Highlights of Mr. Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 7

Translated by: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV & Yanbohaomiao 
Proofread by: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada)- Liberte

1. When I return to the mountains and live a reclusive life in the future, the happiest thing will be to cook and eat with our fellow fighters. For today’s “cooking” live broadcast I am using my cell phone. Everyone, no matter how old you are, the meals made by your mother in your childhood were the most delicious. The best meals were always the ones made by your family. The Chinese people are kind at heart, but too kind. As a result, everyone wants to bully (us) and everyone dares to bully (us). Many of our fellow fighters sent me messages, saying that they can’t go to sleep until they read the latest Getter I posted, so I am doing livestream now. Today’s snow scene is so beautiful. Every ordinary person should learn to appreciate every little bit, and piece, of their life. In fact, the good life is always around you, it just depends on whether you find it?

2. From yesterday till now, the core issue is that there are many pathologists, virus experts, infectious disease experts, and local health officials around the world standing up to say that this virus was definitely not from nature? What Dr.Yan Limeng and Lude Media revealed on January 1, 2019 has become one of the greatest moments of humanity, and they are the greatest characters. I said six months ago that in 2021, mankind only has two topics to discuss: the eradication of the CCP and the virus. In the past week, officials around the world, who talked a little bit about the virus, all of them cite the two reports of our scientist Yan Limeng, and all of them watch Lude Media. So, we should be confident:  as long as humanity is still moving forward, it will definitely pursue the light and the truth, and no one can stop it. We don’t know any of these people who have stood up, but they are all fans of the Whistleblowers Movement, Dr. Yan and Lude Media. As long as they share the same ideals and goals with us, as long as they seek to take down the CCP, they are (our) fellow fighters.

3. Since the dissolution of Phoenix Farm, the “nine-fingered demon (Sara VOG)” has never said a word about eliminating the CCP, upholding the rule of law and freedom of the Chinese people, or against the CCP. The information she posted on the website yesterday just proves how much I care about our fellow fighters’ money not being fraudulently taken away by her, how much I want their money to be safe, and how much I want their money to be deposited legally back to their accounts as soon as possible. Our lawyer said it was a gift from heaven. It just proves that she was the one who was delaying the return of the money. What Ye Zhaoying, Hao Haidong, Lude, An Hong, and Dr. Guan said on Lude’s Media show this morning was so great. In particular, Dr. Guan said that this is not just a matter of cheating and killing people, it is a matter of people who have lost justice for 70 years, are just emerging with some faith and confidence in their quest for the truth, whose hearts have been greatly damaged by the “nine-fingered demon criminal gang”. I learned today that she has $5 million to start a mask factory, and she never told me about it, nor did Lude, which led to information asymmetry. All the money she spends now, and all the money “Turtlehead Yang” spends on food, are from our fellow fighters. How bad they are, right? She caused the arrest of our fellow fighters by betraying their information, and then kept the money for herself.

She figured you wouldn’t dare to come and claim it, or she would make you disappear. Would our fellow fighters be so cowardly and unwise? Is it possible? (I) strongly suggest that you watch this morning’s Lude Media show.

4. I am now starting my live “eating”. This Japanese rice is soaked in water for a while. When you cook it, you add a little bit salt and olive oil, and use mineral water…it is so delicious. The Chinese food culture is so great. (I)  never forget the Szechuan egg, ham and pickle fried rice. Cook your own food, it’s so delicious, and that’s part of the happiness. 

To the members of the anti-Whistleblowers’ team: when you are watching me eat, you are also hungry, aren’t you? We have a common ancestor, a common culture, a common set of family beliefs, and a common food culture. You are also human beings, and you have parents. No matter which party you serve, it is only a party (CCP) that will last a hundred years. Why is the food at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse (Beijing) so bad? It is because of the founders of the CCP, who did not learn anything good abroad. (They) brought back the communist virus and have now become freaks. All dishes are served with stinky tofu, pickles, and bread. I’m glad the CCP didn’t bring their way of eating into the lives of ordinary people (Lao Bai Xing). There are 365 days in a year, I work out 3 days and take one day off. Nothing can stop me and I never give up, because if you make an excuse the first time, you will certainly do it again! Therefore, you cannot just eat, but should also exercise.

