The Pandemic Crisis in CCP(Chinese Communist Party)’s China: Child With Burning Fever Arrived at the Hospital at Noon, but Only Got Treated at 11P.M. Because He Did Not Take a Nuclei-Acid Test Before

Dictation and translation: Lexixi |PR: CharlesS| Subtitle: Yuzhongmanbu|Comment: Pangding|Translation: PollyEsther|PR: Xiaoxiaomei

My heart is trembling listening to the furious screams in the video. Children are “apple of my eye” for the parents. The kid fell sick. The hospital could have treated him straight away, but they insisted on waiting for the results from the nuclei-acid test. As doctors do they not know that one minute, or even one second, could determine the kid’s life? Is there anything else more precious than lives in this world? They will only treat the child if he tested negative. What if he is positive? Are they going to let the kid die? Does the hospital have an antidote for the CCP virus? Doctors of the communist China demonstrated with utter cruelty of how the CCP regards average lives lesser than weeds. Why are there so many medical incidents in hospitals in China? Are the patients’ families being unreasonable? Under the evil system of CCP, human beings can be turned into cold machines. As long as they don’t defy orders from above, they can disregard everything, including human lives.
During the pandemic, I remembered seeing a report that a foreign doctor kneeled on the floor to call his patient’s family after the patient passed away because of the CCP virus. This is a true demonstration of how the medical professionals should care about their patients like parents care about their children. I cannot take away your sorrow, but I can feel your sorrow with you.

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