【Focus】If “Herd Immunity” Doesn’t Work, Will Vaccines Do?

— Examine Crucial Details of the CCP Virus: Herd immunity, Autoimmunity and Hydroxychloroquine

Author/Translator: Zhi Shi
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“The devil is in the details”, and the vaccine for the CCP virus is no exception. This article attempts to reveal fundamental truths about the CCP virus by examining a few crucial details related to immunisation.

1. Viral mutations lead to ineffective “herd immunity” so Vaccine cannot control outbreak

On 27 January 2021, the Lancet published a paper1 showing that “herd immunity” does not stop the epidemic of the CCP virus.  The study took blood samples in Manaus, a city in the Amazon basin of northwest Brazil, and found that 76% of blood donors had already been infected with the CCP virus by October 2020, suggesting that the Manaus population had already exceeded the recognised 67% herd immunity threshold.  However, there was still a ‘second wave’ in Manaus in January 2021, with 3,431 people hospitalised with the CCP virus between 1 January and 19 January 2021, far exceeding the 552 people hospitalised in the same period in December 2020. This shows that herd immunity does not stop the epidemic of the virus by establishing immunity in the population.  In fact, two or three more virulent and infectious mutant strains have been identified in Brazil, proving that virus mutations are sufficient to render herd immunity ineffective in controlling the outbreak.

Since “herd immunity” from widespread viral infections did not prevent a ‘second wave’, one cannot help but wonder whether “herd immunity” induced by mass vaccination can control outbreaks.  Generally speaking, natural viral infections would produce stronger immunity than that induced by vaccines.  When herd immunity from natural viral infections could not even prevent a secondary outbreak, how can we reasonably expect a mass-vaccination program to control an outbreak?

Some vaccine manufacturers claimed that their vaccines can induce better immunity than live virus infections.  But for such “promise”, even Dr Norman Swan, an active supporter of the CCP virus vaccine and a health correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, remains doubtful2.  He commented that the entire population will have to be vaccinated before being able to determine whether the vaccine can reduce transmission, and in the event that outbreaks resume, likely to require booster shots, or even adjust the vaccines according to the mutated strains.

2. Repeated vaccinations will induce autoimmune diseases

What are the implications of taking multiple rounds of vaccinations against a particular virus over a short period of time?  The vast majority of the global population have never experienced that.  To date, only a very small sector of our society will get flu vaccines every year, that is, with a minimum of 12-month gap between each injection.  In contrast to the case of the CCP Virus, there have already been at least 5-6 well-known mutated strains discovered within 1 year of the epidemic.  Mutant strains that can evade immune protection from the vaccine have already emerged just after the vaccine has been released.  Even if vaccine development can catch up with virus mutations, will the human body be able to tolerate multiple vaccinations in the short term?  At this point, due to a lack of data from clinical trials in this area, no one has the answer.

There have been animal experiments conducted on this issue, the results however are dismal.  A study on mice published in 2009 by Kobe University in Japan3 found that repeated immunization with antigen stimulation inevitably led to autoimmunity in mice.  Autoimmunity is the inability of the immune system to distinguish between friend and foe and to attack its own tissues.  The mice were not prone to having autoimmune diseases, but the overstimulation of the immune system by repeated immunizations overwhelmed the immune system and resulted in immunity-overkill, eventually leading to autoimmunity.

Unlike mice, autoimmune diseases are not rare in humans.  We may have heard of rheumatoid arthritis, many types of thyroid disease, lupus erythematosus, etc., which are all autoimmune diseases.  The side effects of normal vaccination-induced autoimmune diseases are not new in humans either.  For example, in the 1976 mass vaccination against swine flu in the United States, which was then called-off half way, the incidence of Guillain-Barré syndrome was significantly higher due to the swine flu vaccine.  Guillain-Barré syndrome is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks peripheral nerves, causing paralysis and paralysis.  Autoimmune diseases were induced by just a single immunisation, so what are the consequences of repeated vaccinations?

