Should You Take the CCP vaccine? (Part 3)

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As major countries launch the coronavirus vaccine they have developed, vaccines on the market and those about to be launched are attracting worldwide attention.  Politicians have been clamouring to throw their weight behind the vaccines. In addition to giving the legal green light and financial support, they have appeared in person on live media to receive vaccination, to prove the safety of the vaccines. Let’s have a look at the politicians who have made a show for the COVID-19 vaccines:

Netanyahu’s live vaccination (19 December 2020, possibly Pfizer vaccine)

Pence’s live vaccination (18 December 2020, Pfizer vaccine)

McConnell tweeted that he had been vaccinated

Pelosi’s live vaccination (18 December 2020, Pfizer vaccine)

Biden’s live vaccination (21 December 2020, Pfizer vaccine)

Fauci’s live vaccination (23 December 2020, Moderna vaccine)

Harris’s live vaccination (29 December 2020, vaccine brand unknown)

Indonesian President’s live vaccination (13 January 2021, Sinovac vaccine)

The other senior politicians who have planned to live broadcast their vaccination include Australian Prime Minister Morrison (announced on 8 January 2021) and British Prime Minister Boris (announced on 4 December 2020). In addition, Obama, Clinton and George W. Bush etc. have all expressed their willingness to live-stream their vaccination (announced on 2 December 2020).

One may query whether these senior politicians had really been vaccinated.  Were they really injected with the vaccine as claimed?

In an interview two days after his live vaccination, Fauci said his right arm hurt a little.  Wait a minute. Why was his right arm hurting when the vaccination was on the left arm?

After Pence’s vaccination, he said he did not feel any pain at all. The needle prick did not hurt. Was he a Superman?

Harris’s vaccination video showed that a collapsible needle was used.  The needle appeared only after “injection”, a “non-contact” injection indeed.

Pelosi’s video showed that the needle cap was not even removed during the injection process.

Regardless whether these politicians’ stunts were for political or economic gains, their purported vaccination was with vaccines developed by the world’s top companies like Pfizer. Yet, the politicians did not hesitate to fake the vaccination before the eyes of the world. They all seem like an actor whose job is to advertise for the COVID-19 vaccines?

Tiffany Dover, a nurse from Tennessee CHI Memorial Hospital in the U.S., fainted during an interview on 17 December 2020 after being vaccinated with Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. To prevent similar recurrence which adversely impacted advertisement on the safety of the vaccine, fancy performing live vaccination without a needle (see video link)!  Do you understand the subtlety of it all?

If politicians have no confidence in the so-called vaccines developed by the world’s top companies and are relying on falsehoods to promote them, would you take the CCP vaccine that has 73 side effects and developed in 98 days? Personally, I think renowned Chinese coronavirus specialist, Dr Zhang Wenhong is right – let the leaders be vaccinated first.

Dr Li-Meng Yan, the defector from Hong Kong P4 virology lab, a top coronavirus research centre, has said repeatedly that there is as yet no safe vaccine for COVID-19. Given her first-hand experience working with coronaviruses and vaccine research, she is likely right about this.

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