[Opinion] Why Doesn’t the CCP Represent Chinese People (III)

Author: 霍比特人

Last time I said China is controlled by the CCP, not the congress, nor the government. The CCP is a super-congress-government. This is written in the Chinese constitution, and is carried out absolutely everywhere in reality.

Although the voting of the congress in China is only a show, there’s a fake voting at least. As to the CCP members and CCP leaders, even a fake voting doesn’t exist.

CCP members and leaders are selected, not elected.

It’s somewhat like a talent show, the CCP members are selected by judges— the CCP leaders, not elected by people, and even a fake voting doesn’t exist. Every couple years, the secretary of a party branch would watch, looking for “right” people, and then call and talk with those persons he selected, one by one. At last, one or two of them would become new party members. What kind of persons are “right”? According to my observation, “right” people must satisfy three standards: hardworking, clever, and loyalty.

Hardworking is easy to understand, but what does clever mean? Does it mean skillfulness or strong professional ability? Partly right, but by far much more than just that. A clever person in China knows he can’t be against the CCP seriously. You may satirize the CCP (or the government) jokingly, in private. You may complain that your apartment is too small, the way to ferry the kids to and from nursery school is too far, or your salary’s not being raised, and so on. Even the secretary of the party branch may join the talking and complain too, but that doesn’t mean you can object to any CCP policy at a meeting, or in public; neither does the secretary. Then, both you and the secretary are “clever”. So, a person who is never against the CCP in public or at a meeting is called “clever” in China. No matter how much you complain or satirize in private, you might be “made” a party member without application, if you are excellent enough, such as Mr. Haidong Hao, the famous soccer player. He was made a CCP member without application, and he didn’t know it himself. One day after waking up, he was told that he had already become a party member. How strangely funny it was!

The third point, loyalty, may be the most important one. Please don’t misunderstand, it doesn’t mean loyalty to the country, nor to the CCP. It means be loyal to the person who introduces you and makes you become a CCP member. This person usually is the secretary of the party branch himself. This kind of relationship is the base of the so called “faction”. From then on, you have already taken part in a faction, and you must be loyal to your introducer and leader, the party branch secretary, and the secretary himself also must be loyal to his leader too, and his leader must be loyal to his leader…… The top of the faction may be Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, or Hu Jintao, no one knows at the very beginning. Anyone who doesn’t serve his leader, will never have a chance to move up, and will only be a basic “navvy” that takes on too much work without high wages all his life.

Once the faction you belong to fails in a faction struggle, you and your leader, your leader’s leader… all may be hit, according to the situation. Faction struggle is an eternal theme for almost all CCP cadres, so in order to survive, betrayal is also an eternal theme for almost all CCP cadres.

In summary, a CCP member is selected by a party leader, instead of being elected by people. In order to develop his own power as well as the power of the faction he belongs to, the secretary of a party branch would watch and tempt someone who is “right”. He would talk with you, honestly discuss all the advantages of being a party member: more opportunity to move up, more money, bigger apartment. You will be more respected in society and in your family. When the secretary tries to make you join his faction, he may also try to make you regard him as not only a leader, but also a benefactor, or an uncle, although this kind of effort usually fails. Is this like a gang? Yes, of course.

The CCP is very clever. It knows well that it needs a lot of people to do the huge amount of detailed work everyday, so almost all the hardworking persons with strong professional ability would be highly valued and persuaded to join the party, except the minority that speak out against them. The minority usually would suffer a hard life. That’s the reason why I say most of the basic CCP members are good people. They are hardworking, able, and not being ambitious. They are selected to join the party for their excellent work. Their only fault, in my opinion, is not being brave enough to say “no” to the pressure (and threats) of making them join the party. That’s understandable, it’s hard for Chinese people who have no weapons to object to the authoritarian that has a huge army, just think about Tian An Men on June 4th, 1989. These large number of basic CCP members take on almost all the detailed works, face and deal with all 1.4 billion Chinese people everyday. They are kind and humane, patient and capable, try their best to make everything okay and keep our daily lives routine. Compared with their work, their wage is not very high, and when the CCP tries to oppress Chinese people, the basic party members act just like a bumper to somewhat soften the pressure.