To make matters worse, the CCP virus was already prone to causing disruptions in the immune system; the SARS virus, which emerged 18 years ago, was the “predecessor” of the CCP virus and was able to cause a cytokine storm that caused the immune system to launch a massive attack on its own tissues, resulting in a sudden deterioration of the disease. Many similar studies have been conducted on the pathology of the CCP virus infection in the current outbreak.  President Trump was also treated with glucocorticoids after being infected with the CCP virus to prevent the immune system from overreacting and attacking his own tissues. The journal Medical Virology published an article in December 20204 summarising the phenomenon of autoimmune attacks on neurological tissue by the immune system as a result of a CCP virus infection, with the rather sensational title – “Are we facing an increase in the prevalence of autoimmune encephalitis? “

Based on the above, on the one hand, CCP virus infection itself tends to induce autoimmunity, and on the other hand, the stimulation of immunization tends to induce disorders of the immune system even more.  The mutation of the CCP virus also limits the vaccine’s protective effect against the virus.  If more vaccines are given to address the variant strains, the result will be that most people’s immune systems will be overly pressured by the multiple stimuli of the CCP virus, multiple vaccinations, and several mutated strains that can evade vaccine protection.  This is likely to overkill the immune system of many people and induce the prevalence of autoimmune diseases.

As I was writing this article, I just learnt that Dr Fauci has gone so far as to claim that vaccinating children for COVID could be key to achieving herd immunity5.  Is he going to build a herd immunisation model that has already proven to have failed in Brazil at the expense of children’s health?  Vaccine trials on children by the two major pharmaceutical companies only began in October last year.  Yet, the famous Dr Fauci already can’t wait to push the vaccine mandate on children ‘by late spring or early summer’.  How could a few-months study possibly be reliable enough to conclude this vaccine would not cause autoimmune disease in children, and moreover to verify the safeness of the vaccine?  

Look back in history at the failure of Sanofi’s dengue vaccine in the Philippines!  Sanofi’s vaccine, although approved after 6 years of clinical studies, still killed hundreds of vaccinated children when it was used on a large scale and was finally called off urgently by the Philippine health authorities.  It is unimaginable how much immediate harm and long term adverse impacts such rushed vaccinations could have on our children.  

Just a few days ago, a 19-year-old was admitted to the intensive care unit due to myocarditis after receiving the Pfizer vaccine6.  He experienced an accelerated heartbeat, along with shortness of breath and sharp pains that were radiating down his left arm after receiving the vaccine and was admitted to the ICU in critical condition five days later.  Doctors suspected that this was myocarditis induced by an immunological reaction to the vaccination.

3. Hydroxychloroquine is safer and more effective than Vaccines

It would appear that both vaccines and the CCP virus themselves tend to induce autoimmunity and immune dysfunction.  So what can be done? The much-maligned hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is an available preventive drug that works effectively like a vaccine.  HCQ was originally used to treat autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.  It modulates immunity and suppresses cytokine storms.  It also inhibits the process of entry of CCP viruses into cells and helps the entry of zinc ions, which in turn inhibit the replication of RNA viruses (all viruses must replicate inside cells), thus inhibiting a wide range of most RNA viruses, including influenza viruses, and of course all mutant strains of CCP viruses.  Even better, HCQ stays in the body for a long time, with a half-life of 32 days or more, so it does not need to be taken daily for prophylaxis, but only weekly, and it has been used extensively and reliably for malaria prevention for a long time.  According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines7, HCQ can be safely administered to pregnant and lactating women, and even to infants, as preventive medicine against malaria.  HCQ is far safer than the vaccine for the CCP virus.

