[February 5, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

Translator:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Mike Li & Yanbohaomiao)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) (Liberte)

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[February 5, 2021] Video translation

Tasted the Bird’s Nest (brand) coffee, now I am trying some Eagle’s Nest (brand) coffee. It’s my first time to drink the Eagle’s Nest coffee. Look at this. Look at the snow. This is the place called “Diamond Corner” in New York, Diamond Corner. Ah, you can see this side of the snow has been cleared. Hey this is the GE building. Ah, across the street is the home of President Trump, there is his home, and then the Empire State Building. Beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful. you can see this side of the snow has not been cleared yet. The management of this Sherry-Netherland-Apartment is very bad, it sucks. 

What? ~How do I turn this around? What good news. Just now, just as I’m sitting here, I got up in the morning without shaving and brushing my teeth, but I’m sitting here drinking coffee first and replying to various messages

Ah ~ about what I said in yesterday’s broadcast on the third day of the Chinese New Year, our G-Club, G-Club’s drawing prizes. Fellow fighters you should know that all prizes, including hats, whistles, all draws are drawn by a third party appointed by the U.S. government. The company (G-Club) is not allowed to operate this draw, which is completely different from the CCP’s backroom operation, where their lovers draw the prizes. Here it is fully protected by law, and at the same time it is basically certain that on the day of the lottery, there will be about ten places, and the whole family of these ten fellow fighters will be eligible to immigrate to a friendly country. I can’t say the name of this (country) because it’s very important to keep it secret.

For example, ten families with five members each are drawn by a government-appointed third-party lottery agency. It takes about a month or two to get the green card, and about six months after getting the green card – they say six months – let’s say eight months for now, five members of each family get their passports. Well, it’s free!

Of course, first of all you can’t be on any wanted list or blacklist, if you are not on those lists, you can get it and you can handle it smoothly. We’ll draw ten this year first, and in the future when we strengthen cooperation with that country we will draw more. The New Federal State of China never stops trying to make a better, more decent life for our fellow fighters. Ah ~ let’s take it one step at a time.

Also, ah, this morning, I heard that “Turtlehead Yang” and this “nine-fingered demon (Sara VOG)” even recommended RPG for everyone to watch, which is the YouTube channel that CCP’s Sun Lijun and Meng Jianzhu set up. Wow ~ really ‘too bastard’. They are now completely blatant.

And (they) also hired a lawyer, this lawyer I heard is from Washington area or some New Mexico region, what’s that got to do with Phoenix? This lawyer is an insurance lawyer. Is an insurance lawyer qualified to answer these questions? These “sons of bitches” are really playing games. (They) are also planning to start a website. I heard that all the things they have done, they dare to associate with the past “Sweeper Monk, RPG”. How far do you think (their true nature) has been disclosed now? 

But the “nine-fingered demon” should answer first: has the “Maywind” account been blocked, right? Have Linhu, “Nine-Fingered Demon”, “Turtlehead Yang”, Jonathan (or Janice?), and PJ Pan been criminally investigated? These losers are rotten to the core. Ah, shameful way of cheating. Many of our fellow fighters sent very clear messages, many of them sent me messages saying: “brother seven, the “nine-fingered demon” wrote a will to leave her money to her son, but she asked our fellow fighters to write a will for everyone to give her money, why did her will not give the money to our fellow fighters? Isn’t that the point?” I said, “Yes!”

Many of our domestic fellow fighters were betrayed by her. I received at least 30 messages this morning, all about being threatened by the police, by the national security staff. They asked them: you were doing “what” (work) at VOG? (You were) in the translation team? (You were) in the volunteer team? (You) invested in “chairs” at VOG? Then (they asked): the next thing you had to do was record a video to curse Guo Wengui, ask for a refund, and support the “nine-fingered demon” and the “Turtlehead Yang”?

Fellow fighters, don’t be upset that they are jumping for joy now. Ah, you should know that we are in a war, and with war comes rivalry. Ah ~ there comes a time when either side has the upper hand. For what she has done to our fellow fighters, we will make her pay a great price.

Another thing I would like to say to you is that many of our fellow fighters in Hong Kong were welcomed and respected by many countries after they left Hong Kong. And, in particular, many have been sheltered and protected by our other fellows. Ah, it really touched me, brothers and sisters.

The New Federal State of China will never forget anyone who helped our compatriots in Hong Kong and those brave men and women in Hong Kong. You are definitely heroes. Also, I would like to (say) to my brothers and sisters who are now in mainland China: “if you encounter a police officer threatening you, remember, don’t say anything, just cooperate with them! If they tell you to curse Guo Wengui, you curse. If they tell you to smash GTV, you smash. You must be safe and should be smart.” 

Ah ~ in the end (your) brother seven will avenge what happened to you, (your) brother seven will let them get punished for what they once did, OK?

The key is that (you) keep the information (evidence), brothers and sisters, what we might want to do next is….

Yesterday, today, and just now, I am in contact with the most professional immigration lawyers in the U.S. These threats and intimidation (including death threats and blackmail) by the CCP in mainland China (including those who invested through VOG – formerly our fellow fighters), gives them the strongest basis for political asylum.

We are discussing with our lawyers about how to legally communicate with USCIS through the Rule of Law Foundation & Rule of Law Society to provide political asylum for these fellow fighters. Ah, it is not determined yet…. Wait and see what Wengui (will do). Please pay attention to the website announcement of Rule of Law Foundation & Rule of Law Society. All of the CCP’s actions and their fears will be our weapons and all of our evidence.

The participants (of the meeting have arrived).

Mugaisai ~Mugaisai ~ (Cantonese)

I have to go to the meeting now ~ brothers and sisters. I have to hurry to brush my teeth, the participants have arrived, I have not brushed my teeth, have not washed my face, and have not shaved.

There are very mysterious people coming to the meeting today. It’s obviously not appropriate for me to wear a big robe pajama like this, right? I feel a little excited now after drinking this Eagle’s Nest coffee, a little excited, any ideas? My fellow fighters?

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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