This is only a pre-selection. By this pre-selection the CCP could get a large number of outstanding hardworking persons who dare not to be against the CCP in public and could handle extremely large amounts of detailed tasks everyday. Most of the party members at this level selected by the branch secretaries are somewhat passive, while the latter behave somewhat actively. After that, the real power struggle begins. The secretaries are in no hurry now, they have got enough “navvies” to work for them. They could enjoy themselves by embezzling public funds, working less and getting more salary. For example, in 1998, before the end of the welfare housing distribution of China, in the factory I worked, every leader of section chief level that I knew got an apartment free for himself, without any reason, explanation or shame. That means they got a sum of money more than a common Chinese person’s lifetime saving with no pay, just because they had the power. It’s not distribution, it’s robbery. If a basic CCP member swallows such insults, you are destined to work hard as a lifelong slave (senior slave, compared with common people) . My parents just spent their lifetime in such a way. If you don’t accept this, the only way is to become a branch secretary yourself.

Not everyone could withstand temptation, someone ambitious would desire for such power. Okay, nothing is free. From a basic party member to a branch secretary (company commander level), a committee secretary (regimental commander level), and even a higher committee secretary (army corps commander level) and so on, you must keep selling your conscience, become more and more shameless, more and more evil. The higher the rank, the greater the power, the worse the character. Why? The reason is very simple, you are selected by your higher leaders, not elected by your workmates, so you must flatter your leaders. Working harder and harder without any complaining is only the minimum of requirements. You may have to help your leaders to embezzle public money secretly, or to fabricate to get a high academic title. You may need to help your leaders to take bribes secretly and safely, or to have sexual pleasure with girls of their daughter’s age, paid by other people. Let me introduce some real corruption stories.

A typical style of taking bribe (which is arranged well in advance) is like this: A party leader (usually a government official too), who is coming to check on the work, may blame the company being checked throughout the whole process, and the company manager would take a chance which has them two alone, such as using the restroom, to take the leader’s bag for him and put a wad of cash into the empty bag (of course it’s empty). The bag usually is just the right size to fit that wad of money. When they exit the restroom, the leader would continue his blaming, and the manager would nod continuously to express his acceptance of the criticism, and everything is settled.

Another kind of bribe is sex. One of my friends once went to a secret club of the local party committee. It’s a mountain villa, and when they got to the gate, a totally naked girl inside the glass door welcomed them. Of course, there were many beautiful nude girls, all the leaders were pleased that night, and all the sex-expenses were borne by the government (that means on the taxpayer’s account) as food and beverage expenses. It’s said that some junior officials even make their wives or daughters provide sexual service for their leaders to get promotions. I really believe it’s possible, although I didn’t witness it directly myself.

There are other various kinds of bribe: jewelry, luxury cars, real estate, shares of a company, and so on. But bribes are only about wealth, not about life. Faction struggle is the real war inside the CCP. You may get a promotion by flattering your leader, or you also may get it by selling him out to his enemy. I witnessed these kinds of things. My brother flattered his leader superficially, betrayed him secretly, and was promoted to the position of section chief. In those days, I witnessed him spend several hours every day contacting other persons on the phone, planning secretly. But he paid heavily for it later. Faction struggle is always cruel, and inevitable, even the most ambitious people would be scared out of sleep.

So, in summary, the CCP develops large numbers of basic members that are hardworking and able, making them become its “navvies”. But after this pre-selection, the real cadres-promoting system of the CCP is “admission of the most evil”. All the ambitious members would race for the top of power by flattering, betraying, bribing, threatening, assassination and so on, and the most evil ones such as Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu would climb onto the top. The higher the rank, the greater the power, the worse the character. That is the power structure of the CCP. It’s a gang, isn’t it? China is not a country, it’s a gangster territory. All 1.4 billion Chinese people are kidnapped by a criminal organization, the CCP. They are criminals (with weapons), and Chinese people are victims (without weapons). How could the criminals represent the victims? It’s not only ridiculous, but also too sad. Now, after having already completely kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese people, the CCP is trying to control the whole world, by deceiving the world into believing that it represents the Chinese people. Let’s save this theme for the next time. (to be continued)

Contributor/Reviewer: Helen

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