Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s First Live Broadcast on Feb. 2, 2021

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00:09:30 The CCP has sent out 300 agents to deal with the Whistleblower Movement. Double agents who have been lurking in the Himalaya farms are coming out, including the high-ranking ones from the banking industry in Canada.

00:10:40 The Nine-fingered witch said our fellows should not accuse CCP of the remittance issues. All
the problems were caused by the rule-breaking operations in the process of the remittance. The day
before yesterday at Beijing Kunlun Hotel, someone claimed to have channels to buy G-Fashion shares.
These are the plain lies of CCP and the nine-fingered witch. She said the money transferred by supporters
is illegal and it has nothing to do with the CCP. It will be hard evidence for your trial. And another agent
has presented himself, whose Discord ID is Wenbu, and dispersed a so-called Q&A list completely
denying the truth. What Lude did on Jan 19th exceeds all the CCP deeds in a century combined. Lude
Talk is a show, not a government. Lude is not a god, unlike the nine-fingered witch who uses the name
of God every day. Nine-finger witch uses GTV money to pay for the legal fee and makes our fellows
discredit GTV. She also deluded our fellows into writing wills. It is mafia-like behavior.

00:17:30 The nine-fingered witch’s son ended a human life in a car accident in China, which would disqualify him from joining the Marines in the United States. No Marines can run private businesses, so why did you open so many accounts in your son’s name? Why are G-Service, G-Club, MayWind, and other companies registered by your son? It’s bullshit. Sara says nothing but nonsense. I only bring up three questions:

First, where did she borrowed from to refund her fake GTV investors? She used the 8 million dollars Himalaya Association loaned to Phoenix Farm to refund the supporters. She fools both sides by taking a dollar from A to refund 10 cents to B, less or nothing. Or she will pay B $10 and ask for a $100 reimbursement. That was her trick.

Second, she will ask supporters to complete refund forms. If one is refunded, she will report all have been refunded. How many refunds did happen? No one knows.
Third, the SEC will get you a refund, and we’re asking the SEC to supervise the process. Sara is definitely in bed with the CCP.

I say to our fellows today: All VOG, Sara, GTV, and Saraca related money, I bear the responsibility of returning every cent to every supporter’s designated account under third-party governmental supervision. The Himalayan League Committee is the only channel of contact. My fellow supporters, don’t sign any more documents with Sara!

00:26:50 G-Fashion belongs to the supporters and needs 3 to 5 years to develop and grow. It is a company registered in America and a union institution registered in the EU and depends on our fellows to prosper. The CCP sends many spies and agents to attack us because we have gone from strength to strength. They are scared. It’s my fault to endorse Sara, and I take full responsibility for the consequences seriously. Despite what had happened, I’ll keep sticking to my philosophy of not suspecting people I choose to work with and employ no suspects. Sara is now madly attacking Lude, who spoiled her plans. Furthermore, if anyone feels it is risky to follow the Whistleblower Movement and G-series, please quit as soon as possible. Believe is to believe fully, and we don’t need part-time believers like the nine-fingered witch.

00:32:00 Next, the anti-THE WISTLEBLOWER MOVEMENT squads have more schemes up their sleeves. Supporters will face a variety of choices. Later you will know that what happened today is a beautiful thing and necessary because we are totally at war with the CCP! GTV, G-News is the one and only in the world, and as such we will inevitably encounter problems and challenges. Supporters need to heed the messages of live broadcast seriously, not as a form of entertainment. Always remember we are in battle.

00:38:00 Do remember well the following two points and spread the message to more supporters:
First, any of the defrauded investors who have remitted to VOG and have registered and verified by the Himalaya farms and the Alliance, and whose money is under the control of GTV, that I will take care of the refund along with the official third party witness. Given the money that can’t be transferred back to China, we are coordinating with the government to conduct refunds to your designated account. The Himalaya Alliance is the only official channel, whose replies have legal effects that I promise to be answerable. For the money that is still in the VOG account or Sara’s personal account and is beyond GTV’s supervision, I can’t take the same responsibility. Supporters go-ahead to sue Sara and VOG to recover your funds. It is outright fraud. As far as I know, the U.S. Criminal Division has launched a full-scale civil case against her. Besides, the so-called refund and registration that uttered by Sara must be carried out in the witness of a third-party lawyer or SEC prosecutor before you can trust her, and both parties should sign the documents simultaneously. I will find a way to recover the money that lies in the VOG account along with you.

Second, no matter which farm, whoever carries out any G-series remittances, you must go to the Himalaya Alliance to verify the account details before sending the remittance. It is illegal to send any money to a personal account. The CCP has been doing everything to sneak into the Whistleblower Movement and has attempted at investment irregularities, which would become spokes in our wheel. Next, all investments will be made available in various countries. There will be a variety of channels for remittance. Before you conduct the remittance, please contact the certified farm leaders first. Pay attention to the official announcement of the Himalaya Alliance, and the Q&A service is 24-hour-online. Be sure to receive confirmation from the Alliance before payment. The Himalaya Alliance is registered and run in New Zealand, and the leading team is composed of Old Prefect, Long Island Brother, Grassroots Brother, and David. From this day forth, I will not be responsible for any unconfirmed remittances, which opposite the confirmed ones. We will catch all the CCP agents to reduce the damages caused by supporting the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. Be aware that information that has not been confirmed by both the Farm Council and the Alliance will not be recognized!

00:48:40 Wenbu, the nod-sharer, Ocean, and Pencil Garden are all CCP agents.
Please pay attention to the Alliance notice announcing sneakers at any time. Do pay attention to the severity of the virus. Do not touch masks and gloves with your hands, and use disposable ones only.

00:52:00 When I have time, I will talk to you about Myanmar. Why should the CCP take Burma and do away with Aung San Suu Kyi? Why are the CCP old bastards so into Burmese jades and wood? Aung San Suu Kyi betrayed the Burmese and deluded with the CCP, but she prevented the devil from destroying Myanmar’s nature. So, Yang Jiechi went to Burma and schemed with the military to topple Aung San Suu Kyi. Please remember, behind any politics are people. There are only three key men in this Burma drama, and the center is the wood and jade. After all, the CCP old bastards run the show. And the same to the American Presidential Election.

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