[Headline News] Wei Shi Was Arrested Today

Author: Brain Sanitizer Reviewer: Irene

On Saturday, February 13th, the second day of Chinese New Year, the 17th day of peaceful protesting by the Whistleblower Movement brothers-in-arms at the home of Wei Shi (韦石). Wei Shi drove his car and hit a camera stand. After that, he took out a shotgun in front of all the people present and someone called the police. He was questioned by the attending police. The protestors were also questioned. After the police were informed about the situation, they began patting him down for additional weapons and he was handcuffed and arrested. The police confiscated the shotgun and drove him away to the triumphant shouts of protestors yelling, “Take down the CCP”, and “Thank you!”

It is notable to mention that a few days earlier, as protestors gathered at his house, he showed extreme displays of anger with swearing and threats. Wei Shi runs a website under the fake mask of “democracy-seekers”, utilizing the website to collect donations while truly brainwashing people with CCP propaganda. This arrest will hopefully lead to proper punishment for his crimes.

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