A group of goodwill scientists have voluntarily created a “COVID-19 Studies” online forum in which they share comprehensive information on CCP virus prophylaxis and treatment research with the public.  This remarkable website8 summarises 240 clinical studies of HCQ prophylaxis and treatment, 173 of which have been peer-reviewed and have demonstrated a 33-67% improvement in both pre-exposure prophylaxis, post-exposure prophylaxis, and early treatment with HCQ.  In particular, early treatment has shown a 75% improvement in mortality.  This page also recently received a retweet from Professor Navarro, a former aide to President Trump, who commented: “blood on the hands” of Fauci and @cnn for propagating Hydroxy Hysteria and suppressing HCQ use.

If HCQ is so effective, then why has it not been highly recommended by mainstream science and medicine, and its side effects have even been highly exaggerated?  The reason is simple: HCQ has only one fatal “drawback” –  it is too cheap!  With HCQ in place, the goal of developing a vaccine that is safer and more effective than HCQ has become even more impossible.  Vaccine is a solid and hugely lucrative business for pharmaceutical companies.  Even if the vaccine is unsafe, as long as it is approved by the government, any claims arising from the side effects of the vaccine will essentially end up being paid for by the taxpayer.  The drug companies are fully exempted from product-liability, in other words, they can enjoy the unlimited income, but bear zero risk.

In light of that, anyone who dares to come out in support of HCQ and question the vaccine is standing in the path of their immense earning.  Scientists or doctors who dare to do so are heroes and the most compassionate individuals, like Dr  Li-meng Yan, and many family doctors who practice independently without relying on pharmaceutical companies’ funding and are also brave enough to speak the truth like Dr Zelenko.  But most of those goodwill scientists and doctors remain anonymous.  As the team of scientists on the COVID-19 Studies website mentioned earlier, most of them could not sign their names, but they are committed to volunteer their time and let facts and data speak out instead.  Too many doctors had already lost their jobs and had their websites shut down for speaking up about the effectiveness of HCQ.  And ironically only last week, after the worldwide death toll exceeded 1.3 million, Facebook and the American Journal of Medicine finally admitted that their position in disregarding hydroxychloroquine was wrong9

4. Conclusion – Seeking Truth

Since last February, Dr Li-meng Yan has been telling the public there will be no effective COVID19 vaccines due to lab-enhanced feature of SARS-CoV-2 by the CCP (artificially altered the virus to increase virulence and infectivity, tolerance, etc.), and various mutant during the pandemic10.  And item by item, all her claims have been verified.   Whereas, more than a year into the outbreak of the CCP virus, issues ranging from human-to-human transmission, border closures to the usefulness of wearing masks have repeatedly proven that the voices of the WHO and Dr. Fauci representing the mainstream scientific community are no longer credible.  

The truth of the virus is of vital interest to everyone.  We are obliged to seek the truth, and endeavour to uncover the truth about every crucial detail concerning this virus.   As stated in the COVID-19 Studies website, “You don’t need to trust our conclusions, you just need to verify them yourself, all the information in the paper is already publicly available.”   

Since Dr Yan’s revelation on January 19, 2020 via Lude Media that the CCP virus was first originated from laboratories, with strong mutation, and a pandemic was forthcoming, Dr Yan’s every word and those of the Whistleblower’s Movement have been verified step by step.  On the contrary, many of the assertions of the mainstream scientific community about the CCP virus have proven to be terribly wrong, if not absurd.  

The devil is in the details, and if you care enough to look closely into the details for once, you will soon find out over the past year whose claims have been factually verified to be truthful and always consistent, and whose statements were often conflicting and turned out to be false.  Whether you just want to save yourself and your family in a pandemic or hope to save humanity, you will need to take the time to understand the details, verify them for yourself and spread the truth as far and wide as you possibly can.  As Dr Yan says, there is not much time left for mankind!

(The content of this article represents the views of the author only)


1.Resurgence of COVID-19 in Manaus, Brazil, despite high seroprevalence

2.You thought herd immunity would save us? Maybe not


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10. https://twitter.com/drlimengyan1/status/1356406969922445312?s=12

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