Behind the CCP’s Frequent Detections of Virus-Positive Imported Food

Source:The Epoch Times
Published Time: 7 FEB 2021

Since last June, when the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) dumped the pandemic on imported salmon, officials said that more than 60 cases of imported food have been tested positive for the new corona virus (CCP virus). So why does the CCP conduct frequent nucleic acid tests on imported products?

At present, not only meat, fish, seafood, fruits, beverages, but also imported slippers, auto parts, tires, etc. have been tested positive for the CCP virus.

In response to this, Mr. Yan, a mainland agricultural researcher, told The Epoch Times reporter on February 5 that the virus does not depend on things other than the host for survival, and testing materials is meaningless. “That is, the virus cannot reproduce without the host body. The ability to survive in nature is very weak and the time is short, so it is meaningless to detect materials.”

“As for seafood, the virus can’t live in sea water. Sea water is salt water. It can only live in fresh water. If it is detected on the package, all kinds of contact along the way will be moved by domestic people. Isn’t it a worker? It’s contagious. So, people and live animals have to be tested for testing.”

Mr. Yan said that when the virus exists in nature, it is easy to be positive regardless of whether it is alive or dead. “So, things in the domestic environment may also be positive, but it is targeted at the outside (incoming products). It’s obvious.”

Many observers said that since the international community wanted to hold the CCP responsible for concealing the epidemic, blocking information and misleading propaganda before and after the outbreak, the CCP has begun to deny its connection with the new crown virus (CCP virus).

Up to now, more and more types of imported food have been tested positive for the virus, and the source has expanded from South America to the five continents of the world.

Chinese people have always questioned the official rhetoric. Mr. Chen, a private enterprise manager in Guangdong province, told The Epoch Times on the 5th that the CCP virus has never disappeared on the mainland. “It said that the virus came from outside. Only brainwashed people without independent thinking believe it. We don’t believe it. Many citizens on the Internet say that the virus can’t disappear. First, the CCP is rejecting foreign countries, and second, it is strictly controlling domestic information. It is difficult for people to know the truth.”

Mr. Yan said that these things are useless to deceive the people. The most dangerous thing the CCP feels is the investigation of the source of the virus. “For example, why this virus came from a specific place is justified and logical. Recently, online streaming legends are synthetic, and contingency cannot be ruled out by composition. However, the probability of contingency in nature is very low. If it is artificial, there is no problem of low contingency. Humans can have choices. Now time has passed. It may be impossible to restore what happened at the time, but it can be inferred technically and logically.”

Mr. Yan analyzed that why imported products always test positive because foreign exchange is tight and the government wants to reduce imports. “If there is a problem of the imports according to the CCP’s propaganda, no one will eat it. As a result, the people have been manipulated. However, if the manipulation is overdone, it has a bad influence on the business.”

Last month, after many Chinese cherries imported from Chile were tested positive for the virus, the price of cherries fell below the price of green onions. Mr. Zeng, a fruit merchant in Guangzhou, told The Epoch Times on the 5th that not only cherries but also frozen seafood products tested positive. “The price has also fallen to death, and the merchant dumped a lot of broken seafood products at a loss.”

It can be seen that the lies made under all the propaganda machines of the Chinese Communist Party have ultimately afflicted people. But there will be a day when the people can’t bear it.


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