CBN News: CCP Uses Western Tech to Threaten and Censor Christians

CBN News Feb. 4, 2021: The CCP’s use of western technology to surveil the church and to monitor Christians in China closely from all sides could have chilling consequences.  Mr. David Curry urged the Biden administration to make human rights and religious freedom a top priority for the beginning of the new administration to work on, and to appoint an ambassador at the State Department who will voice out on human rights and religious issues.

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For the first time in a decade, China re-enters the top 20, and new data information indicates the communist superpower is using western tech including Facebook, Zoom and Apple to threaten and censor Christians. 

“There’s a hundred million christians right now in China, and they are using their technology to surveil the church. They’re watching their every move. They’re seeing when they go into church. They’re using facial recognition. They’re looking at their searches online. They have a massive surveillance system, which is monitoring religious practice in China, and it is absolutely chilling.”

Meanwhile, Curry hopes the Biden administration will make human rights and religious freedom a priority in its first 100 days.

“Well, we’ve briefed the Biden administration. They’re aware of the world watchlist. They respect the data, and we’re we’re suggesting, first, you appoint a respected person at the State Department, an ambassador for religious liberty. The Obama administration took almost two years to find somebody, and then it was wasn’t somebody who had direct access to the State Department.”

Curry adds the church and other organizations need a place at the table and use their voice to keep a focus on human rights and religious freedom.

Charlene Aaron,  CBN News

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