2/9/2021 War Room: Only CCP Have Real Backbone Coronavirus for COVID-19【Highlights】

【Highlights 1】Dr. Yan: the CCP claims that this is a bio-weapon purposely released by the US military to China and led to the pandemic to push the world to hold the US accountable. But only CCP PLA Army and WIV have the real backbone Zhoushan bat coronavirus for COVID-19 virus

【Highlights 2】Dr. Yan: Different functions have been recruited by CCP military labs, WIV and their collaborators into this virus to be more harmful than SARS and other viruses to people. If we don’t know the secret, we cannot solve this problem.

【Highlights 3】Dr. Yan: I welcome an open debate with the scientists, Dr. Peter Daszak and others in the WHO team, who said the virus comes from nature. We share our information and evidence to let people say which one has shown the solid evidence and the people can choose who to believe

By: 【秘密翻译组 G-Translators】

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