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On February 9, EST, my Apple Watch pushed the Editor’s Choice news when I just finished listening to Lude Media’s commentary on the World Health Organization (WHO) press conference in China.  The news was from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on the investigation into the origin of the Chinese Communist Party ‘s virus (CCP virus), and with a close-up image of three chosen animals conveniently added.  The article repeated the assertion from the WHO “experts” that the virus did not originate in Chinese Communist laboratories, but more likely in animals.  Furthermore, the article went to a great length to discuss the process of tracing the Hendra virus in Australia, in effect, suggesting that finding the animal origin of a virus could in fact take many years.  This article may appear very professional and profound, but like the elephant in the room, the most crucial and obvious elements have been ignored here.

Peter Daszak’s conflicts of interest

First of all, Peter Daszak, a vital member of the WHO expert panel, even before he embarked on this field trip, he could barely hide his excitement as he tweeted about hitting floor with the Maotai (popular strong liquor in China) and karaoke with his network of friends in China, including the “Batwoman” Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research (WIVR).  And it is not difficult to see why Daszak has long awaited for such a reunion.  The Daily Mail recently published an investigative article revealing that Peter Daszak was the contractor responsible for funding the bat coronavirus high-risk study at the WIVR.  Daszak was also the contractor and collaborator responsible for financing the WIVR’s high-risk research of bat coronavirus.

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On top of that, emails released through a Freedom of Information request showed that Daszak recruited a group of the world’s top scientists to refute claims of a possible lab leak by issuing that infamous joint-statement in The Lancet early last year, 30 days after Dr. Li-Meng Yan first blew the whistle on the truth of the CCP virus.   Not only that statement was not backed up by any investigation, it was actually Daszak who drafted it to condemn “conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin” and then convinced 26 other prominent scientists to endorse it.

For that public statement, Dasak intended it “not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person” but rather to be seen as “simply a letter from leading scientists”.  Daszak wrote specifically that he wanted “to avoid the appearance of a political statement”.  And interestingly enough, this time, six of the 12 Lancet panel signatories of the statement were among the ten WHO experts who were assigned to “investigate” into the origin of the CCP virus.

Richard Ebright, a professor of chemical biology and biosecurity expert at Rutgers University (New Jersey) said: “Peter Daszak has conflicts of interest that unequivocally disqualify him from being part of an investigation of the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.”  The above facts have turned the WHO “investigation” and press conference into a show, how can the WHO’s conclusions have credibility?

The most important thing is that after the CCP virus has already been spreading globally for more than a year, infecting more than 100 million people and killing two million, only now communist China allowed WHO scientists into Wuhan.  Moreover, after spending just two weeks in China, with the first 14-day under quarantine and merely 3 hours supposedly spent in a lab (it was highly unlikely the WHO expert panel ever entered inside the actual lab as putting on P4 laboratory isolation suits itself would take half an hour for each, there was simply no time for that),  they have already reached a concrete expert conclusion that “the virus is unlikely to have leaked from a laboratory.”   In any country that has the rule of law, the court would not even be so rash in determining the death of an individual, let alone the CCP virus has caused hundreds of millions of casualties, and sadly more in the days to come.  Thus, the team of WHO experts shall perhaps be reminded that it is a case of crimes against humanity under the investigation here.

What’s the elephant in the room that WHO experts avoid talking about?

Dr. Li-Meng Yan exposed last year on January 19 that the CCP virus originated in a laboratory experiment on the functional enhancement of Zhoushan bats.  Subsequently, on September 14, 2020, she published the most comprehensive scientific report presenting evidence of laboratory virus modification and possible synthetic pathways.  On October 8, 2020, she further revealed in her second scientific report that the virus is an unrestricted biological weapon and a widespread organized fraudulent cover-up by the scientific community.   Although not many people in the world can understand or take time to read these two scientific reports in their entirety, nonetheless, how E protein of the virus being 100% identical with Zhoushan bat virus is an element impossible to explain with natural variation.  Whilst, Zhoushan bat from its inability to infect humans has mutated to the one that possesses the strongest ability to infect humans, but interestingly, the E protein remains 100% unchanged.  How can this ever happen in nature? 

The above is just one typical example.  There are actually many more elements discussed in great details in Dr. Yan’s reports, each of which points to the virus’ true laboratory origin.  How can a simple term of “conspiracy theory” be used to ignore all these obvious and critical facts?  Dr. Yan’s thesis is clearly the elephant in the room.   It is out there in plain sight, big and astonishing, even the scientific community pretends not to see.  Regardless of how the epidemic is going to end, or in our search for antidotes, no one can get around the fact that there is an elephant in the room, right here, right now.

As early as October 9 2020, the ABC already has published a report smearing the truth of the origin of the CCP virus shared by the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers Movement as conspiracy theories. Now it continues to show its ignorance, foolishly disregarding the elephant in the room.  What happened today is no different from a series of absurd findings about the non-suspicious “suicides” that had taken place in Hong Kong following the “anti-extradition bill” movement, whereby young women frequently committed “suicide” by choosing to jump out of the building naked, and swimming champions “drowned” in the sea without proper clothing.  For all these cases, Hong Kong law enforcement just blatantly ruled “the cause of death as non-suspicious” without conducting a single investigation .  Such ill-practice made Hong Kong police a complicit in crimes against humanity.   Likewise, the origin of the coronavirus involves hundreds of millions of human lives, and even threatening the survival of mankind.  How can these experts be so apathetic about what’s right and wrong, what’s truth and false, just be oblivious to the elephant in the room and deny the origin of the laboratory for the convenience of those involved?

As Dr. Yan said in Lude Media on February 9, EST, the WHO’s so-called “investigation” and briefing were a sheer insult to the audience’s intelligence, and public comments under Daily Mail’s Twitter were like rage fires.  Even if certain governments and professional organizations wish to collude with the CCP so badly, to stir up the muddy water in order to cover up the truth, they must be of “zoo level” intelligence to believe this can actually work.  Regardless of one’s political standing, even the left would have the basic common sense to see through the lies in this instance.  Mr. Metz, a former advisor to the WHO, commented in a Fox News interview that the WHO did not investigate at all, but simply used the official CCP report, dismissing the laboratory source without even considering it as a possibility. 

The “mainstream” media, such as ABC, was eager to distribute the news recommended by Apple News under its “Science” section to help the CCP to conceal the true origin of the virus.  Since the media always believes “repeat a lie often though, it becomes the truth”, they continue their efforts to brainwash their audience in this plain and brutal manner.  However, in light of the overwhelming facts emerged to date, and coupled with basic logic, such ignorant behaviour would only ruin their own credibility and news-worthiness going forward.

Next, I intend to write another article commenting on the misinformation used to promote the vaccine by the ABC’s Cronacast, and also to discuss a recent publication about staying vigilance against the possible pulmonary hypertension and cardiovascular disease induced by vaccines, as well as the possibility of vaccines becoming a component of Binary biotoxicants.  Please stay tuned.

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