Miles Kwok’s live stream on Feb 4th. 2021


I was the first person said that the CCP was going to take down Singapore in the world. The CCP’s crazy is beyond imagination to the whole world. Lee Hsien Loong has a  sense of crisis domestically, but he doesn’t feel the threat from the CCP. He is far worse than his father, Lee Kuan Yew.  Singapore’s port used to be a monopoly,  but it’s no longer now.  It is in competition with ports of  Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shekou and Hong Kong. The Jiang clan assisted Li Ka-shing who is a facade for this business, but it is the Jiang clan’s assets.   If Singapore doesn’t have  60-80% of the container business in the Strait of Malacca and Asia in the Gulf of Singapore,  it’s basically a wasteland.   Singapore has no choice but to rely on the CCP.  Since 2006 , there has been substantive infiltration into Singapore to implement the 13579 plan which includes taking over Southeast Asia and Singapore.


CCP’s strategic move is holding down Japan with one hand, not fighting upfront directly but indirectly using economy,  bribes and strategic resources to hold Japan down. Then, with the other hand, push India out of South East Asia. Let India be an ally of Middle East and the U.S. In this way, CCP becomes the master of Asia.  Russia to the north is a friendly ally. There is the Himalayas to the west. Nepal was already taken down early on. Further away west, Turkey, Eastern Europe and Azerbaijan have been completely taken down, along with Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Cambodia.  All of these countries are controlled   by bribes, funds and sex.  CCP becomes the biggest buyer of natural resources, leaving broken production chain in these countries. At last, roll out virtual currencies Asia. What CCP wants most is Iran to rival with the United States so they can buy cheap Iranian oil.  CCP can control Iran’s oil, currency and economy. Then provoke relations among Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Dubai.  Also take back Taiwan, control the most southeast point.  This move would isolate and starve Japan.  CCP’s strategic moves are effective.  Due to 4-year, 8-year of presidential change, the U.S is unable to stay on the same political course successively, which ended up the politicians compromising with the CCP.  


The CCP can basically influence Japan’s political outcomes and elections.   Its influence over the Japanese economy is absolute.   However, in realms of technology reserves, both civil and military research and development, CCP cannot outdo Japan.  When Biden takes office, CCP will begin implementing the 13579 program comprehensively,  rolling out the same policies in Hong Kong, with full completion in Singapore by 2025. South Korea will be contained by North Korea, unable to fight back. So, the only thing left is to take back Taiwan and be unified.  In short, CCP2025 program contains strategies to control Asia!  CCP wants to have its will in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.  Let America play her own tune.  Let the United States break ties with Europe. CCP has primarily controlled Britain, France, Germany and continue working on other EU nations.  CCP was not able to control  all of these countries, but It would deter EU opposing the CCP.  So that CCP controls the world.  CCP controls the oil and  gas. CCP controls Asia’s virtual currency. It is a very ambitious plan. I know the whole plan.   


The Myanmar Event shocked the whole world. The CCP and Russia have joined forces to resist the U.N. to condemn and sanction Myanmar’s military.  In fact, the CCP’s 2025, 2035, 2049 programs are essentially racial contradiction and racial war. The Biden administration knows much more than the Trump administration about this. There are some gutsy forces in the Biden government. The coronavirus is essentially racial, causing greatest harm to the ‘white’ people.  As we said before the election, after Biden election, virus outbreak will decrease and CCP will start selling vaccine. The virus will eventually become a super biological weapon of genocide. Dr. Yan’s comments make sense, because it can be timed, targeted and range-set accurately to finish off the enemies.


The  U.S. economy will go up and down like a roller coaster.  CCP wants the U.S. economy to be unstable, not collapse,  to reap its own benefits from instability. This is the 3F program to mess up the United States, weaken the United States.  After taking down Southeast Asia and the Middle East, finish off the United States by 2025.  The CCP is sure to influence the 2024 U.S. presidential election. Then by 2025 U.S.-China will be  jointly in charge of the world. By 2035 China will be the first and the U.S. the second.  By 2049, ‘you America can get out of my way’.  Why does CCP need the U.S. economy to be unstable?   Firstly, the families of interest groups can profit from it.  Secondly, it cannot hold the world economy alone yet. Thirdly, CCP needs US dollar to continue propping up its economic bubble. If the United States wants to be economically stable and the virus not ending up a racially unrestricted biological weapon, it must take down the CCP. The latest event, CCP working with three main families in the military got the takeover of sovereignty in Burma, which sent United States this message: ‘I can do the same to you’.  The CCP is attacking far and near places.  


