Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Feb 9, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• By a vote of 56-44, the U.S. Senate agreed to hear former President Trump’s impeachment trial.

o The second impeachment trial will most likely not pass because the 44 lawmakers who voted unconstitutionally will not approve.

• Dr. Yan joins today’s show.

o Today, Dr. Yan mocked the puppets at the WHO on Steve Bannon’s War Room and said, “If you want me to believe this WHO report, I’d prefer to believe some bat who can talk in Mandarin. I don’t know why China didn’t train some bat”. And she expressed her interest in having a live debate with those puppets.

o Dr. Yan describes the specific status of Communist China’s P3 and P4 labs and comments on the WHO investigation in Wuhan.

a. You need to pass a written and on-site exam twice a year and must register at the police station before you can enter the P3 lab. In addition, all virus data are stored only in computers within the P3/P4 lab. So, it is impossible for any of the WHO investigators to enter the Wuhan P4 lab. Even Batwoman Shi Zhengli can only do experiments in the P3 labs; P4 ones are all controlled by the military.

b. In general, the data from virus trials is massive, and the investigation must be a long process. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the WHO team spent only three hours in the Wuhan Institute of Virology to reach such a conclusion.

c. Dr. Yan points out that the Wuhan P4 lab is just a part of CCP virus production line and there are more CCP’s P3/P4 labs involved. The Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences must be investigated.

o The WHO has provided an illegitimate report without any data and theoretical basis. Mr. Lu De concludes that this report is an insult to our intelligence.

• Mr. Lu De discusses a book called “Unnatural origins of SARS and human-made genetic weapons of new human viruses.” It was published by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in 2015. Xu Dezhong and Li Feng are the Editor-in-Chief.

o This book talks about turning the Coronavirus into a covert biological weapon, which looks like a textbook for People’s Liberation Army in China.

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