Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Feb 11th, 2021, PART II

Translators: MOS Himalaya; Stay, Cosmo, Anna Yu, Billwilliam, LeeWen
Proofreaders: MOS Himalaya; James Zoebel, Rica Machioni

  1. [02:40:00] I would rather die than colluding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I feel persistence in fitness training relies on one’s will and ability. The Whistleblower Movement has not only saved the lives of the general populace by disclosing the Covid-19 information but also saved lives by disseminating correct perspective on life and thoughts. If you lose 17 kg (35 lbs), you could enhance your “Dual-practicing” time [sexual performance and sexual satisfaction], as well as strengthen other powers, which is the realm of Zen. Mr. Lude is a righteous force in the NFSC, a great role model. I hope Lude Media can reach a wider audience in 2021. Lude Media has enormous influence and even indirectly impacted my wife. My wife knows that Lude bears a lot of responsibility as a father of three children. Mr. Lude, please keep up your good work in fitness training, promoting justice, and being a good father and husband. The house gifted to you must be an auspicious one. It has not only to help you make acquaintance with Dr. Yan but also to bring your family a prosperous future. Lude, congratulations to you on having an auspicious home in 2021, as well as one that is appreciating. In the future, you will possess more and more. You did not request all these, but they have come naturally from your hard work. You deserve it.
  2. [02:50:30] Connecting with Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying. The significance of Hao Haidong reading the Declaration of the NFSC is indescribable. The appearances of Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying on June 4, 2020, not only frightened the CCP but more importantly, represented the courage and spirit of the Chinese people. One of them is a World Champion, and another is a Mr. “Football.” They showed the world that the Chinese are not “Sick men of East Asia.” The Chinese people are a healthy and civilized ethnic group. And while demonstrating their abilities, beliefs and pursuits to the Whistleblower Movement, they have given us more ineffable confidences.

    Miles Guo: “How do you see the CCP’s threats to you?”

    Hao Haidong: “Why would I stand out? The CCP believes that people, especially athletes, live for money, fame, and the future. They do not know that as human beings, the highest pursuit is spirituality and dignity. But all the threats from the CCP will not stop our pursuit of humanity, glory, freedom and dignity, because you only live once. I disagreed with their dictatorship, but I had no solutions. Now that we have the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC. For the sake of our children and our future, we must stand out and not be afraid to die. Gratitude to Mr. Guo.”

    Ye Zhaoying: ” Everything is God’s will; I was only the one who assisted him to score.”

    Hao Haidong: ” The CCP fabricates everything. Our Spring Festival Gala today is the real Gala.”