The CCP will have a series of activities in Europe with one purpose only: you buy my vaccine and rid CCP of genocide in the United Nations.  Xi will do it at all costs.  Friends in Europe said they absolutely disagree. The events in Hong Kong have left old gentlemen like Britain in a lurch. CCP’s treatment towards France is like a rude hooligan, those obey me can be president; if disobey me, French economy will be emptied; let the neighboring Germans be your rivals. The Germans got some face (superficial respect) in exchange for transfer of car technology. For the issues of  United States, Germany must listen to CCP like France and basically has no choice. NATO is now very active with the CCP.   Can Italy and Spain support NATO without Germany, Britain, France? The CCP will continue its ‘One belt, one road’ policy in Europe, rid of the label of genocidal in United Nations and advance China’s virtual currency. Europe is left with no choice but to take down the CCP. CCP’s internal political struggles, Xi’s physical state, unrelenting blackmail the world through media, funds and sex, have manifested in attacks far and near.  This is a great thing for our New Federal State of China.  The CCP virus has awakened the world, so did the coup in Burma and the manipulation of the U.S. election.  These events caused politicians to re-think and re-assess their relationships with the CCP.  


Of course, all of these are what we would like to see most, because it is impossible for Whistleblower Movement (WM) to take down the CCP alone. Our success depends on three conditions: (1) the United States does not support the CCP, using the US to take down the CCP; (2) the Rule of Law to take down the CCP, which is the contribution of President Trump and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the last seven days of the previous administration. There were 30 presidential executive orders failed to pass. Article 1 : Ping An Bank, WeChat, Baidu, China Merchants Bank, Min- sheng Bank and Bank of East Asia were included in the U.S. sanctions list. Article 2: the financial statements of all listed companies in New York for the past decade must be published and re-audited . Article 3: Issue worldwide anti-money laundry order to over 3000 banks in United States and Europe; seize and freeze the bank accounts and private trusts of CCP members overseas including Wang Qishan; seize and freeze state owned assets of CCP overseas.  Let’s just list these three articles.  If it wasn’t the U.S. Department of Justice suspend it , do you think the CCP would still be alive?  The CCP is classified as a global criminal organization in these 30 articles.  This is to take down the CCP with the law of the United States and the world.  Offer total amnesty to all CCP members who cooperate with the U.S. investigation. If all these rich and powerful officials escape by plane, then there will be no one left to support CCP.  This is to take down the CCP with CCP.   Taking down the CCP is not our promise, it’s not our responsibilities, it is a MUST for the justice.   


Just as the Whistleblower Movement battle against the fake sets the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on a path of success,  battling against the evil and fraud set us up for personal growth. It is necessary for the Whistleblower Movement and the success of the New Federal State of China, and it is necessary for us to grow up healthy. It’s my first time ever meet a person as atrocious as the nine-fingered witch. If I don’t send her to jail, you can ignore me. If we can’t take her down, how can we take down CCP?! I have said in the beginning, it would be a record if there is 5% of the WM comrades-in-arms  left in the end. The movement requires screening and purification, every farm has spies and agents. The latest news is CCP have sent a few hundred of nationally trained spies and agents from the CCP Propaganda Department. They are the brainwashing mouthpieces of CCP in super level. They provoke the relationships of the leaders in the farms. Any complaints in these days must be skeptical. They join the earlier undercover agents in the farms, edit audios and videos and spread those edited ones on the major media platforms. It’s because the big guys don’t want G-Coin and G-Dollar go online.  It will replicate hundreds and thousands of rich Miles Kwok. The big guys in the Beijing swamp want to use the Five Skills of Controlling the People to rule the population.  They fear the people have money and wisdom.  The WM reverse CCP’s brainwashing, open people’s eyes to see reality, let people think about life, see the difference between a interest group centered world and a people-centered world.


The G series I invited comrades-in-arms  to invest in are capital guaranteed.  Any loses you bear, I will repay you 100%. CCP fears any groups possessing wealth, wisdom, health and faith most. The agents in the farms will be exposed. Piao Changhai and Hahn from South Korea are our comrades-in-arms , but no one should  transfer them a penny because they do not have the channel to remit the funds out of Korea. Soon, all comrades-in-arms  can confirm payment details with the Farm Alliance Council, which located at top of the Discord server. Anyone who donates to the Rule of Law Fund and the Rule of Law Society will have a proof of donation. It will be the password to meet with donors in the future  and the certification code of the New Federation State of China for comrades-in-arms , the evidence for the political asylum applications in countries in the future, as well as proof of seeking help from the Rule of Law Fund and the rule of law society.  ‘Wen Bin’, ‘Fair Princess’ and others from the Himalayan Embassy Group will be responsible of sending the proofs to the comrades-in-arms. He Haidong and Wang Dinggang will be responsible of supervising the process.  We have exposed the VOG fraud gang and its agents. This is the inevitable process of growth and success. It assists in proving to the West our purity, strength and pursuit as well as keeping our comrades-in-arms  from harm.  Three ways to obtain  the proof of donations, (i) the Himalayan embassy group; (ii) FAQ in the ‘Rule of Law’ fund and the rule of law society website, (iii) contact the Himalayan League Committee or your farm. Everyone must keep the donation receipt for proof and specify the receiving address. 


