Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Second Live Broadcast on Feb. 2, 2021

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00:35:15 Several hot questions have emerged from the morning broadcast, which I consider deserve to be raked up. GTV received three personal cheques from Sara, namely the nine-fingered-demon, two for 15 million each on May 15 and one for 31 million on July 7. And there are another two cheques deposited into her account, whose amounts are 10.3 million and 36.3 million. How to make out where your money is? The 61.27 million transferred to the so-called headquarters remain untouched, and all went into the debt-to-equity project and were unrelated to the stockholder, and even Sara and VOG are not stockholders. Sara unwrapped nothing about how many investors had participated for months, and the SEC investigation had already begun when she informed us the number is over 8000. The SEC has never frozen the accounts of GTV or Saraca or any personal ones. It is us that proactively decided to leave the cheques intact. Moreover, we explicitly told the SEC that we would refund the money to the investors.

00:43:40 As I know, the GTV headquarters has received about 46.6 million dollars from the Phoenix Farm. And we will communicate with Sara under the supervision of SEC or other government departments and figure out the problems according to the transfer time and the paying banks. None of the 50 million on Sara’s account has ever been frozen or attached. But the actual amount may differ from the amount she has claimed because she has trying her best to pocket the unclaimed money, which makes sense to her rejection of handing over the accounts till today. I have never incited Sara to found VOG, which has always been described as mine. It’s irrelevant to me. Therefore, we know nothing about the money in the VOG account. Explicitly, we demanded that she can’t employ the money until the SEC comes to investigate. During this time, Sara told us that 200 investors ask for refunds, and the amount of money involved is about 8 million dollars. The so-called ‘loan for refund’ is bullshit! The truth is, at that time, we allowed her to use the 8 million of the debt-to-equity project money of the Phoenix Farm for refunding. Previously, she said that the amount of the Maywind account is about 12 million. But the actual amount is between 40 to 50 million. Worse than that, Sara informed us nothing about the mis-transferred money, which was supposed to be spent on the G-Club membership cards. Some time ago, she said that she has handed over all the money in the Maywind account to the headquarters, but the amount is unclear to us because the account belongs to PJ Pan and is managed by Sara’s son.

00:51:00 Dear VOG investors, at present, I’m not able to tell whether your money is in the headquarters account or the VOG account. But wherever the money is, it must be returned to you under the supervision of the SEC, or the prosecutor, or the judge. The SEC would get in touch with you via your bills. In other words, our hands are tied without your account information. If the SEC refuses to do so, we won’t let the cheques go. Viciously, Sara intends to get a clear picture of the unclaimed money and pocket it by making you fill the refund registration, which is sheer nonsense and unnecessary because the bills are right in her hand. That’s the ultimate reason she induced you to write wills and surrender yourselves to the CCP National Security. Furthermore, Sara has handed over the investor list to the CCP, which indicates her actions are tantamount to killing for money.

00:56:30 Sara has committed offenses by employing the money, which will have her end up in jail. We only have two ways to get the money back: one is refunds under the supervision of the SEC, and the other is retrieve through law approaches after the FBI, court, Homeland, and criminal probe units get her arrested. Hence, we urge our fellows to register in the Himalaya Alliance server to cooperate with the FBI, SEC, etc., to turn up Sara’s trick, which, if we get through, would assure our fellows the refunds.

00:60:00 Many are inquiring about the process of the civil lawsuits, which were litigated by the Himalaya Alliance. And the fact is, we were turned down by more than a dozen lawyers because no one has an interest. Denouncements are very important and efficient, which have made the Maywind accounts suspended and ensured most of your money, and our fellows should keep going. As the civil actions are underway, please keep on informing and collaborating with the Alliance. This case will never consume more than three years, maybe faster. We have reported the criminal case, and the police will look into it.

01:03:00 Why can’t I undertake the refunds of the VOG money? Because the Alliance needs your cooperation to carry it out. If your actions cut the mustard, your funds deforced by Sara or VOG remain accredited to me, and you still have my words. Otherwise, I am not answerable. The requirements are as follows:

  • Do not sign irrelevant documents.
  • Never write wills again.
  • Fully cooperate with the U.S. law branches.
  • Fully support the Alliance’s actions.
  • Recover the debts voluntarily.Call the banks.
  • Be responsive to any Alliance-led efforts.
  • Assure no more papers and agreements with Sara.