    The economy and even the entire society, under the CCP’s regime, is shrouded in a gambling mentality. Regardless of Investment, life and love, money is supremacy — a CCP-style “fake-rolling-pin culture.” A country or society that does not promote a culture of enjoyable and fair competition in workplaces and fields will not have a future. You two are the best role models for the Chinese people.
  1. [03:22:00] Connecting with Lao Ban Zhang. The Himalaya Alliances will base in New Zealand. You have contributed tremendously. You and your twin daughters are on equal footing as brothers-in-arms. Regarding the future development of the NFSC in New Zealand and Australia, Lao Ban Zhang said: “Because of New Zealand’s geographic location, it has formed a safe political and natural environment. We will build a physical Himalaya Farm, a club that is capable of hospitality and simultaneously establishes an Executive Headquarter of the Himalaya Alliances Committee. Currently, we are actively communicating with the local party, and we believe that we will meet the expectations of Mr. Guo and BIAs.”
  2. [03:30:00] Connecting with Changdao. Your strong execution skills [on numerous events] have changed the traditional images of Chinese. You held up these new Chinese images in eastern America and gained recognition from the world, while uniting countless Chinese who have conscientiousness to form an association. We are more determined about the fact that the CCP agents, disguised as Whistleblower Movement supporters, hid and disturbed in the Himalaya Farms through the “Nine-Finger Goblin” incident as we look at the past.
  3. [03:44:43] Compatriots in mainland China, can you tell me the difference between life in the next year and last year? What is the difference between your future and the past? What impacts can you make on your father even if you worked really hard? The difference is just whether you eat a bit faster, a bit earlier, and your stomach gets a bit bigger. You will die of either haze, lung cancer, or Coronavirus. There is no way you can enter the CCP’s Central Committee or the Zhongnan “Pit.” The most you can do is to be a soldier, who will be doomed as cannon fodders. You will not make as much as Jack Ma, Ye Jianming, Xiao Jianhua, and Wu Xiaohui. Even if you married the granddaughter of Deng Xiaoping, your downfall will be like Wu Xiaohui. How many people out of 1.4 billion Chinese would have the hope [to join the CCP’s Central Committee and the Zhongnan “Pit”]. Even if you give up your and your family’s dignity to collude with the CCP, be it its “white gloves” and son-in-law, can you escape the fate of being slaughtered and annihilated by it? Even if you have money, will it be safe? Can you spend the money at your will? Nobody thought about this question. Can the Chinese pay their mortgages and car loans after the Chinese New Year? Can you go to work? Can you make the same amount of money as last year or the year before? Do you have the right to control your wealth when the CCP implemented the virtual RMB? The wealth of 1.4 billion will be eliminated by one-click overnight. The wages earned in 1 hour in the USA, for the equivalent value in RMB, could feed a person for 4, 5 days or even 1 week per China’s living standard. The CCP has the lowest salary and the highest commodity prices, whereas the West has the highest salary (in the world), the most human right and the lowest price. The CCP set up the firewall to brainwash the people, and our goal is to tear down the firewall and reveal the truth. We have never asked for anything from you.
  4. [03:48:10] This year, the year of Xinchou, we’ll take down the CCP by draining its financial resources and exposing CCP’s bioweapon. We will unite more BIAs and let them be aware that taking down the CCP is relevant to everyone’s interests. Exterminating the CCP is about the future of our children, the vulnerable disabled and veteran groups that are ignored by the CCP. CCP’s exploitation, reign, robbery, and plunder should really stop. Otherwise, the 1.4 billion people will become tragedies with modern social media and a civilized and technologically advanced society. You have the chance to choose to stand with justice, to combat [with the CCP], and to wrestle like us for your dignity and the future of your family. The Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC are rapidly gathering power to take down the CCP every second. No one could stop this power. This is the necessity of justice, benefit, security, and a life with decent dignity. These are human rights, civil rights, dignity and freedom. We need to learn how to love others, grant others. This is what we are pursuing.
  5. [03:51:56] Chinese people respect and rely upon their families. Family is the most critical DNA of society. Yet, during its 70-year rule, the CCP has spread multiple lies by brainwashing: the CCP is closer than your parents; everybody has to obey the CCP on every issue; you and your family should make sacrifices on the battlefield for the CCP; you have to hand over your beautiful wife and daughter to CCP leaders. The CCP is controlled by several families, so it’s like a family-run empire. It’s challenging the bottom line of humans and is changing the course of human civilization. CCP has committed numerous crimes: from the CCP virus to the CCP’s crackdown in Hongkong, to the genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet, threats of war against Taiwan, their interference in the US election through social media, and persecutions of members of dissident groups like the Whistleblower Movement and Falungong — many Falungong practitioners were either brutally killed or used for live organ harvests. We must speak out and fight for those who are against the CCP dictatorship. They have a conscience, uphold justice, have aspirations. Human life is as short as 36000 days, so we shouldn’t be idle like animals. BIAs, we have rallied so far have become a protagonist on the international stage. I believe Communist China’s economy will collapse in the Year of Ox since the CCP experienced political instability and infighting. And it was declared as a regime committing genocide in the Year of Rat. In this new era, we take down the CCP by exposing its bioweapon and draining its financial resources. CCP, you are finished!
  6. [03:57:50] In today’s Miles Guo on Spring Festival Gala, my heartfelt conversation with the nine heroes will allow our BIAs in China and abroad to have renewed their understanding of the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC. I changed many G-Fashion clothes today—this is unprecedented for Gengzi Year [last Chinese New Year]. On the third day of the Chinese New Year, I will wear more clothes for the G-Club meeting. These clothes have already been published on the G-Fashion website. G-Fashion’s shareholding in the future belongs to our BIAs and the New Federal State of China. That’s what it’s all about!
  7. [03:58:35] The CCP’s Spring Festival Gala only brags itself of being the greatest party in the world. I want to ask the CCP, how many Chinese people still live in poverty, although the CCP claimed to have lifted China out of poverty for 70 years? Many people in the suburbs of Beijing couldn’t afford to eat dumplings, let alone the people living in the suburbs of other cities. All of our G-Series will belong to the NFSC. In comparison, will the CCP distribute land ownership to the people? Will the CCP share its wealth, which it gained through plundering, with the people? The CCP’s foolish Gala is a gathering to brainwash—its nature is a tool for dictatorial rule. As Hitler said, when the media is controlled, a lie is turned into truth if repeated one thousand times. This is why the poorest regions such as the Northeast and the Northwest contribute the largest amount of viewership to the CCP’s Spring Festival Gala, but almost nobody in Guangdong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai because they’re not fools. (Mr. Guo celebrated the countdown to the new year with BIAs)
  8. [04:01:20] The Whistleblower Movement’s whistle is blown. The CCP will be over! Hahaha! Bring it, let’s see who will be the last one standing! I wish you a happy Chinese New Year. In Xinchou Year, we wish our BIAs and the 1.4 billion Chinese people a safe New Year! 2021 is the year of exterminating the CCP, we will take down the CCP by exposing its bioweapon and draining its financial resources.

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