Comrades-in-arms  who have purchased the Apple Store G1, G-Dollar, G-Coin, please contact your respective farm. Anything less will be my responsibility.  G-Club is currently experiencing a surge in membership.  Membership fee can be paid by check, money transfer, and credit card. At 7 p.m. on Chinese New Year’s Day, there will be a special “Our Seven Stars” program.  Comrades-in-arms, please contact Tang Ping and King William for participation. I will go on live once either on Chinese New Year’s Eve or the first day of the New Year. On the 3rd day the Chinese New Year, I will hold a private online session with G-Club members, which included the lottery of 5 BMWs and over 700 luxury gifts.  We hope by then, we can reach an agreement with a country to start a lottery of free immigration for 10 families. Each family can bring 5 family members to this country, 6-8 months to get a new passport. The first program will be for 10 families, the second one for 100 families , the third one for 10,000 families. The program is exclusively reserved for comrades-in-arms  of the WM only. We are in negotiations now. 


If the investment of comrades-in-arms in the G series depreciates, I will take all the responsibilities. The comrades-in-arms do not need to sign any document with Sara. She has already spent the money of comrades-in-arms and must go to jail in the future. I hope that we will continue to draw the lottery of immigration status for our comrades-in-arms according to the amount and code of G-Coin they possess. This country is visa-free to about 100 countries around the world, visa-on-arrival in the United States or 10-year visa-free, visa-free to Europe, and visa-free to many countries in Asia. We might even buy an island. We hope that G-Club will become a place where comrades-in-arms can integrate into the world, go to the world, have a hope, and enjoy their due rights and interests. For G series agency rights, please contact the Alliance Committee. The G-Coin bought in the Apple Store will be exchanged for G-Coin through a method as long as the Alliance Committee has verified it. Every member of the Iron Five is working day and night to help everyone fight for your rights and interests. We are striving to reserve the G-coin quota of VOG, and the quota must be reserved for you. I hope that I will pay to get G-Coin first, and when your money comes back, I will sell it to you for $0.1 each one. “Kwok three seconds” has become a powerful representative of swift action, and Mr. Kwok has changed from a cheat to a person followed and trusted by many people. We must truly love our comrades-in-arms. Don’t be afraid of the refund, comrades-in-arms. If you are worried that the refund is not safe, we will designate a safe third-party account. Then, under supervision, you will decide where to return your money, or continue to invest, and what to invest in.


Domestic ID cards are most likely required to pass KYC. This is the most stringent KYC. You must cooperate carefully. As long as you pass KYC, you can spend money all over the world unimpeded, and you have a real private bank. It is not possible to get it in North America, but if your identity and money are legal, you can buy G-coin through a fund purchase. You can contact Himalaya Farm. Steve Bannon has being contact with me every day, and now all parties in the United States are vying to announce who will run for president of 2024. There are 6-7 people who want to run for president, and it will be announced gradually after February 11, and a new era of taking down the CCP will come. Eastern time, on the night of the Chinese New Year’s Eve, we will continue to live stream Miles Kwok’s  whistleblower on the Spring Festival Gala for this year,  eating while live streaming, and will invite Steve Bannon, Dr. Yan, Giuliani, and Pompeo online. There will be historical and conclusive programs that only tell the facts without propaganda. Each farm, please provide a 5-10 minute video. I also have prepared a lot of new styles of clothes. Everyone should actively participate in it. Sooner or later, Biden will stand with us and be online with us. I am very confident with it.


A comrade-in-arms in DC heard about the Whistleblower  Movement and dealt with all his domestic assets, avoided bankruptcy. How many people were saved by the Lude interview? There is a comrade-in-arms in Guangdong who has a factory. He heard about G-fashion and said “all the things are free for you to use”. Friends in San Francisco, there are dozens of houses and more than 200,000 square feet of office buildings are provided to us for free. If free is not acceptable, it is OK to pay with G-coin. For a secretly developing project, we found an office of 8,000 square feet in Silicon Valley. When the American knew that it was used for Miles Kwok’s Whistleblower  Movement, he said “the office is free for you to use”. A government official of a country has conducted several meetings to study how to legally allow the citizens of the New Federal State of China to obtain passports in the fastest, best and cheapest way; I have never stopped my effort.


