Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.02.06 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1.The Great Reset or the Great Awakening

The fruits of civilization produced by mankind, technology, freedom, democracy, equality, human rights, etc., are all based on Christian civilization, and now it faces the challenge of the Great Reset. The Great Restart uses the three major means of environmental climate, epidemics and artificial intelligence technology to occupy the high ground of discourse. With this high ground, the international order can be formulated. Is it the beginning of the Great Reset or the coming of the Great Awakening after the U.S. election? The defeat of President Trump is the dawn of the era of the Great Reset, but the Great reset and the Great Awakening are not simple alternatives. They are happening at the same time, and it is up to each of us to decide who will win. Biden said that climate is the basic national policy of the United States. After rejoining the Paris Agreement, the Democrats will push hard for a big reset before next year’s midterm elections. Bloomberg’s return to the UN as a special envoy for climate action would make him the uncrowned president of the world if the big reboot succeeds. But President Trump will once again come out of nowhere to become a beacon of populist and conservative power. The Great Reset is advancing slowly and silently, no one even mentions it, it is a frog boiled in warm water. However, there is at least the Great Awakening against it now. The awakening of the Justice League and the awakening of the media will awaken mankind to the Great Awakening.

2.The role of the CCP in the Great Reset

The CCP later joined the Great Reset Group. U.S. interests want to use the CCP to do what they cannot do, such as releasing the virus, and follow the virus to do what they want. The CCP wants to kneel down and use the US interest groups to enter the era of great reset, and then control the US interest groups through infiltration methods such as BGY plan, and finally become communism instead. American interests want a form similar to socialism, while the CCP wants a form of communism, which is their fundamental conflict of interest. Now that both sides have realized the other’s purpose, the CCP-Xi Jinping believes that he is running out of time and wants to start his global communist plan ahead of time. Contradictions and conflicts have occurred within the Great Reset camp, and the nature of the war between them has already begun. The whistleblower Movement and what each of us has to do is to break the game from the point of fighting the CCP, once the CCP is destroyed, the Great Reset of evil will be very difficult to achieve.

3.The current situation of the of the CCP’s economy

The Chinese New Year is approaching, everywhere in the country is shortage for money for the New Year. Because the CCP’s economy is stagflation and not very dynamic, and the virus has caused a significant drop in liquidity. Domestic trade has become a stagnant water. Many companies and individuals have begun to do foreign trade, and foreign trade is highly dependent on the United States and the western world. The general trend is that the Chinese Communist Party’s economy is close to collapse. In order to exchange for dollars, the CCP is doing without the consideration of the sequence when deal with foreign trade. The domestic economy is in mourning, and the internal strife of the CCP is in full swing. However, the CCP wants to create an illusion of economic prosperity. Through the economic situation of the Pearl River Delta, we can see that the economy of the whole Communist China is at the end of its rope. CCP is pushing the so-called vaccine economy which will collapse in the end as it is unsustainable.

4.THE LONGER TELEGRAM–Toward a new American China strategy

The Atlantic Council of the United States published a report called “Longer Telegraph”, maintaining preferred title from George Kennan’s historic 1946 “long telegram” on Soviet grand strategy for the work. This report reflects the views of American interest groups on behalf of the Great Reset. It mentions four points for the CCP’s strategy: 1. The strategy towards the CCP must focus on Xi Jinping; 2. It is not to overthrow the CCP but to replace the existing leaders; 3. Xi Jinping’s approach has already caused serious divisions within the CCP; 4. The primary goal is to get the CCP rulers to recognize the U.S. order. This report illustrates the thinking of U.S. interests for a Great Reset but not restart with Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party that threatens U.S. interests. It is necessary to use a tough strategy and economic pressure to force the CCP to change its internal pressure to replace Xi. Only then can the CCP’s participation be considered. The contradiction with the CCP is no longer reconcilable. In this way Xi Jinping will definitely speed up the pace of conquering Asia and advance the strategy of dueling with the United States, but the consequence of this must be to finally force the global extinction of the Communist Party, thus producing the substantial Great Awakening. Even if the CCP replaces Xi, it will not happen that the CCP kneels down to the US interest groups to implement the Great Reset. Because of the existence of the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal States of China, once there is a huge change within the CCP, the virus, election issues, and many other truths will be brought to the world by us and the awakened insiders of the CCP, which will also create the Great Awakening for the people of the world. On the surface, it looks like the so-called Great Reset situation, but their internal contradictions and inevitable trends must lead to the great awakening. The Chinese will play a vital role here. Every comrade participated in the Whistleblower Movement come forward to spread the truth seems so important, because only actions will turn the current great restart into a great awakening.

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