  In 2003, he participated in the Chinese National and PLA SARS Prevention and Control program. 

In year 2003, he was responsible for reporting to the leadership of the Military Commission and the State Ministry of Health. In addition, he completed 24 “briefings” and 3 SARS reports which were provided to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council.He was featured on a few of high-profile interviews and programs on CCP’s state media CCTV and was awarded as an “Advanced Contributor” in the prevention and control of SARS.

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