1. You are very brave to speak this truth, you could be killed, be careful. As a citizen of the United States, I believe there was a leak at the Wuhan Bio4 lab, intentional or not, this virus will hurt many people around the world. The government does not care about people as they are replaceable, this is why people test bioweapons…true! The United States wanted to send doctors and lab specialists to China to help, along with supplies, China denied this. However, besides the media lies there are labs in the United States, that have said it comes from the Wuhan lab itself, 4 biomarkers that are not part of the coronavirus, so it is man-made. The American people are not stupid, the story of the wet market i.e. bats does not match, the time frame does not match. The first worry is to stop the virus from killing people, the second is the reason why, HongKong, Taiwan, Fiji seem reasonable but also dangerous for China as it is affecting people around the world. Here in the United States, you can write to the President. I wrote President Trump and asked him to look at your video and question what you are saying and look into it. I always believe the truth is better than a lie. If the virus was leaked on purpose that would not be a good for China, a lot of nations would be very angry. If it was a mistake angry yes, but not as bad as having intentions to destroy people.

    Thank you for your video.