Is the “Shadow Campaign” Really Protecting America

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The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” published by TIME on Feb. 4, 2021. It is the evidence that approved how the 2020 Election was rigged. It detailed the strategic planning to ouster Trump long before the election occurred. It specified strategy, planning, control of information flow, the sequence of events, and execution to success. It is in extensive detail about the 2020 presidential election’s Shadow Campaign.

The interesting thing is if nothing was wrong, why would the media and the left be worrying about violence? If nothing was wrong, why are they so afraid? Are they afraid of violence from ANTIFA? If Trump won, they would fight to take power anyhow. If Trump lost because of the “Shadow Campaign”, then patriots would not allow the election to be stolen. Just like the old Chinese saying: “To claim there is no silver buried here, but indeed there were 300 ounces of silver unearthed.”

The article went in-depth on the conspiracy behind the election, including curtailed protests and coordinated resistance from the CEOs to destroy Trump. They claimed that they were inspired by the massive, sometimes destructive BLM protests from the summer of 2020. Is it morally righteous to coordinate a “Shadow Campaign” to mislead and brainwash people with biased media rhetoric? Is it fair to force ideology and fake election results to be accepted by the general public? Is America still a land of freedom? Is it fair when the rich and the powerful could do whatever they think is right to suppress the American people’s voice? Does everyone’s vote count? Or, do the elitist’s voices only matter? Does the American constitution only protect a few elites or every citizen? Does the American justice system serve the American people or the government or the elite power? It is really scary to see how quickly after Nov 3rd, the US has taken a U-turn to undo what had been established that benefit the American people from the previous administration because of political views. Politics should never control our lives. It should only be a tool to prevent dictators from taking over American.

This article discussed how social media played a key role in its effort to unseat President Trump. Norm Eisen praised the acts initiated and conducted by social media censorship as “The untold story of the election is the thousands of people of both parties who accomplished the Trump of American democracy at its very foundation.” As we all know how social media are censoring Trump supporters (75million Americans), is this how Norm Eisen is protecting people’s voices and American democracy? How can we say that control and rubbing 75 million people’s voices in the protection of democracy?

The article went on to say that before Nov 3rd, Trump was trying to block mail-in ballots to prevent fraud. And after Trump was trying to approve that, fraud was committed. Instead of agreeing with Trump, the article went on of saying that all these acts that trying to find out the truth were how Trump was trying to steal the election. How ironic is this? If the election wasn’t stolen, why is the left so afraid of Trump’s checking? Why investigation of potential fraud backed by credible witnesses and proofs was rejected by all courts and labeled by the media as a fraud. Again, if there is nothing wrong, why afraid of being checked?

The article continued to list sufficient steps to re-install “democracy” from changing the voting system and laws by securing millions of public fundings and private funding. By encouraging all people residing in the US (regardless of criminal records and citizenship) to vote, the left will take all necessary steps to “win” the election. Is this protecting Democracy or destroying Democracy? The American people know what they are up to.

The left strategists have committed to sustaining and protecting the “victory” by continuing the censorship through social media and misinformation. They are continuing with fraud impeachment so that Trump will never be able to run again for public office.

I quote, “Every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated” and the co-founder of protecting Democracy group emphasized, “but it’s massively important for the country to understand that it didn’t happen accidentally, the system didn’t work magically, Democracy is not self-executing”. A well-founded cabal of powerful people from industry worked side by side to influence perceptions. They change laws and rules, control and influence the media coverage for their purpose. “This election was not rigged, it was fortified,” as they claimed.

The article also detailed the architect of this election’s fortifying process and the masterminds behind it, as well as how they achieved the results. It was astonishing to read the article which openly brags about their “stolen techniques”. It was humiliating to read and antagonizing to know people who committed fraud and crime as “winning”. The American people were robbed of their freedom and potentially their country.

This article is an eye-opening piece of information that everyone should read. If you find yourself to be a character that was manipulated by the misinformation, now you know why, and hopefully, you can wake up.  This is a very important piece of history for all Americans to read, reflect and remember.

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