[February 8, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

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[February 8, 2021] Video translation

Greetings, esteemed fellow fighters!

February 8, (I) just recorded a (video) but failed to send it. I am now re-recording it (for you)!

Have you worked out yet, esteemed fellow fighters? I will not do the bouncing today. From yesterday to now, our fellow fighters in Washington tell me that Xi (Jinping) in the “Zhongnanhai (Beijing)” has given an order that they must take advantage of the Chinese New Year and seize the opportunity to make China-US relations return to normal. To (find a way) get Biden to send a Chinese New Year wish! It seems that the previous “three hard drives” (incident) has fermented, the “three hard drives”! Brothers and sisters, the “Chinese New Year Diplomacy” between the U.S. and the CCP is about to begin, so let’s wait and see!

Also, the price of Bitcoin has been going up and down (by a very large amount) over the last two days! Everyone should realize that this is what Wen Gui said two or three days ago, that this is the absolute economic panic within the CCP caused by all of the CCP’s virtual currencies – with the goal of decentralizing the rest of the world’s currencies, (but) make their own absolutely central! Make no mistake: within the Party, not all of the money of the communists is blood money, or dirty money. Much of it is labor income. But the CCP believes that everything belongs to the Party, everything (must) be at the Party’s (command), and all your money (can) be (deemed) illegal at any time! The communists are being threatened the most. So, this “panic” wealth has to be transferred overseas by any means possible.

This is called the “spillover effect”, or “sudden external force effect”, where a bucket – in the context of economics – is filled with water and when a large rock is suddenly thrown into it, the water will splash out, not just flow out! At this point, because of the “panic effect” caused by this sudden external force, where does this water go? No one can predict.

So, we can see the abnormalities, the European antiques, the Japanese antiques, and some well-located Japanese real estate have become the investment targets – (but eventually) the Japanese economy will collapse, (probably) around the time of the Olympics. Japan’s overall QE (quantitative easing) is already well beyond normal, and all of Japan’s QE is invested abroad, so Japan’s real estate is bound to collapse in the future! It is in such a situation that a huge amount of money (from the CCP) (still) makes purchases! Previously, it bought properties in Hong Kong, now in Europe, like London. It is (almost) all going into real estate – and (therefore) London’s economy won’t do well in the future! Why? Because this is the CCP’s absolute centralization strategy, which has been known for a long time by the insiders. So, these people will surely move their money overseas.

This “spillover effect” will lead to catastrophic results on the CCP’s economy. It is already overwhelmed and is now supported by a completely bogus economy called “rolling pin”. At this point, the vast majority of China’s wealth is 70 to 80 percent in the hands of Communists, and that wealth (will) spill over. Moreover, this is the virtual and digital currency age. Soon, there will be two types of currencies – the absolutely decentralized commercial virtual currency and the absolutely centralized state- endorsed currency, and the confrontation between these two (currencies) has already begun! Ultimately the decentralized currency will definitely win because of its security, privacy, and the fact that it cannot be controlled by anyone. The CCP has definitely opened the Pandora’s Box of the financial world once again!

Then, you can notice the prices rise in the antique and real estate markets. Besides this, when all is well settled, what else will happen, do you know? When they are finished with their real estate and antiques, they will send more family members overseas! What is this called in China? It’s not only decentralization, (but) the escape of the elite, a thorough escape of generations of elites!

Well, it seems that all the world has kept thinking for the past few days about the virus, and is looking for the real source of it! Everyone basically can draw a conclusion that the virus is the weapon of the CCP.

After February 8th, the real internal political battle in the United States will begin in Washington, D.C., and may even lead to a civil war, all starting today, so let’s wait and see! The world has no choice but to unite and take down the CCP, also those in the Communist Party who want to protect their wealth – first and foremost the legal wealth and the future of their children and grandchildren – have no other choice! The CCP wants to control you all in a “centralized” strategy, and it is not the ordinary people who should be afraid of them, but you, otherwise your children and grandchildren will have no chance to escape from the control of the demonic communist machine will they?

So, a virus-based economy, a vaccine economy, (plus) a digital RMB and a “BGY Plot” have directly threatened the world’s establishment, do you think the CCP will win? I absolutely do not believe it!

And, the more important thing is the origin of the virus, and (I’m) pretty sure (everyone) is on the way to ask the CCP for the antidote.  “Will you, the CCP, give them the antidote?!” If you don’t give the antidote, what will be the result? If you do give the antidote, what will be the result? (In either case), you are over. Once the CCP is gone, will the “absolutely centralized” currency still exist? Once the Communist Party is gone, will the property of Communist Party members be safe? It is no exaggeration to say that only the New Federal State of China can represent the interests of the Chinese people, including the good and redeemable members of the Communist Party! Only the New Federal State of China, no one else! Isn’t that right, brothers and sisters? Believe it or not?

Will the current rivalry between the parties in the US stop? Do you think the rivalry between the parties can avoid the topic of the CCP? Will they avoid talking about the virus? Will they only talk but not try to find the truth of the virus? Will they talk about the virus but not consult with our scientist Dr. Yan?Or, is it possible for them not to watch the 119 Lude Media? Tell me who can bypass the “Whistleblowers Movement” and the New Federal States of China?

CCP, do you think you can cover up the truth about Hong Kong crisis, the truth about the Myanmar coup, and the truth about the virus……? As long as you fail to cover up the truth, you can’t silence 7.5 billion people. You,CCP, will definitely be taken down! Now, the so-called strategy of world domination through an absolutely centralized digital currency will definitely lead to a “de-communization”. In fact, the vast majority of China’s elites will be forced to flee to foreign countries. The elites and the money forced to move overseas are all gathering in the New Federal State of China! You don’t believe me? Watch and see!

That’s all we have to talk about today, and I’m really hungry now. Brothers and sisters, you watched me eat but you ignored my workout, right? You have (only) seen me cooking and eating. Have you seen me working all the time even forgetting to eat? From yesterday at noon to now, your brother 7 only ate two apples and additionally has just finished a two-hour workout. Too many messages but no time to reply. Soon I will attend a video conference.

Regarding the Chinese New Year, I have been mistakenly thinking that February 14th is the Chinese New Year, but actually the 14th is our G-Club members’ party. (The Chinese New Year) is February 12th. It’s about 8 o’clock in the evening on New Year’s Eve in mainland China, we’ll start the live broadcast of “Watching the Spring Festival Gala with Wengui” and let’s not do it too early. It will be on the morning of the 12th in the U.S. Eastern time, which is also the morning of New Year’s Eve in the U.S., right? I’m not very sure about the time. It will be 8:00 a.m., so those of you on Western time can get an extra hour of sleep. In Mainland China, we will not do it too early, we could start between 8 and 9 am, or maybe 9am, okay? Please keep an eye on my notice. I’ll make it clearer later, okay, brothers and sisters? If (you) have any suggestion, please send Wengui messages. You can leave messages in my Getter’s comment section, OK?

I have to get something to eat! Ah, good day, what a good day! brothers and sisters!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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