01:08:00 You can apply for political asylum under the guidance of lawyers, provided that you are politically framed and threatened by the CCP National Security for supporting the Whistleblower Movement, investing the G-series, and donating to the Rule of Law Foundation. Our fellows who have encountered such adversity, please contact the Alliance, thereby you could get the counseling from top political lawyers.

01:14:00 I chewed over the Parler incident repeatedly, by which I got that GTV is a miracle, and the Getter team is superb! The GTV Hunter Biden links referenced by a media website made for about 2 million users pop up online per day and hundreds of millions of hits. GTV now comes out the top 100 hundred media worldwide for sure, and we’ll make GTV, Gnews, and Getter run safely.

01:17:00 My sincere apologies to our fellows for your suffering from the Nine-fingered-witch incident. If you trust me, I will make it up for you and seek revenge with all my strength. The nine-fingered-witch wakens us the significance of loyalty, unity, and trust in the path of developing the New Federal State of China and the G-series. The U.S. Presidential Election, the nine-fingered-witch, and the special agents not only bring us ordeals but also make the New Federal State of China what it is. If Sara lurks in the Whistleblower Movement till March this year, the damage would be fatal, and the projects would go up in smoke. However, I will show you how to turn calamities into luck, and you are the one who decides whether to follow the Whistleblower Movement or not.

01:27:40 I strongly requested the SEC to take over all the GTV investments and send letters to the 1,300 stake owners, and let them choose between two alternatives: keep investing or refund to the appointed account. I’ll shut Saraca down and move it to a third country afterward. Is the United States foolproof? I don’t think so. If we want to seize the opportunity derived from Twitter and Facebook’s suppression of President Trump, safety should be prioritized by geographically diversifying our assets. The re-conduct of the private offering at the third country will remain the same as the former time—1300 stake owners and one dollar per share for the VOG investors, and the valuation is to stay unchanged. I’ll take care of it. GTV is the fruit of numerous volunteers’ hard work, which should not belong to the institutional investors. I have to be impartial.

01:35:00 The big show of the G-series will be staged soon. The companies established by the farm owners will become the original shareholders of G-fashion and the ‘100 dollars for 1 million shares’ policy will remain unaltered, which are being figured out by the Himalaya Alliance. The vision of G-Fashion is a fake-free and internationally run combination of Alibaba and Amazon. Alibaba took 20 years to blossom, which cost Amazon decades. G-Fashion, in contrast, is only three-month-old. Could you find another company that had ever grown faster and presented stronger than G-Fashion? The 50,000-dollar membership card provides a lifelong 50% discount for the owner. What a huge benefit! But that is not all because some of the surprises are still undisclosable. HNA is the fastest-growing company in human society ever, whose boss is Wang Qishan. The father of another major HNA shareholder, namely Liu Chengjie, is bigger than Wang Qishan. The histories of all the mega brands on earth last no shorter than a century. We are establishing platforms. The coding of the unlaunched G-mall needs at least 6 to 12 months. G-Fashion and GTV are tied to become super-corps in the future.

01:47:30 The G-series forms a financial chain. G-Coin and G-Dollar can link up with commerce and commodities since their birth. We have the stable-coin and the virtual-coin simultaneously, which is the first time for the whole human race. The strength and resources that are about to be integrated by G-series will be unprecedented. In the future, spending money is as hard as making money. G-series is up to making the money issue easy and cost-effective. What’s the value of the G-Club membership three years later? Where else could you get all sorts of supporting benefits like this? Wherever GTV and G-News are, they will be the latest and most potential business innovations. The uniquely gold-backed G-Coin and G-Dollar will be the best stable-coin, virtual-coin, public-coin and mother-coin in the world.

01:52:00 5000 G-Club membership cards were successfully sold, and other 20,000 cards are desired. I became interested in the Taiwan Farm after I saw Taiwan Big Bull and Paris. Wen Xin and Hou Xiaobao will pay for what they did. If anyone intends to teach you how to think, you should ask that person: did you make it? Ignorance and naiveness will bring disasters for sure, and our families are not free from that! How many people dare to believe and confront the demon-hood and viciousness of CCP? Watching the Lude Talk helps protect your wealth, saving your life, and seeking revenge.

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