5. I risked the freedom and lives of my entire family, the luxury of living in a seven-star hotel, my funds, hundreds of billions of dollars in assets to cheat you out of $200 million? Are the GTV and the Pangu Hotel bragging points, or are they real? I’ve never not paid a single person’s salary, am I a liar? If half the people in China were liars like me, the whole universe would probably be Chinese. I have a few pieces of good news from the mainland today, but I can’t tell you in advance. The most important thing that people who are alive should learn is to make appropriate historical comparisons. When you think things are too difficult and when your money is stolen and lost, then you should think about Xiao Jianhua, Ye Jianming, and Wang Jian. Think about how Chen Feng took out (the girls’) uterus. If the girls didn’t scream, he probably wouldn’t have taken it out. The more they screamed, the more he was excited, because (the girls) just screamed, but didn’t resist. If one of the girls bit off his ear or tongue, he would never have done that again. In the similar case of the “nine-fingered demon”, because there were no fellow fighters to fight her back, she became more and more bold to deceive us. Our fellow fighters,you only cried out in pain, but did not fight back. Why did Wang Jian die? Because he did not dare to resist Wang Qishan. The “nine-fingered demon”, “Turtlehead Yang,” felt that U.S. law protected them, so why did no fellow fighters stand up to accuse them? What our Chinese compatriots lack is the spirit of struggle and resistance.

6. We can’t always hope to quell conflict and connive to defeat the bad guys. The CCP is fond of promoting a two-sided approach to problems which robs you of the wisdom to judge what is true and what is false, good and evil, and makes it impossible for you to distinguish right from wrong. In the middle of the dilemma is the arbiter, and the arbiter stands for the power. What an asshole approach is this? The sense of self-preservation in our own minds has been stripped away by the CCP. After the “Nine-Fingered Demon” incident was exposed, (some) of our fellow fighters still can’t see its true colors. Not only did I endorse her in the past, but also now so many of our anonymous fellow fighters, who had paid the price of blood and freedom, endorsed this son of a bitch. I’m sorry to everyone for not recognizing her plot. But would I have had the time and ability to take down the CCP, if I needed to keep an eye on all the farms like this every day? These days, we are busy communicating with the Biden administration to get scientists all over the world to come forward. Our goal this year must be achieved, no matter how difficult it is. Investing in GTV is the will of our fellow fighters and is approved by the U.S. Do you, Sara, have any of the approvals from the government? Do you have a single name that has approved you receiving their money legally? You will definitely go to jail.

7. Through the “Nine-Fingered Demon” incident, our fellow fighters should learn how to face the devil and how to judge various situations. If we can’t even take down the bitch, do we expect to take down the CCP? All of this is the fault of (your) Brother Seven (me), and I take full responsibility. All my energy should have been spent on taking down the CCP, political operations and global relationship operations. When I have run the G-Series successfully, it is up to you to keep running it. We are now going to make it (the G-Series) stronger and bigger with the strength of large investment institutions, and when our fellow fighters are all rich by investing in G-Series, you will all become shareholders. For now, we ride on the coattails of others, and when we are strong, we will be our own masters.

8. Yesterday, Sara went so far as to post the list of G-Club members online, and now the US government has taken over. I can’t talk much about it. It’s simple, our fellow fighters, as long as your money was invested in the G-Series, including the investment in (GTV) chairs, you can get it back anytime. Sara took your money. We should ask her to give it back. Don’t believe her “false truth and God bullshit”, just ask her to give your money back. We can’t be so cowardly. We don’t even have the courage to cry out in pain! I hope that our fellow fighters on the farms can say something with real perspective about the impact of the “Nine-Fingered Demon” on the Whistleblowers Movement, on the humanity of the Chinese people, and on the negative, but educational impact resulting from the brainwashing by the CCP, as well as something that deserves our deep reflection.

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