I will make a live stream of taking lunch today, and spend the Little New Year with everyone. Chinese people are not afraid of inviting a lot of people enjoy food. Dumpling is the best food in the world. I hate eating takeaway the most. The greatest thing about Chinese culture is food, which is the only thing that has not been destroyed by CCP. My nostalgia for the world is to eat and take down the CCP. GTV investors cannot participate in the G-Club annual meeting, and GTV can also hold a meeting in the future. The Taiping Union Office that accused me of this house made a complete fraud. It was a company that I personally guaranteed and had nothing to do with the affairs in the United States. Two law offices cooperated with CCP to falsify document. Yesterday, the judge announced an amount of 116 million USD for the compensation, not including attorney fees. I have no feeling. This house is not mine. It belongs to my family fund. The bank guaranteed a loan for the house in 2000, but it was said  being bought with his money in 2015. Even pigs don’t believe it! I don’t need to move because I still have the right to appeal. The 1 billion assets of the cooperative fund has been frozen, so let it be. Why don’t they tell me when they make money? I said earlier that Yuda International Trade Hotel will belong to society sooner or later. Nothing is special, no one can take it away with him when he dies. You have to see this through when you are alive, so I have no feeling.


If I can choose a wife again, I will choose a woman from Sichuan province. The Sichuan food is good and the Sichuan woman are virtuous, and I will not marry the women from the Northeast or Shandong province. The most correct decision in my life was to marry my wife, otherwise I would have become ashes. My wife treats me as a son every day, but in her eyes my life is more important than hers, but her temper is not comfortable. Yuan Tengfei is not simple. Cui Yongyuan and Bi Fujian from CCTV of China are really nice people with consciences. Cui Yongyuan has the highest level, has a sense of justice in his bones, does not deceive others, and has an authentic character. If comrades-in-arms meet Cui Yongyuan and Bi Fujian, help them as much as you can, Liang Hongda is also good. Everyone knows that Yang Lan is a slut; Chen Peisi is a very good person; Zhu Shimao is very nice, but he has no mind; Jiang Wen has mind, but he smokes too much marijuana; Jiang Kun is too ridiculous; Yuan Li is really not simple, she has mind and faith; Zhang Yimou, I have not contacted since I started the Whistleblower Movement. He is a very realistic person,I helped him when he was in the most critical situation, and his character was too different with Cui Yongyuan’s; Leslie Cheung is handsome and nice in life, he is a pity; Zhao Benshan is a person in legal and illegal means, a bastard; Chen Daoming is good, has a nice personality and ability; Andy Lau is very hardworking, but he has no aspiration; Du Xian is the best person in CCTV. His life is plain, beautiful and not simple. The personality is exposed when playing mahjong and geting  drunk, and when facing money, the humanity is exposed completely. In the American capitalist world, no matter how big the person is and how big the  thing is, money is everything.


My comrades-in-arms, you really don’t know how happy I am,no matter how busy I am, I’m happy to live stream here, because the relationship between you and me is purer than the relathionship with my wife. I haven’t met the scientist(LiMeng Yan)yet. Our relationship is the purest. She is really an angel. Our Chinese have a habit of growing resentment when they are close, and hatred when they are far away. We are not too close to our comrades-in-arms, and we are very happy to have a good relationship with each other across the screen. I will never enter politics, I will disappear in the mountains after the CCP is taken down.

Look at the bosses and officials in China. Among the old bastard members of Zhongnankeng swamp, maybe only Xi Jingping and Wang Qishan will attend the meeting this year. One day, a missile will attack the Great Hall of the People ,and it will become the Ashes Hall, and Zhongnankeng will become a memorial of the sinners to the people. Regardless of whether the next government is Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, Hu Chunhua, Han Zheng, or whoever, Zhongnankeng must be turned into a memorial hall of the sinners to the people in accordance with the requirements of the people of the New Federal State of China. Comrade-in-arms, please remember the difference between humans and animals is that people have faith and can distinguish true from false and good from evil. Every time I pray, I put my comrade-in-arms first, and there must be echoes if I always think of it. This is why many comrade-in-arms can avoid the virus and economic disaster and be reborn. Sincere prayer is absolutely powerful. If you truly love someone, you will truly pray for him. This was what my parents left to me.  Later, Master Li Zuyuan and Mr. He Lingle left it in my body. These are the most important things.

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