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[February 4, 2021] Video translation

My dear fellow fighters,

I did a super-eater broadcast this morning. You think that the dumplings are delicious, right? Yes, they are. I ate at least fifty to sixty dumplings (joking). What about not exercising after eating dumplings? There will be a very serious to me. Is life easy? No! I must persist with working out. 

I went to a meeting after eating the dumplings and went home quickly after the meeting. I was concentrating on my work-out in this room. Look at this exercise equipment, and that one. I worked out on the whole set of these sports machines. Look at this one, and that one. I was working out for nearly 2 hours. There are at least 1,000 to 2,000 calories burned, at least. I sweat all over, just like pouring water on my whole body. So, life is also like this, you cannot just eat without digesting. Before you eat, you must know that if you just eat without digesting that you will suffocate, regardless of how great or decent you are. Even though the food you eat is fancy every day, you must go to the bathroom (to discharge). Therefore, on earth there are very bright and cheerful people, as well as clean food. However, under the same sun, there exists shit pits and some very bad people – including nine-fingered witches like (Sara VOG). 

Today I was on GTV and watched our German fellow fighters’ broadcast. Jin Xiang talked about personality disorder (Schizoid personality disorder, SPD) and borderline personality disorder (also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD)) in her video. Is her name the “Sister Jin Ming”? It’s great what she talks about on TV. It refers to the borderline personality of the nine-finger witch, which is a pathological personality. Also, I see (very good programs) on GTV from various farms, like FeiFei from DC farm, and a lot of the new warriors’ programs are very good. Now, to be honest, I feel very uncomfortable and so sorry to my fellow fighters. Because of my personal feelings and too much empathy, I endorsed this nine-finger witch, which caused so much trouble to everyone.

Look at the situation now. (our Whistleblowers Movement has entered an era of great flowering) like a hundred flowers in bloom; a thousand flowers in bloom; a million flowers bloom. Everybody stands up. Everyone was released like a blossom. how wonderful! So that the (CCP’s) monopoly has absolutely no way out, decentralization is the real big vision, the big future. Whether it is the Whistleblowers Movement or the New Federal State of China, everyone should realize it. Just like we must go to the bathroom (to discharge) every day. Whatever type of dumpling you ate, whether it is delicious or not, you must go to the bathroom every day. So, we should say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Out with the old, in with the new. It must be digested. Those people, like the nine-fingered witch Sara, her gang-members like Turtlehead Yang, Janice (or Jonathan), Linghu, and PJ Pan, will be waiting to go to prison. Today I learned that more criminal investigations started. She is over! Ah ~ (Sara) She is a grasshopper at the end of autumn (nearing the end of her life), winter is coming. 

So, brothers and sisters, we also saw that a particularly good article, written by our fellow fighter on G-News today, is so great! It is regarding the analysis of Shang Yang’s strategy (he implemented very brutal and cruel reforms during the Qin dynasty). The strategy was the implementation of “All Benefits from one Source” or “All Benefits Come out of one Hole” (meaning only the Emperor controls all sources of profit and all opportunities and even the means of survival) by Shang Yang. This article’s point is very good. The “All Benefits from one Source” was carried out (brutally) by Shang Yang in his mid to later term. That was the reason that the 7th Prince and other Princes of the Emperor of Qin Dynasty, like Ying Qian, Ying Si, and also the one who got his nose cut off, tried all efforts to kill Shang Yang. Because Shang Yang even extended this cruelty to the royal families (controlling the Princes). There were many people with benefits in the royal family, and there are lots of “holes” as well. The article is written very well. This is one example of “hundreds of flowers are blooming”. This is the decentralization (de-monopolization). 

Also, with respect to “out with the old, in with the new” or eating the dumplings and (digested) discharging them, I just went to the bathroom before the live stream. I was having a bowel movement and thought, “I’m getting the nine-fingered demon out of my bowels. ha-ha ~ ~ ah!

So now brothers and sisters, you can tell our software is particularly good, the camera follows my face to move (to keep shooting), did you see? The camera follows me around. yeah! The surface of this wall is made of leather, so that the sound is extremely good! 

Well, brothers and sisters, after working out today, what I want to talk about is, do not take it seriously. What am I going to say to everyone? It is about my fellow fighters in Taiwan, like my brother-Da Niu, a handsome husband, and my sister Taiwan-Paris, a charming wife. You two really need to convey to our fellow fighters in Taiwan the information I received today. The CCP is seriously considering action in Taiwan. If it is possible, Taiwan-Paris, please come to the United States. Come along with our fellow fighters. As long as you can get here, (I) seventh brother guarantee no problem for your accommodation, food and work. The annual salary is no less than in Taiwan. Guaranteed. The food you eat here will never be worse than that in Taiwan, so no worries about this. As for Chinese food here, I cannot promise, but whatever I eat will be whatever you eat. This is a guarantee. It is time (for you) to think about it. Brothers and sisters in Taiwan, you really need to think about it. It seems that something huge is going to happen. Honestly, once the CCP bandits’ attack Taiwan, they will be over. However, thinking of my Da Niu brother, my Taiwan-Paris sister in Taiwan, and so many brothers and sisters there, I worry about you so much. There are still many other friends in Taiwan. For my Master, Li Zuyuan, although he abandoned me because of his cowardice, I still miss him and people from the Li Zuyuan Office. For these many brothers over there, I still worry very much about them.

In the past few days, there are various signs, plus various intelligence from (the CCP) internal fellow fighters indicate that Taiwan is not good, really not good. If the CCP act against Taiwan, lives will be wiped out and blood will flow in rivers. This is insane. The vast majority of the political struggles in Chinese history have been internal struggles in the imperial court. So sadly, thousands of years later, the CCP keeps repeating that the Chinese people do not fight Chinese, however they kill Chinese. This type of story happens again and again. The CCP says it every day the Chinese do not kill Chinese. But in Hong Kong, the CCP threw lots of Hong Kong (fighters’) bodies into the sea. They even gang-raped, raped, and smashed before thrown their bodies into the sea. The CCP always shouts to Taiwanese that the Chinese people do not fight Chinese. The Taiwanese are scared half to death every day. This time may really be not to fight Taiwanese, only to kill Taiwanese. What can you say? there is no way to deal with these rogue bandits! If I had power, I would have crushed those old hooligans of the CCP live in the Zhongnanhai. With that power, I’d do it right away. But now I can’t do anything about it, I can only be anxious and worried. But just now when I was working out, a friend inside CCP told me to let our fellow fighters in Taiwan to leave if they can. These words were disturbing me, so I quickly recorded a video with my phone and posted it on Getter. Ah, brothers and sisters, the CCP is really mad! 

I have a hard time imagining that those old bastards who are less intelligent than pigs want to rule the world. Whether the world would destroy them or they would destroy themselves. No matter who wants to destroy them, can they do less harm to Lao Bai Xing? Well, nothing (we) can do, nothing (we) can do. Brothers and sisters. That’s all for today. There will not be a live broadcast tomorrow. Just chatting, nonsense talks, really nonsense talks, correct? You all understand what I mean. (Clap three times) Brothers and sisters, (I) have got it!

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