The CCP’s Anti-Pandemic Careless About People’s Lives, Raised Without Restriction. Man From “Low Risk Zone” Quarantined for 7 Days

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In China, a man returned to his hometown with a green code pass but was forced to stay at home for seven days by his local  community. (Green Code Pass = Valid Health Certificate)

The CCP media has always rhetorically claimed of their success  in fighting  the epidemic and has always mocked the control measures of Western society. 

They do not know that the governments of Western civilized societies have no right to impose coercive measures and deprive citizens of their personal freedom at will. Citizens will not accept any restricts their freedom to go out, which must first be recognized by legal procedures.

But the CCP allowed, even if you complywith  regulations, return home with a valid health certificate, you still forced to stay at home for seven days  by social workers of local community. No grocery shopping was allowed instead of  feeding yourself with instant noodles only in this period of time.

To be honest, this kind of thing is not rare in China, and community workers can come to apologize.  It isnot that bad. 

Don’t you seethat there are many elders and women who are  a little dissatisfied or insist on going out for food, they are knocked to the ground and violently arrested by police. 

In the 21st century, it seems there are full of beautiful modern buildings, charming entertaining clubs and plazas, attractive shopping malls, abundant convenient stores etc. China has completely turned society into a jungle, ignoring human nature and is full of oppression. 

Comments No.2:

When I watched that moment in the video, I only wanted to say: Thank God. He is  still alive. In China, Chinese Lunar New Year is the most joyful and happy time for the family  reunited. This should be the best blessing of the New Year. But, during the epidemic, when the man returned  home with a green code pass safely, he was forced stay at home with his door locked down from outside by social worker of his community for 7 days. Moreover, during these days, no one contacted him at all.  The winter in  Heilongjiang Province, the weather is exclusively freeze during lunar first month, and the temperature can reach several degrees below zero or even more than 20 degrees. During the quarantine, is there heating in the home? No one is asking. Is there enough food? No one cares. The local community only pays attention to its own area and does not care about the life or death of the local residents. Suppose, if a man has any accidents during isolation, who will be responsible? Can an apology make this up? 

This is the CCP’s system. From the top to local of CCP, they do individually and mutually work for their own interests of the politics and economics, instead of the people’s interests. What is ridiculous is that the only Chinese government in the world has always emphasized “serving the people”. In fact, it should be said that  “Served by People”.

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